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2019 Lennox Furnace Review

Model Comparison, Prices & Warranty

(Updated for 2019)

A complete Lennox furnace buying guide, including top models, AFUE ratings, features, warranty info, and more. Get a free quote quickly & easily!

If you’re interested in purchasing a new Lennox furnace, this hub page will help you make smarter decisions when you’re weighing your options. Featuring an overview of the Lennox brand, various furnace options at different price points and showcasing some of Lennox’s key features, our guide will help you on your journey to a new high-efficiency furnace today!

Lennox, at a glance

Strong Points

Lennox has provided top quality HVAC products for over a century. Their premium models, primarily found in the Dave Lennox Signature Series, are industry leaders when it comes to efficiency, with some models able to operate at a near perfect 98.7% AFUE. Their furnaces are also built to a high standard with exceptional materials, ensuring durability and reliability during periods of heavy usage.

Room For Improvement

When compared with other premium brands like Carrier, Lennox can be found wanting in some areas – such as the warranty coverage on its lower-end models. And although Lennox features SilentComfort and Airflex technology, Carrier gives them a run for their money in this category with their Greenspeed Intelligence, Ideal Humidity System, Smart Evap, Comfort Heat and Comfort Fan technology. Lennox also currently doesn’t technically offer ‘full unit replacement’ warranties that have recently been adopted by many other premium brands.

The Bottom Line

Lennox set themselves apart from the competition by delivering reliable heating solutions, model after model, year after year. Lennox features reliable and well-designed options at different price points, and the company covers a lot of ground within the HVAC marketplace with both low-tier and premium-tier models. However, Lennox’s best performance and warranty coverage are reserved for their top models, which come at a steeper price.

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Lennox Average Price Range

$3,000 – $7,500 (including installation)

It’s difficult to set an exact price as local distributors may often promote deals on certain units throughout the year, and government rebates may be available as well. With any furnace, the final cost of the unit will vary based on where you live, the model you choose, your home size and the unit’s installation.

Lennox Furnace Series

Basic – Merit Series

The merit series includes some of Lennox’s most affordable offerings. Featuring tightly sealed blower compartments to reduce air leakage and 90+ efficiency ratings, the Lennox Merit Series still saves you money while entering the market at a more affordable price point.

Better – Elite Series

The Elite Series maintains the high standards of the merit series while improving its overall AFUE ratings and including additional technology such as the Power Saver technology.

Best – Dave Lennox Signature Collection

The Dave Lennox Signature Collection includes some of the finest furnaces ever produced by Lennox, and some of the best on the market today. With incredible AFUE ratings, meaning minimal wasted energy, and packed full of extra features, the Dave Lennox Signature Collection come in at a higher up-front price.

Lennox Top Models Comparison

Lennox Dave Lennox Signature Collection SLP98V

The SLP98V is an industry-leading furnace when it comes to its incredible energy efficiency with an AFUE rating of up to 98.7%. Thanks to this, this unit was placed on the most efficient list by ENERGY STAR® in 2018. This narrowly edges out Carrier’s top unit (which is listed at 98.5% AFUE). This neck-and-neck energy efficiency competition is like rival sports car manufacturers trying to shave milliseconds off their acceleration time, largely for bragging rights and marketing.

The 98.7% AFUE rating beats all other furnaces produced by Lennox, for example, their units in their elite series come in at around 95%. This means that by going with the SLP98V, you’re saving an additional 3+ cents on every dollar in ongoing heating costs. This isn’t a huge difference but will add up over time. The SLP98V will cost a fair bit more mind you, so you should choose this unit more for the superior technology and warranty coverage than energy efficiency alone.

This unit also features impressive additional features such as SilentComfort technology which should mean quieter operation, which is a nice bonus.

Furnace Stats

AFUE: 98.7%
Furnace type: Modulating
ENERGY STAR rated? Yes
Tier – Best

Lennox Elite Series EL296E

The EL296E is an impressive two-stage unit that can operate at two different heat output intensities, helping to eliminate temperature swings in your home and allowing improved control over the humidity levels in your home. Although a two-stage operation is not as effective as a modulating unit like the SLP98V, it is far superior to single-stage units such as the Lennox Merit Series ML195.

Furnace Stats

AFUE: 96%
Furnace type: Two-Stage
ENERGY STAR rated? Yes
Tier – Better

Lennox Elite Series EL195E

With an AFUE rating of 95%, you know that you’ll be receiving a solid energy-efficient performance with the EL195E. This furnace also utilizes the Power Saver constant torque motor to ensure that airspeed is adjusted based on what’s needed. This helps you save even more money on your monthly energy bills.

Furnace Stats

AFUE: 95%
Furnace type: Single-Stage
ENERGY STAR rated? Yes
Tier – Better

Lennox Elite Series EL296V

The EL296V can utilize 96 cents in every dollar spent on heating your home into useable energy, an impressive conversion rate. The two-stage operation also allows the furnace to run at a slower speed on milder days and then at its full power when necessary, helping to keep your home comfortable while avoiding constant on/off cycling and corresponding temperature swings, while also saving you money on utility costs.

Furnace Stats

AFUE: 96%
Furnace type: Two-Stage
ENERGY STAR rated? Yes
Tier – Better

Lennox Merit Series ML193

Although the Lennox ML193 is one of Lennox’s more affordable offerings, you still receive a reasonably efficient AFUE rating of 93% with this model, as well as a tough heavy-gauge steel construction.

Furnace Stats

AFUE: 93%
Furnace type: Single-Stage
Tier – Basic

Lennox Merit Series ML195

The durable ML195, with its impressive 95% AFUE rating, provides energy savings while ensuring reliability during the frigid Canadian winters. With less than 1% air leakage, the ML195 has been built to last with efficiency in mind.

Furnace Stats

AFUE: 95%
Furnace type: Single-Stage
Tier – Basic

Lennox Exclusive Features

Feature 1 – Power Saver

The Power Saver technology included in Lennox’s units featured in the elite series refers to a constant torque motor which can adjust airspeed based on demand. This helps the furnace consume less energy while heating your home.

Feature 2 – SilentComfort Technology

By combining advanced engineering with sound-absorbing insulation, Lennox is able to create furnaces that run at an exceptionally low decibel level while running.

Feature 3 – AirFlex

By adjusting airflow depending on your lifestyle, your home’s location and its design, AirFlex ensure ultimate comfort.

Feature 4 – iComfort S30 Thermostat compatibility

AirFlex, when paired with the iComfort S30 thermostat, can adapt and learn from your routine and take control of the temperature of your home to ensure maximum comfort at all times of the day.

Feature 5 – Duralok Plus

The Duralok Plus heat exchanger, which is found on 90+ AFUE rated furnaces in the Lennox range, is made from high-quality ArmorTuf steel which allows the unit a higher degree of reliability and efficiency.


Lennox Dave Lennox Signature Collection – includes a limited lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger and a 10-year limited warranty on covered components.

Lennox Elite Series – includes a limited lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger and a 5-year limited warranty on covered components – this can be upgraded to a 10-year limited extended warranty on components with the registration of the unit.

Lennox Merit Series – includes a 20-year limited warranty on the heat exchanger a 5-year limited warranty on components. Again, the merit series may be eligible for a 10-year limited extended warranty with registration.

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David Lennox, an American businessman, founded the furnace manufacturing business now known as “Lennox International” in 1895.

Lennox has consistently pushed technological boundaries, and year after year they’ve produced furnaces with consumers’ top priorities in mind.

With various options that are tiered to appeal to as many people as possible, chances are there’s a Lennox furnace that could suit your needs and home.

Lennox has moved from strength to strength since 1895, and with their loyal fanbase following their newest technology and products with passionate interest, making Lennox a safe bet if you’re looking for a brand-new high-efficiency furnace.

Eager to learn more about Lennox’s high-efficiency natural gas furnace line up? Fill out our online form, and one of our representatives will be happy to provide you with a free, no obligation quote.

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