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Our goal is to help Canadians save money, shop with peace of mind, and make informed choices on new heating and cooling systems

Over 1 Million Canadians per year come to for help & guidance on upgrading their heating & cooling system!


What makes different?

Unlike every other online service directory, or home improvement site, we don’t have hundreds of random categories.

These Do Everything” home improvement directories will help you find someone to fix your dishwasher, paint your shed, or mow your lawn… but generally have ZERO actual knowledge of or experience with heating & air conditioning.

But if you want honest, in-depth advice on heating & cooling from experienced industry experts, on what to buy and who to buy it from, you’re in the right place. Heating and air conditioning is what we know, and our team and partners have decades of experience in the HVAC industry.

ASK YOURSELF:  Do you want a ‘Jack of All Trades and Master of None?’

Unlike just about every other source of information, we built this site to help Canadian homeowners first and foremost. We don’t have sales reps on staff, we don’t sell heating & cooling systems ourselves, we don’t take commissions, and we have no relationship with any manufacturers. We have a team of dedicated researchers, writers, and industry experts whose main focus is delivering honest and staightforward advice for ordinary Canadians.

We provide fair and straightforward assessments of every major brand and model of furnace or air conditioner sold in Canada, as well as help getting fair quotes from trusted local suppliers. Every year we help guide hundreds of thousands of Canadians with what to buy and who to buy it from!

With hundreds of helpful buyer guides, product evaluations and comparisons, videos, and more, is Canada’s most trusted source of HVAC information for regular homeowners.

Because we have a relatively smaller pool of partners that we curate and manage carefully (as opposed to hundreds of random companies like other sites), we closely monitor their performance and if there are issues, we will get involved on your behalf… thankfully this happens very rarely anyway because of our high standards and selectivity with our partners.

Where else can you have independent experts working on your behalf directly with your HVAC contractor to negotiate for you?

But because of these strong hands-on relationships with the owners and managers of our partner companies, we’re able to ensure the job gets done right, and customers are always satisfied. And not just with the initial installation, but for years of afterwards!

And unlike any other directory or home improvement website, we actively follow up with customers, including routinely calling homeowners to get real feedback, from real people.

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We compare prices , model, brands, specs , features and more for a range of HVAC products, including natural gas and propane furnaces, heat pumps, central air conditioners, hot water heaters, boilers and others.

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All the top brands, including:

Carrier, Lennox, Goodman, Amana, Daikin, Trane, KeepRite, Rheem, Ruud, Luxaire, American Standard, Napoleon, Bryant, York… and more!


Frequently Asked Questions

We’re Canada’s largest independent source of heating & air conditioning information and quotes. Unlike other websites and home improvement directories, we focus exclusively on the heating and air conditioning industry. Over the years we’ve built a network of trusted, established, and reliable local HVAC suppliers and contractors across Canada to provide the best service at fair prices.

Plus, because of our relationship with local providers, we’re able to directly monitor their performance and help ensure homeowners have a great experience… and not just immediately after installation, but for years afterwards!

Learn more about our extensive Certification process for local HVAC companies here >>

Up to 2-3 or of our trusted local HVAC partners will contact you by your preferred method (phone, email) to discuss your needs, answer questions, and provide expert recommendations, and schedule a free in-home assessment as needed.

We typically provide between 1-3 quotes from established local companies; the exact number varies by region (we focus on quality over quantity).

Our dedicated local partners will typically reach out to you promptly to help any way they can, day or night. If you submit a request outside of normal business hours (e.g. 9 AM – 8PM) you will likely be contacted the following day. However for urgent requests, most of our partners are available virtually around the clock!


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Learn about our certification program and how we hold our local HVAC contractor partners to the highest quality standards

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