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All our local contractors have passed our extensive independent certification process, which helps protect homeowners by verifying their licenses, insurance, track record, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately not. Most people would be surprised to learn that there are companies operating without valid insurance, or full TSSA or other industry certifications. There are so many contractors operating that it is impossible for regulators to completely monitor and enforce this.

  1. We’re the only major Canadian heating & cooling-only website of this kind, and because we’re industry-specific, we have the relevant experience and industry knowledge that other generalized directories don’t.
  2. Unlike most other directories, we will actually remove companies from our partners list if they get frequent unresolved complaints. This provides a much higher incentive for them to provide a great customer experience for quotes received through our website (or risk losing future business from us). And not just providing a good experience up until the point of sale, but also on an ongoing basis after installation as well.
  1. Because contractors must provide proof (scans, pictures) of their licenses, insurance, and other credentials.
  2. We’re independent, and focused on helping consumers make informed buying decisions first and foremost.
  3. We don’t make money off the certification. (Though companies can pay to feature their business and promote their current deals. However we do not take any commissions.)

Coverage currently includes:

  • ONTARIO: Toronto & the G.T.A., Ottawa, Mississauga, Oshawa & Whitby Area, Oakville & Halton, Hamilton, Burlington, St Catharines & Niagara Falls, Guelph, Barrie
  • MANITOBA: Winnipeg
  • ALBERTA: Calgary
  • BRITISH COLUMBIA: Vancouver & Greater Vancouver Area Certified Partner

Get help fast with the peace of mind knowing that you’ll get excellent service at a fair price.

When choosing an Emergency HVAC contractor, we recommend checking that the company has:

All the proper licenses & certifications
Specialised manufacturer training
A good team with experienced support staff
A good track record
Full insurance
Offers an honest assessment with no high-pressure sales tactics

This can be difficult for the average consumer to verify (especially in a hurry!), which is why we’ve already done this work for you!

Our Certified Partners have been thoroughly evaluated and we’ve verified their credentials and other important documents. We also monitor their performance and feedback from real customers to ensure they’re always delivering the best customer experience.

We check over 15 different criteria!

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