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Propane Furnace Prices
Installation Costs, Benefits, and Conversions

Propane furnaces are a great high-efficiency heating solution for Canadians who live outside of major urban areas where there is no natural gas service. We examine the typical cost of a new propane furnace, as well as factors to consider when switching from another heating source like oil.

One of the most capable heating systems you can install in your home is a furnace fuelled by liquid propane gas. A good understanding of the pros and cons of propane furnaces is important in making an informed purchase decision.

Propane furnace prices are generally similar to natural gas furnaces, however certain factors may make them more expensive for certain home owners.

Propane Furnace Prices & Installation Cost

Prices for a new high-efficiency propane furnace, including installation usually range from $2,800 to $6,000 depending on a variety of factors, including where you live (i.e. small town vs. being close to major urban centres), the brand and model of the system, the efficiency rating, the size and BTU output of the unit, and of course the complexity of the installation (since every home is different).

Is it a conversion from oil or electric to propane?

However the total cost may approach $7,000 – $8,000 or more if you are also converting from another heating source like oil or electric. This makes the installation more labour-intensive, including making necessary upgrades to the venting, as well as removing and disposing of the old oil tank.

Furthermore, propane furnaces are popular in rural areas since in many cases there is no natural gas infrastructure, which means contractors often need to travel further to do an estimate and installation, and there may be fewer companies to choose from which service you area. This may also affect costs.

These two factors are what contribute to a higher upper range on the average price (up to $10,000) for a new propane high-efficiency furnace.

Certain rebates may be available to offset the cost of upgrading from an older model.

Propane Prices in Canada

Although propane prices have increased somewhat recently in Ontario and elsewhere in Canada, it still remains far cheaper than electric baseboard or oil heating for your home.

According to Natural Resources Canada, propane prices are about 88 cents per litre across most of Canada in 2018. There are also typically price variations by specific region, with prices being slightly higher in less populated and more isolated areas.

Propane Is More Eco-Friendly Than Oil

Using propane for home heating can allow you to cut your energy bills by up to 40% which can mean significant savings on annual energy costs.

The other thing is that clean burning propane may lessen your ecological impact, which has become an important factor for many environmentally conscious Canadian homeowners. This would mean that now with the switch of your housing heating off oil and on to propane, it is not only good for the environment but also for your family budget or small business expenses.

Switching to Propane Might Even Save You Money on Your Home Insurance

Furthermore, home insurance companies may have concerns about older oil furnaces and large indoor oil tanks, which means switching to propane may also save you money on your premiums.

So should you buy a propane furnace?

When you set out to shop for a propane furnace the key is to ensure that you get the correct type of furnace for your needs at the most reasonable price. We recommend speaking to a trusted local HVAC contractor for help with this (see below on where to get a free quote!) 

Newer propane furnaces tend to be more reliable, energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly and provide a more consistent heating output than older oil systems.

Despite some of the higher upfront costs of making the conversion, it is typically a wise investment in the long run, and something Canadian homeowners should strongly consider.

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