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Lennox Furnaces At a Glance


  • Long history in the HVAC business
  • Some of the highest efficiency furnaces on the market
  • Furnaces built to a high standard with exceptional materials
  • Durable and reliable products
  • They use tried and tested proprietary components in all their furnaces
  • All models come with secondary heat exchangers for condensing operation
  • All high-efficiency models are ENERGY STAR certified
  • Furnaces have fuel-saving ignition systems
  • All models are dual fuel compatible
  • Products boast quiet operation
  • Good selection of furnaces
  • Have added ultra-low emissions models to their product line

Room For Improvement

  • Furnaces come at a higher cost than most brands
  • Lennox only offers an industry-standard warranty, though they do have an optional extended warranty
  • Brand doesn’t really focus on novel features or technologies
  • Some customers complain their furnaces are noisy

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