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Amana Air Conditioners At a Glance


  • Great selection of furnaces ranging from more affordable single-stage models to pricier two-stage ACs to a higher-end variable- speed model
  • ACs have SEERS ranging from 14 to 24.5
  • Peoples choice for reliability
  • Great exclusive features available with their premium units, including communicating technology, compatibility with the brand's own smart thermostat, and compatibility with Amana's app for contractors.
  • Many of their air conditioners also come with built-in self-diagnostics
  • Every model comes with an excellent warranty that exceeds the industry standard.

Room For Improvements

  • Slightly more expensive than comparable units from other brands.
  • They only have two that are in the 16- to 18-SEER range that’s recommended for Canada.
  • Their value-tier furnaces are single-stage, so if you want a two-stage or variable-speed model, then you'll have to opt for a more expensive premium-tier one.

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