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Carrier Furnace Repair Guide

Troubleshooting, Error Codes & More

(Updated for 2019)

A complete Carrier furnace repair guide, from how to replace your air filter, to troubleshooting and error codes, model numbers and more!

Please note, the following is for informational purposes only. Any servicing you attempt is at your own risk.

Since 1902, Carrier has been a world leader in HVAC systems, consistently innovating with products that ensure high levels of comfort. This guide will provide you with the information you’ll need should your Carrier furnace begin to experience performance issues.

Replacing your air filter will promise a longer, more efficient life for your Carrier furnace. By optimizing the performance of your unit’s internal components you’ll undoubtedly make your home more comfortable.

How to Replace Your Air Filter

  1. Open the door panel to get access to your Carrier furnace.
  2. Locate the current filter. Usually found where the cold air enters the unit, either in the cold air return duct or the entrance to the blower chamber.
  3. Take out the old air filter and replace it with a new one.
  4. Ensure that the new filter is installed with all “air flow” signifiers facing the correct direction.
  5. Replace the panel or door to your Carrier furnace.

It’s also important to regularly check vents and registers to make sure that they aren’t blocked, vacuum them to clear up any potential debris.

What’s Wrong With Your Carrier Furnace?

Remember to always turn your furnace completely off before opening it up to look around or attempt any fix.

Carrier Furnace Error Codes

Each status code is a two-digit number. The first number is determined by the number of short flashes and the second digit by the number of long flashes.

When Should You Call A Professional?

Although many Carrier furnace repair issues can be troubleshooted on your own, it’s not a bad idea to contact a trained HVAC technician for some discrepancies.

Should there be a broken internal component that is resulting in your furnace not producing heat, beginning to leak or drip, or producing strange noises (i.e., banging, whistling, or gurgling), this should warrant a call to a local HVAC professional. Alternatively, you should call a technician if your boiler is continuously turning itself on and off –this could mean your furnace is probably not circulating properly.

Who Should You Call?

When you begin looking for a dependable local HVAC company to call for a Carrier furnace repair job, it’s never a bad idea to start by reading some online consumer reviews. These can often give you a good starting point as to what you can expect in relation to costs as well as available services. However, it’s important to remember that these online reviews can’t be trusted altogether to provide you with candid information.

If you’re having trouble choosing the right furnace specialist, we can help! Refer to our own independent certification program to get free quotes from partner heating and cooling companies near you. We guarantee our certified partners meet specific criteria to ensure that Canadian homeowners are able to make informed decisions when it comes to their space heating needs.

Carrier’s Warranty Coverage

Whether you have a furnace in Carrier’s Infinity® Series, Performance™ Series, or their Comfort™ Series, all models come standard with the same comprehensive warranty. This includes a limited lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger as well as a limited 10-year warranty on parts. Optional labour warranty is also available depending on your installation.

Carrier Model Numbers

Current Carrier Models

  • 59MN7A060V17–14
  • 59MN7A060V21–20
  • 59MN7A080V17–14
  • 59MN7A080V21–20
  • 59MN7A100V21–22
  • 59MN7A120V24–22
  • 59TN6A060V17–14
  • 59TN6A080V17–14
  • 59TN6A080V21–20
  • 59TN6A100V21–22
  • 59TN6A120V24–22
  • 59TP5A040E14–10
  • 59TP5A040E17–12
  • 59TP5A060E14–12
  • 59TP5A060E17–14
  • 59TP5A080E17–16
  • 59TP5A080E21–20
  • 59TP5A100E21–20
  • 59TP5A120E24–22
  • 59SP5A040E14–10
  • 59SP5A040E17–12
  • 59SP5A060E14–12
  • 59SP5A060E17–14
  • 59SP5A080E17–16
  • 59SP5A080E21–20
  • 59SP5A100E21–20
  • 59SP5A120E24–22
  • 59SC5A040S14–10
  • 59SC5A060S14–10
  • 59SC5A060S17–14
  • 59SC5A080S17–16
  • 59SC5A080S21–20
  • 59SC5A100S21–14
  • 59SC5A100S21–20
  • 59SC5A120S24–20
  • 59SC5A140S24–20
  • 59SC2B040S14–10
  • 59SC2B040S17–12
  • 59SC2B060S14–12
  • 59SC2B060S17–16
  • 59SC2B080S17–16
  • 59SC2B080S21–20
  • 59SC2B100S21–16
  • 59SC2B100S21–22
  • 59SC2B120S24–22

Discontinued Carrier Models

  • 58HDV040-12
  • 58HDV060-12
  • 58HDV080-20
  • 58HDV100-20
  • 58MTB060–12
  • 58MTB080–12
  • 58MTB080–16
  • 58MTB100–16
  • 58MTB100–20
  • 58MTB120–20
  • 59TP6A040E141110
  • 59TP6A040E171112
  • 59TP6A060E141112
  • 59TP6A060E171114
  • 59TP6A080E171116
  • 59TP6A080E211120
  • 59TP6A100E211120
  • 59TP6A120E241122
  • 58MTA060-12
  • 58MTA080-12
  • 58MTA080-16
  • 58MTA100-16
  • 58MTA100-20
  • 58MTA120-20
  • 58MVC060-14
  • 58MVC080-14
  • 58MVC080-20
  • 58MVC100-20
  • 58MVC120-20
  • 58MVP040-14
  • 58MVP040-14-L
  • 58MVP060-14
  • 58MVP060-14-L
  • 58MVP080-14
  • 58MVP080-14-L
  • 58MVP080-20
  • 58MVP080-20-L
  • 58MVP100-20
  • 58MVP100-20-L
  • 58MVP120-20
  • 58MVP120-20-L
  • 58MXA040-08
  • 58MXA040-12
  • 58MXA060-08
  • 58MXA060-12
  • 58MXA060-16
  • 58MXA080-12
  • 58MXA080-16
  • 58MXA080-20
  • 58MXA100-16
  • 58MXA100-20
  • 58MXA120-20
  • 58MXA140-20
  • 58MCA040-08
  • 58MCA040-12
  • 58MCA060-08
  • 58MCA060-12
  • 58MCA060-16
  • 58MCA080-12
  • 58MCA080-16
  • 58MCA080-20
  • 58MCA100-16
  • 58MCA100-20
  • 58MCA120-20
  • 58MCA140-20

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