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Central Air Conditioners in Calgary – Prices, Deals & Free Quotes

When buying a central air conditioner for your home in Calgary, you should consider multiple factors. It is a big-ticket item, so you’ll want to do your research. Consider things like your budget, energy-efficiency, air conditioner brands and models, your cooling requirements, and your space. We’ve put together an overview of key factors to research to help you make an informed decision you can feel good about.

Average* air conditioner price in Calgary (including install):

$3200 – $5000

*note many factors can affect price, see further down for details

What to look for when choosing a heating & air conditioning contractor

People often fret over the brand of furnace to buy, but the contractor you choose is every bit as important. Not only is the quality of the workmanship and installation crucial to the furnace's lifespan, the company you choose will be relied on for future servicing and warranty coverage.

Always choose an established company that has:

  • Good, independently-verified feedback
  • A solid track record and no outstanding disputes
  • Verified insurance, licenses, and certifications
  • Experienced staff, with manufacturer training
  • Registered to offer rebates

Checking all of these things is difficult and time-consuming.

That's why we've already done it for you!

Learn more about our independent local HVAC contractor Certification program, designed to help you get a reliable heating system at a fair price, from reputable local dealers.

Who is Our Top Calgary Air Conditioners Contractor?

Aire Serv

Aire Serv Calgary is one of our trusted Certified Local Partners,

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Purchasing a High-Efficiency Central A/C

The first thing to consider when you start researching your new central air conditioner purchase in Calgary is energy efficiency. While energy-efficient models can seem more expensive initially, an high-efficiency central A/C can contribute to longterm savings on your monthly energy bills. All central air conditioner models in Canada have a SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) sticker from 13-20+. The average Calgary consumer will find that an A/C unit up to 18 SEER offers a good degree of energy-efficiency.

Efficiency is more than just the SEER number. You need the right sized air conditioner for your space. If the unit is too large, the A/C can’t remove the humidity properly, and you will notice that your home feels damp. If the unit is too small, your A/C will constantly run which will cost you more each month and wear down the cooling system faster. Contact a licensed HVAC contractor to assess what A/C unit you need to cool your home efficiently.

Deals Available

There are almost always deals in Calgary to make buying your new high-efficiency air conditioner more affordable.

CURRENT PROMO, from our Certified Local Partner Aire Serv Calgary:

1. Purchase a 96% AFUE Lennox Elite Series 2-stage variable and Lennox 16 SEER Elite A/C and receive a 10-year parts & labour warranty and a new ecobee thermostat.

2. Receive a $400 instant rebate off any Lennox or Goodman 16 SEER air conditioner. 10-year parts & labour warranty included.

For more info, enter coupon CALGARYDEAL in ‘More info’ area of the Quote Request form on this page

Government Rebates Available

Add government rebates to the list of energy-efficient air conditioner savings that can keep the total cost of your new cooling system down.

Your licensed HVAC distributor is a good resource if you are unsure about which rebates you are eligible for. They can help you find and understand what rebates are available to you and how you can apply for them.

Review our list of government rebates for central air conditioners in Calgary here.

Popular Central Air Conditioner Brands

Lennox, KeepRite, Goodman, Trane, and Carrier continue to be popular brands that Calgary homeowners focus on when researching a new, high-efficiency central A/C unit. These central air conditioner manufacturers are well-established and back their central A/C models up with long-term warranties.

Choose from one of their many ENERGY STAR central A/C models that match your home cooling requirements. Look for options like Lennox’s range of A/C types (Single Stage, Two Stage, Variable Speed, and Multi-Stage) or KeepRite’s Smart Sense™ technology that provides cooling, heating, and humidity control.

Looking to Replace Your Air Conditioner?

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Installation of your new central air conditioner is one of the most important factors in your purchase. You want to find a professional, certified HVAC contractor in Calgary so whenever possible, ask for references.

Installation costs are dependent on multiple factors such as any upgrades you may need like wires, vents, safety codes, etc., access, and the quality of the indoor coil. For the indoor coil, make sure you get a high-quality coil. Low-grade coils can fit poorly and affect your air conditioner’s efficiency, ultimately costing you more in the long run.

High-Efficiency A/C Pricing

When you are researching the cost of a new brand-named, high-efficiency air conditioner, you can expect to pay an average of $3200 – $5000. The brand, model, and features you choose will impact cost.

To get the best price and value, get quotes from three different HVAC companies so you can compare. Find out their cost to install as well as the labour warranty they offer on their work. A reputable HVAC contractor should warranty their work for at least one year.

Financing Options

High efficiency air conditioners are a major household purchase. Thankfully, there are many financing options in Calgary that can ease the financial stress. So that you can comfortably afford your new, high-efficiency air conditioner unit.

General City Information

With average summer temperatures reaching about 23 degrees Celsius and peak temperatures of 30 degrees or more in July and August, a high-efficiency central air conditioner can help Calgary homeowners stay cool and comfortable while controlling their summer energy costs. Reputable and licensed HVAC contractors local to the Calgary and surrounding area can assist you with maintaining your existing energy-efficient A/C unit or selecting and installing a new one.

Calgary & Surrounding Areas

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Popular Neighbourhoods

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