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KeepRite Furnaces At a Glance


  • Reputation for dependable, quality furnaces
  • Good selection of models
  • Economical brand
  • Most high-efficiency models are ENERGY STAR® certified
  • Ultra-low NOx models available
  • Highly efficient models available in their affordable entry-level tier
  • Furnaces are compatible with air purifiers and humidifiers
  • Units are dual fuel compatible
  • Mid-range and top-tier models are backed by an excellent warranty
  • Most furnaces have secondary heat exchangers for condensing operation
  • Cabinets are insulated and have noise-reducing features
  • Feature fuel-saving silicon nitride igniters
  • Units are tested for performance
  • Furnaces are powered by durable rigid press joint heat exchangers

Room For Improvement

  • KeepRite doesn’t have any special features or novel technologies
  • Entry-level furnaces only come with a standard warranty

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