This York air conditioner review will examine the brand’s models, efficiency ratings, features, prices, warranty, and more.

York’s competitors in this price bracket: Goodman and KeepRite.

Average Price: $2500 – $3600

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Star Review: out of 5 stars (this can be tallied up based on the 10 point scale for the categories below)

Good: York is a force to be reckoned with in the Economy-priced brand tier. Coming in around $2200-$3600 they serve up nothing but value when it comes to affordability, innovative technologies and warranty. Their Affinity™ Wi-Fi Residential Communicating Control gives consumers greater temperature control over several high-efficiency central air conditioners found in their Affinity™ Series.

Want: A selection of Two Stage and Variable Speed high-efficiency central air conditioners is notably absent from York’s high-efficiency central air conditioner lineup. With excellent price and value adding in Two Stage and Variable Speed options would be a game changer for York and take them to the next level. As we already know, Two Stage and Variable Speed gives consumers greater control, higher efficiency and greater savings as far as operational energy costs. Two Stage and Variable Speed units are typically quieter than Single Stage models as well. Difficult to say if this is something York will do because doing so would drive up the cost of their units potentially ousting them from their spot in the Economy-priced brand tier and pushing them into the Mid-range brand tier. Two Stage and Variable Speed high-efficiency central air conditioners are certainly nice to have options but York does offer good efficiency, value and price for the Single Stage central air conditioners that they currently offer.

The Bottom Line: If your primary concern is efficiency with the benefits of some additional technology York is an excellent brand for consumers looking to purchase a moderate-high efficiency central air conditioner that offers excellent value for your money.

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Final Score: 7.3/10













Detailed Review

Efficiency/SEER – 7/10

As an Economy-priced brand, York focuses their attention on manufacturing central air conditioners that provide Canadian consumers with a moderate to high efficiency cool, at a good price. York gives consumers a choice between nine central air conditioner models that fall into the 13-18 SEER range.

Efficiency breakdown:

  • York’s CZF, CZH and YCG models are ENERGY STAR certified.
  • All 9 of York’s central air conditioners meet the minimum 13 SEER efficiency required in order to be sold in Canada
  • 67% of York’s models in their LX Series provide consumers with an entry-level efficiency central air conditioner
  • ⅔ of the central air conditioners in York’s Affinity™ offer moderate to high efficiency cooling

Innovative Technology and Additional Features – 7/10

Innovative Technologies included:

  • Quiet Drive™ Sound Reduction system – decreases operational noise of central air conditioner
  • Affinity™ Wi-Fi Residential Communicating Control – allows remote control of your central air conditioner using York’s Intellicomfort™app.

Additional Features:

  • Coil – Microchannel, Max Alloy, Advanced Micro
  • Space saving air conditioner cabinet

Pricing –  9/10

With a price point between $2500 – $3600, York is equal in price to Goodman and KeepRite, its competition in the Economy-priced brand tier. What sets York apart from the pack is the value that goes along with their affordable price.

Price vs. Value:

At roughly $3600 (including install), this is a great deal for York’s ENERGY STAR 18 SEER CZH high-efficiency central air conditioner. For that price you get not only a high-efficiency central air conditioner that will cool your home effectively, you also get the added peace of mind. Should anything go wrong with your system you are covered under York’s generous 10 year limited warranty coverage plan that also includes the scroll compressor. No one wants to think about how they’re going to pay for a costly air conditioner repair. York takes that worry and fear away.

Looking for an entry level model? York has several options for consumers interested in 13 and 14 SEER central air conditioners. For a 13 SEER York central air conditioner you can expect to pay approximately $2200, an affordable option for those on a limited budget. With excellent warranty coverage for their LX and Affinity™ Series, York high-efficiency central air conditioner system will be covered regardless of whether you spend $2500 or $3600+.

Scroll compressor/Condenser fan motor –  6/10

Single Stage central air conditioners rule in York’s LX and Affinity™ Series with 8 out of their 9 models featuring Single Stage operation. The on/off nature of Single Stage makes it a more cost effective cooling system to manufacture, resulting in greater affordability for consumers. Since there is only one stage of cooling, the overall energy savings is less than a Two Stage model. However, it provides consumers with a moderately efficient cool and affordability for initial investment makes this a good choice for many consumers.

Options available:

  • Single Stage – 89% of York’s central air conditioner models are Single Stage.
  • Two Stage – CZH is York’s only Two Stage, high-efficiency ENERGY STAR certified model.
  • Variable Speed – None of York’s high-efficiency central air conditioners offer Variable Speed operation. If you are interested in Variable Speed operation, here are some comparables in the Economy priced brand tier that offer this feature: Goodman DSXC18, and KeepRite CVA9.

Noise –  7/10

After efficiency, price and warranty, operational noise is top of the list for consumers researching high-efficiency air conditioners. York’s Quiet Drive™ system was developed to assist with reducing operational noise. With operational noise up to 76 decibels, York’s high-efficiency central air conditioners stack up neck and neck against Goodman and KeepRite within the Economy-priced brand tier.

Warranty –  8/10

York offers one of the better warranty protection plans available on the market for high-efficiency central air conditioners, even surpassing some of the other brands in higher price brackets.

Warranty Breakdown:

  • Limited warranty plans for: 10 year parts and 10 year compressor in their economy and mid-range models
  • Premium-range models offer consumers the choice between Premium System limited warranty or 10 year compressor limited warranty protection.

Warranty protection is another way to evaluate the reliability of and York clearly stands behind the reliability of their high-efficiency central air conditioners.

York central air conditioners are economical and dependable. Receive your free quote from local distributors!

York Central A/C Model Breakdown & Comparison

York is a manufacturer dedicated to improving customer experience. They pride themselves on creating high-efficiency central air conditioners that are both affordable and reliable. They stand behind the reliability of their product with a strong warranty plan.

York’s LX Series

All six of the models in the York LX Series are Single Stage central air conditioners between 13-17 SEER. The YCG high-efficiency central air conditioner model is the sole ENERGY STAR certified unit in this series.

Model NumberSEER
YCGUp to 17
YFEUp to 14
YCDUp to 13
YCEUp to 14
YCSUp to 14
YCJFUp to 16.5


LX Series Warranty Coverage: when you choose a York LX Series high-efficiency central air conditioner you can rest assured that you are getting a comprehensive warranty plan with  your best interests at heart.

York LX Series Limited Warranty plan includes the following:

  • 10 year limited parts
  • 10 year limited compressor
  • Limited labour – 1 year

Repairing or replacing a compressor is costly, so it’s important to consider a brand that offers good warranty coverage.

York’s Affinity™ Series

York’s two ENERGY STAR certified models, the CZH and CZF can be found in their Affinity (™) Series. One Two Stage CZH model, and two Single Stage operation models available in 13-18 SEER for low, moderate and high-efficiency cooling.

Model NumberSEER
CZHUp to 18
CZFUp to 16
TCHDUp to 13


Affinity™ Series Warranty Coverage: York’s Affinity (™) Series offers consumers the following warranty protection:

  • Limited 10 year parts and compressor (same as their LX Series)
  • Premium System Limited Warranty*

*consumers have the option of this or the 10 year compressor warranty. Your local distributor will be able to answer all of your questions regarding warranty to ensure that you get all of the protection your selected high-efficiency central air conditioner model is entitled to.

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