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York Air Conditioner Review and Buying Guide 2019

(Updated for 2019)

Your complete York air conditioner buying guide, including top models, prices, SEER ratings, features, warranty info, and more. Get your free quote quickly & easily!

Older air conditioners tend to be less efficient and might not operate at peak performance, so upgrading to a new cooling system can save you money and keep your family more comfortable. If you’re looking at replacing an older unit with a York air conditioner, this guide will help you choose the right model for your home.

This guide includes information about the different models that are available, explains exclusive York features, compares the various models, provides efficiency ratings, and more.

York Air Conditioners, At a Glance

Strong Points

York air conditioners are durable, reliable, and built to last. The company has a number of excellent entry-level cooling systems for people who are on a tighter budget. Even their premium line of air conditioners is still quite affordable, making York an excellent brand if you want to upgrade to a newer and more efficient system without having to spend a lot on a new air conditioner.

Room For Improvement

York focuses on manufacturing basic air conditioners that are dependable and durable, but they don’t put a lot of emphasis on developing additional features and technologies. And if you want an air conditioner with an ENERGY STAR rating, then you’ll have to go for the slightly more expensive mid-tier or premium models.

The Bottom Line

A York air conditioner might be the perfect cooling solution for your home if you’re looking for a basic model that doesn’t offer a lot of extras. York products are affordable, reliable and long-lasting, easy to install, and backed by a great warranty, so you can upgrade to a better cooling system without having to pay a lot.

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General Price Range for York Air Conditioners

$2,400 and $3,800 (with installation)

York is an economy brand. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly air conditioner, there are plenty of low-tier cooling systems in the York line that might suit your needs. Some of the most important factors that will influence the final cost of your air conditioner include:

  • Unit size and BTU cooling output
  • Where you live (rural versus urban, HVAC competition in the area, licensing requirements in your city or town, etc.)
  • Efficiency rating
  • Installation complications
  • Current deals or promotions
  • Energy efficiency or other rebates

Introduction to the York Air Conditioner Series

Good – LX Economy Series

York’s entry-level LX Economy series air conditioners are all single-stage cooling systems that are equipped with MicroChannel Coils, meaning the units tend to be smaller, easier to install, and use less refrigerant than models with traditional coil styles.

In this series there are also compact models that are ideal for small homes and spaces, and units that are specifically engineered for Canadian climates. The SEER ratings for these models range from 13 to 14, so there are no ENERGY STAR certified units in this series.

Better – LX Advanced Series

Air conditioners in York’s LX Advanced series are mid-range, and have either a single-stage or two-stage compressor. Both models have SEER ratings of 17 and are ENERGY STAR certified, so you’re sure to save money on your energy bills year after year. These units have smaller footprints than conventional air conditioners thanks to the MicroChannel coils, and both have been tested extensively for durability and reliability.

Best – Affinity Series

York’s premium line of air conditioners is the Affinity series, and these models have a two-stage or variable-speed compressor for ultimate temperature control and maintenance. Both models are ENERGY STAR certified, and are equipped with York’s QuietDrive Comfort System for quiet operation. The premium model also has Charge Assurance for easy installation, and Climate Set technology to ensure the perfect indoor air temperature.

Comparison of York’s Top Models

Affinity YXV

The Affinity YXV is York’s premium offering. This variable-speed air conditioner is ENERGY STAR certified, has a SEER of 20, and is designed for quiet operation. It also won gold at the 2017 Dealer Design Awards, and is compatible with the Climate Set technology, is equipped with the QuietDrive system, and comes with Charge Assurance for fast installation and maintenance.


SEER – 20
Air conditioner type – Variable-speed
ENERGY STAR rated? Yes
Tier – Premium

Affinity YXT

York’s other premium model, the Affinity YXT, is a high-efficiency two-stage air conditioner that offers advanced temperature control, quiet performance, and is backed by a great warranty. This model is equipped with the QuietDrive system, and it can be paired with a traditional control or the advanced Wi-Fi enabled and programmable Hx3 touchscreen thermostat.


SEER – 19
Air conditioner type – Two-stage
ENERGY STAR rated? Yes
Tier – Premium

LX Advanced YFK

This high-efficiency two-stage air conditioner is one of York’s mid-range cooling systems, and it offers more even temperature control than its single-stage counterparts. It has a SEER rating of 17, meaning you’ll spend less every month keeping your home comfortable.


SEER – 17
Air conditioner type – Two-stage
ENERGY STAR rated? Yes
Tier – Mid

LX Advanced YCG

The other mid-range model in the York line is the LX Advanced YCG, which is a single-stage air conditioner with a SEER rating of 17. Therefore, you’ll save more money on your energy bills and might qualify for certain utility rebates. This unit has a smaller footprint thanks to the MicroChannel coil, and it’s available in both one- and three- phase models, with the three-phase motor being more efficient and cheaper to operate.


SEER – 17
Air conditioner type – Single-stage
ENERGY STAR rated? Yes
Tier – Mid

LX Economy YCS, YCE, and YFE

These three economy models from York each have a SEER of 14, and they’re all reliable and durable single-stage air conditioners. If you upgrade to one of these models from an air conditioner with a SEER rating of 10, you could save as much as $0.29 on every dollar you were spending on energy bills. Both the YCS and YCE are space-saving models thanks to the MicroChannel coil, making them a perfect fit for smaller homes and spaces.


SEER – 14
Air conditioner type – Single-stage
Tier – Low

Exclusive York Features

1. QuietDrive Comfort System

QuietDrive is a special system that’s designed to improve energy performance and reduce noise made by the air conditioner. The system consists of a swept-wing fan, a composite base, and a high-efficiency compressor that’s contained within an isolated compartment.

2. Charge Assurance

Charge Assurance is a unique feature from York that’s meant to ease installation and make maintenance easier. The Charge Assurance system not only makes installation faster and more accurate, but it also guarantees that your unit is installed properly. After installation, the system facilitates maintenance by allowing technicians to check refrigerant levels without disconnecting the unit.

3. Climate Set

Climate Set is a technology that maximizes the efficiency of your cooling system while also ensuring the system maintains the perfect indoor climate according to your preferences.

Important Warranty Information

York has a great warranty on their air conditioners that covers the compressor, parts, and even labour. The best warranty comes with their premium models, but even the mid-range and low-tier cooling systems still have great coverage that includes:

  • 10-year limited warranty for the compressor
  • 10-year parts limited warranty
  • 1-year labor limited warranty

The premium models have the same warranties for parts and labour, but they come with a lifetime limited warranty that covers the compressor.

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York has been in the business of manufacturing air conditioners and other HVAC products since the 1870s. In that time they’ve learned a thing or two about making reliable cooling systems that are efficient, high-quality, and durable.

York was acquired by Johnson Controls in 2005, and this is the same parent company that owns the brand Coleman Heating & Air Conditioning. Today, York heating and cooling products are still designed and assembled in North America. Their air conditioners remain some of the most popular on the market.

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