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Trane Furnace Repair Guide 2019

(Updated for 2019)

Do you need help fixing your Trane furnace? Our extensive Trane furnace repair guide will help you troubleshoot common issues, replace air filters, read model error codes, and more!

Please note, the following is for informational purposes only. Any servicing you attempt is at your own risk.

Trane, At a Glance

With more than 100 years of experience as an innovator in heating and cooling comfort systems, Trane has a proven history of dedication, reliability, and assurance. Manufacturing some of the most sought-after HVAC products on the market, their options are built to last. However, should you begin to experience any operational issues with your own Trane furnace, this comprehensive guide will provide you with the necessary tools to tackle any issue.

One of the most effective practices to ensure longevity and seamless performance for your Trane furnace is to regularly change the air filter. Other maintenance tasks that can help are vacuuming vents, clearing debris away from your unit, and checking registers. By performing these simple duties on a regular basis, you’ll be able to maximize your Trane unit’s efficiency. Internal components will last longer, and the quality of your home’s air will be pristine.

How to Replace Your Trane Air Filter

Before attempting to replace your unit’s air filter, be sure to check your owner’s manual to determine your model specifications.

  • Remove the access panel on your Trane furnace.
  • Locate the dirty air filter. It should be near the return air duct or the blower chamber’s entrance.
  • Remove the old air filter and slide in a new one.
  • Ensure that signifiers indicate that the new filter is installed correctly.
  • Replace the panel or door to your Trane furnace.

What’s Wrong With Your Trane Furnace?

Common Furnace Problems and Troubleshooting

Before you aim to attempt any diagnosis or perform Trane furnace repairs, please make certain to shut off the unit’s power completely.

Is your furnace... The problem might be your... What's wrong? How you can fix it:
Not heating? Circuit Breaker/Fuse Your furnace either has a blown fuse or a shorted circuit breaker. Reset your furnace’s affiliated circuit breaker or replace the blown switch entirely.
Igniter The furnace’s igniter has either cracked or is now defective. Check to see if the igniter is cracked. Replace it if it is. If the piece isn’t cracked, test it with a multimeter to see if it’s defective.
Cycling irregularly? Thermostat The thermostat is likely not adjusting correctly. Use the adjustable calibration scale on your thermostat to adjust the heat anticipator. If this doesn’t work or isn’t an option then replace the thermostat.
Not blowing hot air? Blower Motor There is likely an issue with your furnace’s blower motor. It could be burnt out, the wheel could be defective, or the connecting belt may have snapped. If the motor shows to be receiving power but is still not running then replace the blower motor. But, if it does run, you will likely have to replace either the connecting belt or the wheel.
Blowing too much air? Control Board Your control board isn’t functioning properly. The relay that regulates the blower motor’s voltage has failed. You will have to replace the control board.
Thermostat The contact that controls the blower motor function on your thermostat is stuck in a closed position. Use a multimeter to check for continuity, if this appears to be the issue then replace the thermostat.
Starting and then stopping shortly after? Flame Sensor Your furnace’s flame sensor isn’t able to sense the presence of a flame due to it being dirty or defective. Use a fine abrasive pad to clean to the sensor clean, if this doesn’t fix the issue then replace the flame sensor entirely.

Trane Furnace Error Codes

Error Codes What this means How to fix it
Slow flashing LED light This means that your furnace is on, but it’s not calling for heat. This is only an issue if you have raised your thermostat and your furnace doesn’t respond.
Rapidly flashing LED light Means that your furnace is on and is actively calling for heat. Only beware this if your furnace is continuously calling for heat and isn’t responding to your thermostat.
Continuous LED on Control panel issue. Replace the control panel.
Two LED flashes System lockout due to lack of flame or reversed polarity. Check for miswiring, clogged pilot tube, or humidity in the unit.
Three LED flashes Draft pressure error. Check if the drain tubes are full of moisture or obstructed with dirt.
Four LED flashes The furnace is experiencing an open temperature limit circuit issue. The issue with thermal protection.
Five LED flashes A flame was sensed within your furnace that shouldn’t be present. Check for a leaky gas valve, stuck gas valve, or defective flame sensor.
Six LED flashes AC power voltage is too low. Correct line voltage polarity, check the wiring.
Seven LED flashes An issue with your gas circuit. Check your unit’s gas valves for the issue.
Eight LED flashes Low Flame. Check for flame sensor malfunction or low gas pressure.
Nine LED flashes Igniter circuit issue. Check igniter.

When to Get a Technician for Trane Furnace Repairs

Even though Trane has a strong track record of producing reliable products, also the most dependable of models will eventually begin to experience performance issues. Should this happen to you, you shouldn’t hesitate to contact a trained HVAC technician. Although many issues can be troubleshooted on your own, it may prove less costly to bring in a trained professional to perform more complicated repairs.

An instance where you’ll want to ask for help is if an internal component has failed, should this happen your furnace may begin to leak or drip, stop producing heat entirely or produce strange noises (whistling, gurgling, banging, etc.).

Who to Call For Trane Furnace Repairs

When your Trane furnace is having difficulty operating, it can be a stressful process to know who to contact. If it’s an option, you may want to consult a friend, neighbour, or coworker who recently had work done recently on their HVAC system; ask if they were satisfied with their service as well as the price. Another useful source of information is online consumer reviews. These will give you a starting point with the types of services provided as well as their price points.

However, it’s important to remember that furnace repair can be a costly business, so you will want to make the most informed decision you can. Let us help! Our independent certification program provides Canadians with a selection of local HVAC companies that meet our rigorous criteria. We aim to connect homeowners with local businesses to build trusting relationships, so when you need Trane furnace repairs, you know who to call.

Trane’s Warranty Coverage

Depending on the company who installed your Trane furnace, you may have some initial warranty coverage provided. In addition to this, Trane offers a range of coverages depending on what series of the model you have purchased.

  • Premium series models include a limited 20-year warranty on the heat exchanger and a limited 5-year warranty on parts. Registered owners can claim an extended limited 10-year warranty on parts as well as a limited lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger.
  • Mid- and economy-tier furnaces include a limited 10-year warranty on internal parts and are eligible for a limited lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger. Additional coverages are available which can cover services such as labour.

➤ Protect your Trane furnace:  Register and access your Trane furnace warranty here

Trane Model Numbers

Current Trane Models

  • S9V2B040U3VS
  • S9V2B060U3VS
  • S9V2B080U3VS
  • S9V2C100U4VS
  • S9V2D120U5VS
  • S9V2B080D3VS
  • S9V2C100D4VS
  • S9V2B040D3
  • S9V2B060D3
  • S9V2B080D3
  • S9V2B080D4
  • S9V2C100D4
  • S9V2C100D5
  • S9V2D120D5
  • TUC1B040A9241A
  • TUC1B060A9361A
  • TUC1B080A9421A
  • TUC1C100A9481A
  • TUC1D100A9601A
  • TUC1D120A9601A
  • TDC1B040A9241A
  • TDC1B060A9361A
  • TDC1B080A9421A
  • TDC1C100A9481A
  • TDC1D120A9601A
  • S9V2B04OU3
  • S9V2B060U3
  • S9V2B060U4
  • S9V2B080U3
  • S9V2B080U4
  • S9V2C080U5
  • S9V2C100U4
  • S9V2C100U5
  • S9V2D120U5
  • S9V2B040D3
  • S9V2B060D3
  • S9V2B080D3
  • S9V2B080D4
  • S9V2C100D4
  • S9V2C100D5
  • S9V2D120D5
  • TUH2B060A9V3VB
  • TUH2B080A9V3VB
  • TUH2B080A9V4VB
  • TUH2C100A9V4VB
  • TUH2C100A9V5VB
  • TUH2D120A9V5VB
  • TDH2B060A9V3VB
  • TDH2B080A9V3VB
  • TDH2B080A9V4VB
  • TDH2C100A9V4VB
  • TDH2D120A9V5VB
  • S9X2B040U2
  • S9X2B040U3
  • S9X2B060U3
  • S9X2B060U4
  • S9X2B080U3
  • S9X2B080U4
  • S9X2C080U4
  • S9X2C080U5
  • S9X2C100U4
  • S9X2C100U5
  • S9X2D120U5
  • S9X2B040D2
  • S9X2B060D3
  • S9X2B080D4
  • S9X2C100D5
  • S9X2D120D5
  • TUH1B040A9H21B
  • TUH1B060A9H31B
  • TUH1B080A9H31C
  • TUH1C100A9H41B
  • TUH1D120A9H51B
  • TDH1B040A9H21B
  • TDH1B065A9H31B
  • TDH1C085A9H41B
  • TDH1D110A9H51B
  • TUH1B040A9241A
  • TUH1B060A9361A
  • TUH1B080A9421A
  • TUH1C080A9601A
  • TUH1C100A9481A
  • TUH1D100A9601A
  • TUH1D120A9601A
  • TDH1B040A9241A
  • TDH1B065A9421A
  • TDH1C085A9481A
  • TDH1D110A9601A

Discontinued Trane Models

  • TDX060R936V*
  • TDX060R936W*
  • TDX080R942V*
  • TDX080R942W*
  • TDX100R948V*
  • TDX100R948W*
  • TDX120R960V*
  • TDX120R960W*
  • TUX060R936V*
  • TUX060R936W*
  • TUX080R942V*
  • TUX080R942W*
  • TUX100R948V*
  • TUX100R948W*
  • TUX120R960V*
  • TUX120R960W*
  • TUX2B060A9362A*
  • TUX2B060AFV3VA*
  • TUX2B080A9422A*
  • TUX2B080AFV3VA*
  • TUX2C100A9482A*
  • TUX2C100AFV4VA*
  • TUX2D120A9482A*
  • TUX2D120A9602A*
  • TUX2D120AFV5VA*
  • TDX040C924C*
  • TDX040C924D*
  • TDX080C942C*
  • TUX060C936C*
  • TUX080C942C*
  • TDC040C924B*
  • TDC060C936B*
  • TDC080C942B*
  • TDC100C948B*
  • TDC120C960B*
  • TDX100C948C*
  • TDX100C948D*
  • TDX100R948V*
  • TDX100R948W*
  • TDX120C960C*
  • TDX120C960D*
  • TDX120R960V*
  • TDX120R960W*
  • TDX1B040A9241A*
  • TDX1B040A9H21B*
  • TDX1B060A9361A*
  • TDX1B060A9H31B*
  • TDX1B080A9421A*
  • TDX1B080A9H31B*
  • TDX1C100A9481A*
  • TDX1C100A9H41B*
  • TDX1D120A9601A*
  • TDX1D120A9H51B*
  • TUX040C924D*
  • TUX060C936D*
  • TUX080C942D*
  • TUX080C960D*
  • TUX100C948C*
  • TUX100C948D*
  • TUX100C960C*
  • TUX100C960D*
  • TUX100R948V*
  • TUX100R948W*
  • TUX120C960C*
  • TUX120C960D*
  • TUX120R960V*
  • TUX120R960W*
  • TUX1B040A9241A*
  • TUX1B040A9H21B*
  • TUX1B060A9241A*
  • TUX1B060A9361A*
  • TUX1B060A9H31B*
  • TUX1B080A9241A*
  • TUX1B080A9421A*
  • TUX1B080A9H31B*
  • TUX1C080A9601A*
  • TUX1C100A9361A*
  • TUX1C100A9481A*
  • TUX1C100A9H41B*
  • TUX1D100A9601A*
  • TUX1D120A9601A*
  • TUX1D120A9H51B*
  • TDC040C924B*
  • TDC060C936B*
  • TDC080C942B*
  • TDC100C948B*
  • TDY060R9V3V*
  • TDY060R9V3W*
  • TDY080R9V3V*
  • TDY080R9V3W*
  • TDY100R9V4V*
  • TDY100R9V4W*
  • TDY120R9V5V*
  • TDY120R9V5W*
  • TUY060R9V3V*
  • TUY060R9V3W*
  • TUY080R9V3V*
  • TUY080R9V3W*
  • TUY100R9V4V*
  • TUY100R9V4W*
  • TUY120R9V5V*
  • TUY120R9V5W*
  • TUX1B040A9H21B
  • TUX1B060A9H31B
  • TUX1B080A9H31B
  • TUX1C100A9H41B
  • TUX1D120A9H51B
  • TDX1B040A9H21B
  • TDX1B060A9H31B
  • TDX1B080A9H31B
  • TDX1C100A9H41B
  • TDX1D120A9H51B
  • TUH2B060A936VA
  • TUH2B080A942VA
  • TUH2C100A948VA
  • TUH2D120A960VA
  • TDH2B060A936VA
  • TDH2B080A942VA
  • TDH2C100A948VA
  • TDH2D120A960VA

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