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Tempstar Furnace Repair Guide 2019

(Updated for 2019)

Our comprehensive Tempstar furnace repair guide, from reading error codes, troubleshooting common issues, to replacing air filters, and more!

Please note, the following is for informational purposes only. Any servicing you attempt is at your own risk.

Tempstar, At a Glance

As a member of International Comfort Products (ICP), Tempstar manufactures guaranteed high-quality furnaces. Many of their mid- and premium-tier products boast ENERGY STAR certification, and they offer comprehensive warranty coverage. If your Tempstar furnace begin to experience issues, this guide will provide you with the tools needed to figure out what’s wrong.

One of the most important practices that you can implement to lengthen the life of your Tempstar furnace is to change the air filter regularly. By doing so, you’ll guarantee that the unit’s internal components will be able to function with maximum efficiency. Additionally, it’s good practice to consistently vacuum vents, check registers, and keep the area surrounding your Tempstar furnace clear of debris.

How to Replace Your Tempstar Air Filter

To properly replace your Tempstar air filter, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the panel to gain access to your furnace.
  2. Once inside, locate the air filter, it’ll be near the return duct or the entrance to the blower chamber.
  3. Take out the old air filter and replace it with a new one.
  4. All signifiers should indicate that the new filter is installed in the right direction.
  5. Replace the panel to your Tempstar furnace and make sure it’s secured.

What’s Wrong With Your Tempstar Furnace?

Common Furnace Problems and Troubleshooting

Always remember to completely turn off power to your Tempstar furnace before attempting any repair.

Is your furnace... The problem might be your... What's wrong? How you can fix it:
Not heating? Circuit Breaker/Fuse Your furnace’s fuse has blown, or the circuit breaker has shorted. Either reset the furnace’s circuit breaker or replace the blown switch completely.
Igniter Either the igniter is defective or cracked. Check to see if the igniter is cracked and replace it If it’s not, test it with a multimeter to see if it’s defective.
Cycling irregularly? Thermostat Your thermostat is likely not adjusting correctly. Use your thermostat’s adjustable calibration scale to adjust the heat anticipator. If this doesn’t work or isn’t an option, replace the thermostat.
Not blowing hot air? Blower Motor Your furnace’s blower mower may be completely burnt out, or the connecting belt may have snapped. If the blower motor is receiving power but isn’t running, replace the motor. However, if it does run, it’s more likely that the connecting belt has snapped, replace it.
Blowing too much air? Control Board The relay on the control board that regulates how much voltage is sent to the blower motor has failed. You will have to replace the control board.
Thermostat The thermostat contact that controls the blower motor function might be stuck in a closed position. You’ll have to use a multimeter to check for continuity if this appears to be the issue then replace the thermostat.
Starting and then stopping shortly after? Flame Sensor The flame sensor may not be able to sense the presence of a flame due to it being dirty or defective. If the flame sensor is dirty, use an abrasive pad to wipe it clean. If it’s defective, replace the flame sensor.

Tempstar Furnace Error Codes

Each Tempstar status code is a single or two-digit number. The first number is determined by the number of short flashes and the second number after the (+) sign is the number of long flashes.

Error Codes What this means How to fix it
Heartbeat LED pattern on solid The control is locked out and will auto-reset after 1 hour. Reset power to clear the lockout.
Two LED flashes Pressure switch didn’t open. Obstructed pressure tubing; a pressure switch that’s stuck closed.
Three LED flashes The low-pressure switch did not close or has reopened. Proper vent sizing; air leak; restricted vent; clogged condensate drain; low input gas pressure; excessive wind; improper pressure switch wiring; water in vent piping; disconnected or obstructed pressure tubing.
Four LED flashes Limit circuit fault. Loose blower wheel; defective switch or connections; improper minimum- or maximum-heat gas input adjustment; dirty filter or restricted duct system; improper limit switch.
Five LED flashes Abnormal flame-proving signal. Leaky gas valve; stuck-open gas valve.
Six LED flashes Ignition proving a failure. Low inlet gas pressure; control ground continuity; gas valve defect; defective hot surface igniter; oxide buildup on the flame sensor; inadequate flame carryover; flame sensor mustn’t be grounded.
Seven LED flashes Limit circuit lockout. Control will auto-reset after 3 hours. Refer to status code #4.
Eight LED flashes Gas heating lockout. Gas valve stuck closed on control.
Nine LED flashes Medium pressure switch, high-pressure switch, or PSR relay didn’t close or was reopened. Refer to status code #3.
Ten LED flashes Polarity. Correct line voltage polarity.
Status codes 1 + 2 Blower on after power up. Normal operation.
Status codes 1 + 5 Blower motor lockout. Control will auto-reset after 3 hours. Refer to status code #4 + 1.
Status codes 3 + 5 Gas valve fault. RED, YELLOW, or ORANGE wire at the gas valve.
Status codes 4 + 1 Blower motor fault. Blower failed to reach 250 RPM, or the blower failed to communicate within the prescribed time limits.
Status codes 4 + 2 Inducer motor fault. Proper vent sizing; restricted vent; failed inducer motor; improper motor wiring; a blockage in the tubing to the pressure switch assembly.
Status codes 4 + 3 The low or medium pressure switch is open while the medium or high-pressure switch is closed. Low inlet gas pressure; clogged condensate drain; improper pressure switch wiring; water in vent piping; low or medium pressure switch stuck open; disconnected or obstructed pressure tubing.
Status codes 6 + 1 Ignition lockout. Control will auto-reset after 3 hours. Refer to status code #6.

When to Get a Technician for Tempstar Furnace Repairs

Despite the reliability of a Tempstar furnace, you will inevitably come to a time when your unit starts to experience some performance issues. When this happens, it can be tough to know whether to attempt a repair on your own or to contact a trained HVAC technician.

Should your furnace stop producing heat entirely, begin to leak or drip, or start making previously unheard noises, these issues are typically symptomatic of a broken internal component that will require professional attention.

Who to Call For Tempstar Furnace Repairs

Aside from consulting online consumer reviews, it can be difficult to find a wealth of information on local heating and cooling companies. Although these reviews might give you a basic understanding of available services as well as potential price points, it’s important to remember that these can’t be considered a fully trustworthy source of information. So, how can you be certain that you’re making the right call when calling a technician? We can help!

Our independent certification program requires local businesses to meet a variety of criteria, including a proven track record of success and proof of insurance. We hope to connect Canadian homeowners with credible local HVAC companies so that they can make a decision that they’ll be happy with in the long-term.

Tempstar’s Warranty Coverage

There are a couple of factors that may influence the level of insurance that your Tempstar furnace has. The company who did your unit’s initial installation may provide some coverage. Additionally, Tempstar offers a range of insurance depending on what series of product you have.

  • Tempstar Deluxe Series units include a limited lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger, limited 10-year warranty on parts, and limited 10-year No Hassle Replacement(TM) warranty*.
  • Tempstar QuietComfort(R) Series furnaces include a limited lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger, limited 10-year warranty on parts, and either limited 5- or 1-year No Hassle Replacement(TM) warranty*.
  • Tempstar Performance(R) Series models include a limited 20-year warranty on the heat exchanger as well as a limited 10-year warranty on parts.

*Tempstar’s No Hassle Replacement(TM) Warranty guarantees that should include your compressor, coil, or heat exchanger fails during the determined period, a replacement with a comparable unit will be made.

➤ Protect your Tempstar furnace:  Register and access your Tempstar furnace warranty here

Tempstar Model Numbers

Current Tempstar Models

  • F9MAE0601714A
  • F9MAE0602120A
  • F9MAE0801714A
  • F9MAE0802120A
  • F9MAE1002122A
  • F9MAE1202422A
  • F9MVE0401410A
  • F9MVE0401712A
  • F9MVE0601412A
  • F9MVE0601714A
  • F9MVE0801716A
  • F9MVE0802120A
  • F9MVE1002120A
  • F9MVE1202422A
  • F9MXT0401410A
  • F9MXT0601714A
  • F9MXT0801716A
  • F9MXT1002116A
  • F9MXT1202422A
  • F9MXE0401410A
  • F9MXE0601714A
  • F9MXE0801716A
  • F9MXE1002116A
  • F9MXE1202422A
  • N9MSE0401410A
  • N9MSE0601410A
  • N9MSE0601714A
  • N9MSE0801716A
  • N9MSE0802120A
  • N9MSE1002114A
  • N9MSE1002120A
  • N9MSE1202420A
  • N9MSE1402420A
  • N9MSB0401410B
  • N9MSB0401712B
  • N9MSB0601412B
  • N9MSB0601716B
  • N9MSB0801716B
  • N9MSB0802120B
  • N9MSB1002116B
  • N9MSB1002122B
  • N9MSB1202422B

Discontinued Tempstar Models

  • C9MPV075F12*
  • C9MPV100J20*
  • C9MPV125L20*
  • T9MPX060F12A
  • T9MPX080J12A
  • T9MPX080J16A
  • T9MPX100L20A
  • F9MVT0401410A
  • F9MVT0601714A
  • F9MVT0801716A
  • F9MVT0802120A
  • F9MVT1002120A
  • F9MVT1202422A
  • F9MAC0601714A
  • F9MAC0602120A
  • F9MAC0801714A
  • F9MAC0802120A
  • F9MAC1002122A
  • F9MAC1202422A
  • T9MVX040F12
  • T9MVX060F12
  • T9MVX080J20
  • T9MVX100L20
  • N9MP2050B12*
  • N9MP2075B12*
  • N9MP2080F16*
  • N9MP2100F14*
  • N9MP2100J20*
  • N9MP2125J20*
  • T9MPV075F12D
  • T9MPV100J20D
  • T9MPV125L20D

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