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Daikin Furnaces At a Glance


  • Large selection of high-efficiency furnace models
  • Have a great reputation and presence in the global HVAC industry (after all, they are the parent company of Goodman and Amana)
  • All high-efficiency models have secondary heat exchangers for condensing operation
  • Primary heat exchangers are built to last
  • Units rely on efficient, fuel-saving silicon nitride igniters
  • Most high-efficiency units are low-NOx
  • Ultra low-NOx models also available
  • All models are backed by an excellent warranty
  • Furnaces are powered by control boards with self-diagnostic capabilities
  • Models are compatible with the Daikin Premium Air Cleaner
  • Dependable, quality-made furnaces
  • All high-efficiency models are ENERGY STAR® certified

Room For Improvement

  • Brand doesn’t offer too many novel features or technologies
  • Some replacement parts can be expensive once the warranty runs out
  • Must hire a knowledgeable and experience contractor for installation to avoid problems
  • Furnaces can be more expensive than other brands
  • Although Daikin has a lot of selection, a lot of their models are very similar

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