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American Furnaces At a Glance


  • Long history and well-known reputation
  • Many models have special Vortica II blower that’s quiet and efficient
  • Heavy steel cabinets are insulated for quiet operation
  • Designed for easy installation
  • Furnaces are dual fuel compatible
  • Top-tier model has communicating capabilities
  • Some models have advanced summer dehumidification
  • Cabinets are airtight to less than 1%
  • Models have secondary heat exchangers for condensing operation
  • Compatible with the AccuClean Air Cleaner filter
  • Some ENERGY STAR® models available
  • One ultra-low NOx model available
  • Self-diagnostic control boards
  • Insulated blower compartments and heat exchanger cabinets
  • Fuel-saving silicon nitride igniters
  • Special multi-port in-shot burners that use less fuel

Room For Improvement

  • Not a lot of novel features or innovative technologies
  • Highest AFUE is 97.3%
  • Warranty is only standard for the industry
  • Not the most affordable brand around

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