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Trane Air Conditioners At a Glance


  • Most of their models are high-efficiency and ENERGY STAR® certified.
  • Trane has one of the best selections of high-efficiency models in the 16 to 18 range that’s generally considered ideal for Canadian summers.
  • Trane also has some cutting-edge features, patented technologies, and proprietary components that are designed to improve performance and increase durability.
  • Every model comes with their proprietary compressor and coil.
  • All of their models come with corrosion-resistant components that have been thoroughly tested.
  • Better warranty
  • You can only get Trane products from certified installers.

Room For Improvement

  • Their cooling systems are more expensive than competitor brands.
  • Trane only allows certified dealers to sell their products, the installation might cost more.
  • Maintenance costs for their air conditioners tends to be higher because of all their proprietary components. Replacement parts usually cost more and maintenance like cleaning can take longer.

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