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Armstrong Furnace Repair Guide

Troubleshooting, Error Codes & More

(Updated for 2019)

A complete Armstrong furnace repair guide, from how to replace your air filter, to troubleshooting and error codes, model numbers and more!

Please note, the following is for informational purposes only. Any servicing you attempt is at your own risk.

Armstrong has been in the HVAC business for over 90 years, and they’ve always prided themselves on manufacturing quality furnaces that are highly efficient and dependable.

But, all furnaces need regular maintenance for peak performance, and even then problems can still arise. Because of this, it’s important to know what maintenance steps you should be taking to keep your furnace in good working order, and how to identify common problems so that you can fix them or call a certified technician if necessary.

How to Replace Your Armstrong Air Filter

The air filter in your furnace is one of the first lines of defence you have against poor air quality, but it can only do its job properly if it’s changed monthly during the heating season.

A clean furnace filter will make your furnace more efficient, reduce maintenance and repair costs in the future, and keep your indoor air clean and breathable. Changing the filter is simple. All you have to do is:

  1. Locate the access panel and remove it or slide it open
  2. Look near the cold air intake to find the filter
  3. Remove the old filter
  4. Align the new filter by following the arrows
  5. Slide in the new filter
  6. Close the access panel

What’s Wrong With Your Armstrong Furnace?

Remember to always turn your furnace completely off before opening it up to look around or attempt any fix.

Armstrong Furnace Error Codes

Armstrong furnaces are equipped with an LED light on the exterior of the unit that can indicate how the furnace is functioning and whether there’s a problem. These error codes come as a series of flashes, and the number of flashes tells you what component is affected.

Here’s what those error codes mean:

When Should You Call A Professional?

While you can troubleshoot a number of issues on your own, you may want to contact a trained furnace technician should you be experiencing certain issues with your Armstrong unit.

If after your troubleshooting your furnace still isn’t producing any heat, is leaking or dripping, or is making strange noises (gurgling, banging, whistling, etc.), there might be some broken internal mechanical or electrical components within your unit. In this case, you will want to contact a trained technician to service your Armstrong furnace.

Also, if you notice that your furnace is continuously switching itself off and on, you may want to call a technician. This may be a sign that something is not circulating properly within your furnace, possibly tripping up the sensors.

Who Should You Call?

Having a trusted HVAC contractor’s number handy is always a good idea, especially in winter when a broken furnace can be a large inconvenience. But HVAC technicians aren’t created equal, and choosing the right one could save you time, money, and headaches.

That’s where our independent HVAC contractor certification program can help because it will provide you with a list of trusted and certified companies that you can turn to for help when you need repairs and maintenance.

Armstrong’s Warranty Coverage

Armstrong furnaces all come with a 10-year parts warranty, as well as a lifetime warranty for the heat exchanger, as long as you register the furnace within 60 days of installation.

If your Armstrong furnace is unregistered, the parts warranty expires after five years, and the lifetime heat exchanger warranty drops to 20 years.

Armstrong Model Numbers

Current Armstrong Models

  • A97USMV070B12S
  • A97USMV090C12S
  • A97USMV090C16S
  • A97USMV090C20S
  • A97USMV110C20S
  • A97USMV135D20S
  • A97DSMV070B12S
  • A97DSMV090C16S
  • A97DSMV090C20S
  • A97DSMV110C20S
  • A96US2V045B12S
  • A96US2V070B12S
  • A96US2V090C12S
  • A96US2V090C16S
  • A96US2V090C20S
  • A96US2V110C16S
  • A96US2V110C20S
  • A96US2V135D20S
  • A96DS2V045B12S
  • A96DS2V070B16S
  • A96DS2V090C20S
  • A96DS2V110C20S
  • A96UH2E030B08S
  • A96UH2E045B12S
  • A96UH2E070B12S
  • A96UH2E090C16S
  • A96UH2E110C20S
  • A96DF2E045B12S
  • A96DF2E070B16S
  • A96DF2E090C16S
  • A96DF2E110C20S
  • A95UH1E030B08S
  • A95UH1E045B12S
  • A95UH1E070B12S
  • A95UH1E090C16S
  • A95UH1E110C20S
  • A95UH1E135D20S
  • A95DF1E045B12S
  • A95DF1E070B16S
  • A95DF1E090C16S
  • A95DF1E110C20S
  • A95UH1D045B08S(A)
  • A95UH1D045B12S(A)
  • A95UH1D070B12S(A)
  • A95UH1D090C12S(A)
  • A95UH1D090C16S(A)
  • A95UH1D110C16S(A)
  • A95UH1D110C20S(A)
  • A95UH1D135D20S(A)
  • A95DF1D045B12S(A)
  • A95DF1D070B12S(A)
  • A95DF1D090C20S(A)
  • A95DF1D110C20S(A)
  • A95UH1D045B08S(A)
  • A95UH1D045B12S(A)
  • A95UH1D070B12S(A)
  • A95UH1D090C12S(A)
  • A95UH1D090C16S(A)
  • A95UH1D110C16S(A)
  • A95UH1D110C20S(A)
  • A95UH1D135D20S(A)
  • A95DF1D045B12S(A)
  • A95DF1D070B12S(A)
  • A95DF1D090C20S(A)
  • A95DF1D110C20S(A)
  • A93UH1D045B08A
  • A93UH1D045B12A
  • A93UH1D070B08A
  • A93UH1D070B12A
  • A93UH1D090C12A
  • A93UH1D090C16A
  • A93UH1D110C16A
  • A93UH1D110C20A
  • A93UH1D135D20A
  • A93DF1D045B12A
  • A93DF1D070B12A
  • A93DF1D090C16A
  • A93DF1D110C20A

Discontinued Armstrong Models

  • G2D95AC080V20C*
  • G2D95AC125V20D*
  • G2D95AU080V20C*
  • G2D95AU125V20D*
  • G2D95CT040V12B
  • G2D95CT060V14B
  • G2D95CT080V16C
  • G2D95CT080V20C
  • G2D95CT100V20C
  • G2D95CT125V20C
  • G2D95CU125V20D*
  • G2D95CC040V12B
  • G2D95CC060V14B
  • G2D95CC080V16C
  • G2D95CC080V20C
  • G2D95CC100V20D
  • G2D95CC125V20D
  • LUF80B112-125B16*
  • LUF80B112-125D20*
  • LUF80B112-125D20R*
  • LUF80B57-72D12*
  • LUF80B57B08*
  • LUF80B57D10*
  • LUF80B57D10R*
  • LUF80B84-95B10*
  • LUF80B84-95D12*
  • LUF80B84-95D12R*
  • LUF80B84-95D16*
  • LUF80C112-125B16*
  • LUF80C112-125D20*
  • LUF80C57-72D12*
  • LUF80C57B08*
  • LUF80C84-95B10*
  • LUF80C84-95D16*
  • G1D91AU050D12B*
  • G1D91AU075D12B*
  • G1D91AU075D16C*
  • G1D91AU100D16C*
  • G1D91AU100D20C*
  • G1D91AU125D20D*
  • A96UHMV070B12S
  • A96UHMV090C12S
  • A96UHMV090C16S
  • A96UHMV090C20S
  • A96UHMV110C20S
  • A96UHMV135D20S
  • A96DFMV070B12S
  • A96DFMV090C16S
  • A96DFMV090C20S
  • A96DFMV110C20S
  • A95UH2V045B12S
  • A95UH2V070B12S
  • A95UH2V090C12S
  • A95UH2V090C16S
  • A95UH2V090C20S
  • A95UH2V110C16S
  • A95UH2V110C20S
  • A95UH2V135D20S
  • A95DF2V045B12S
  • A95DF2V070B16S
  • A95DF2V090C20S
  • A95DF2V110C20S

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