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High Efficiency Furnaces in Toronto – Prices, Top Deals & Free Quotes

The hot summer in the city can make us forget just how chilly it gets in Toronto during the winter!

This guide will help you stay warm with advice on purchasing a new or upgraded furnace that is suited to your home, budget and needs.

Average* furnace price in Toronto (including install):

$2500 – $5000

*note many factors can affect price, see further down for details

Toronto Furnace

Toronto, Ontario by the numbers

Population: 2.8 million
Average Temp. (Summer): 20.9 degree Celsius
Average Temp. (Winter): -4.7 degrees Celsius

Top Canadian Brands by Price Tier

Low Tier – $2,400+ KeepRite
Mid-Tier – $3,000+ American Standard
Premium Tier – $3,400+ Lennox
Rebates available: Yes

What to look for when choosing a heating & air conditioning contractor

People often fret over the brand of furnace to buy, but the contractor you choose is every bit as important. Not only is the quality of the workmanship and installation crucial to the furnace's lifespan, the company you choose will be relied on for future servicing and warranty coverage.

Always choose an established company that has:

  • Good, independently-verified feedback
  • A solid track record and no outstanding disputes
  • Verified insurance, licenses, and certifications
  • Experienced staff, with manufacturer training
  • Registered to offer rebates

Checking all of these things is difficult and time-consuming.

That's why we've already done it for you!

Learn more about our independent local HVAC contractor Certification program, designed to help you get a reliable heating system at a fair price, from reputable local dealers.

Who is Our Top Toronto Furnace Contractor?

Aire Serv

City Home Comfort Inc. is one of our trusted Certified Local Partners,

  • Very established, decades of experience
  • Amazing customer feedback
  • Great customer support
  • Good warranty coverage

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Purchasing a High-Efficiency Furnace

Efficiency Rating & Long-Term Value

The efficiency rating is one of the most important things you should be looking for when deciding on which furnace to purchase. It’s important because a good AFUE rating (for example, 90+) will save you money over time and also have less impact on the environment. Also look out for ENERGY STAR ratings, as these indicate efficiency as the unit has undergone strict testing overseen by Natural Resources Canada.

When looking at the up-front cost of a unit, it’s also key to think of the long-term value as opposed to the short-term cost. An example of this is an inexpensive unit that has an AFUE of 90%, meaning 90 cents in every dollar will go directly towards heating your home. However, a more expensive unit might have an AFUE rating of 95% and, over time, those extra 5 cents in every dollar is going to save you money!

Features Spotlight: Control Panels

Recently, we have seen a rise in the traditional thermostat control making way for communicative, technology-driven control panels. This section will provide you with an introduction to the features these “smart” or “connected” controls include.

Traditional Controls: Traditional controls (or thermostats) have been the standard way of controlling your furnace for years. Most allow you to programme the temperature and schedule how and when your furnace runs, and are a basic but vital part of your heating system.

Connected or Smart Controls: Many mid-tier and premium furnaces now come with controls that feature extra technology which can help to keep you comfortable in your home. Here are some standard features of a smart control panel:

  • Provides home energy usage data you can access and then base any future heating decision off of
  • Set multiple different schedules and temperatures depending on the time of day, the day of the year, season etc.
  • Can send diagnostic data back to a manufacturers control centre to help your manufacturer or technician diagnose any issues with your furnace
  • Allows you to remotely access your furnace settings via any smart device
  • Displays automatic reminders when items such as the humidifier pad, UV light filter and air filter needs changing

Features do vary depending on what furnace you go for and the manufacturer in question.

Examples of smart or connected control technology by brand:

  • Amana: Self-diagnostic control board
  • American Standard: AccuLink Technology
  • Bryant: Evolution Connex Control
  • Carrier: Infinity Control
  • Comfortmaker: Ion System Control
  • KeepRite: Ion System Control
  • Lennox: iComfort® S30


Be wary of purchasing a furnace that doesn’t include a good warranty. A good parts warranty means the manufacturer has rigorously tested that model, and are confident enough in its build quality to offer a solid guarantee. A good parts warranty, at least 10 years, is what you should be looking out for. Also, make sure you register for warranties after purchase if it’s required!

Deals Available

Homeowners in the Toronto and surrounding area can take advantage of the following promotions:

  • Get a Free NEST Smart Thermostat or duct cleaning when you purchase a furnace & central A/C combo*
  • Get a Free NEST Protect Smoke Detector when you purchase a furnace OR central A/C*

Government Rebates Available

The Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) (formerly Ontario Power Authority) offer rebates when you purchase a furnace with an air conditioner or a tankless water heater, and there may also be rebates available for installing a new ENERGY STAR high-efficiency furnace through the Heating and Cooling Incentive Program.

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Proper installation is crucial to ensuring your unit’s longevity and efficiency. Make sure that your high-efficiency furnace is installed by a licensed and experienced technician. Having a licensed technician install the furnace makes it less likely that you will face problems further down the road. Most reputable HVAC companies guarantee installation with a labour warranty and may even add an extra maintenance or service call to allow you peace of mind.

High-Efficiency Furnace Pricing

Average furnace price in Toronto (including install): $2500 – $5000

Financing Options and Incentives

Many reputable HVAC providers offer financing options including monthly payments, payment deferral promotions and leasing options. Although it can be daunting to search the multitude of HVAC providers in a city the size of Toronto, it’s good to spend some time looking around for who currently has the best deals, best financing options and additional incentives.

General City Information

Canada’s most populated city, and the fourth largest in North America, Toronto is located along Lake Ontario with blisteringly hot summers and freezing cold winters. A dynamic multi-cultural metropolis, Toronto is full of sights, activities and big businesses. A cultural powerhouse, TO is Canada’s centre for arts, music, television and movies. It’s also a popular destination for tourists, with over 25 million visiting each year, with many flocking to see Toronto’s iconic landmarks such as the CN tower, one of the largest freestanding structures in the western hemisphere.

Popular Neighbourhoods

  • Old East York
  • Woburn
  • Elia (Jane & Finch)
  • L’Amoreaux
  • Agincourt
  • Malvern
  • Willowdale
  • Downsview
  • Newtonbrook
  • Smithfield
  • Fairbank
  • Riverdale
  • Don Valley Village
  • Bendale
  • Parkdale
  • Humewood-Cedarvale
  • Tam O’Shanter-Sullivan
  • Parkwoods
  • Milliken
  • York University Heights
  • Richview
  • Scarborough Junction
  • West Hill
  • Steeles
  • Forest Hill
  • Davisville
  • Leslieville
  • High Park North
  • Rouge
  • Eglinton East
  • East Danforth
  • Don Mills
  • Flemingdon Park
  • Mount Dennis
  • The Beaches
  • Maple Leaf
  • Upper Beaches
  • Eatonville
  • Glen Park
  • Hillcrest
  • Thorncliffe Park
  • Wexford
  • Silverthorn
  • O’Connor-Parkview
  • Sunnylea
  • York Mills
  • Amesbury
  • Earlscourt
  • Victoria Village
  • Thistletown
  • Pleasant View
  • Islington – Six Points
  • Weston
  • Scarborough City Centre
  • Westminster
  • Kingsview Village
  • Roncesvalles
  • The Annex
  • Deer Park

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