Furnace Financing company logoWant a new furnace or air conditioning system but don’t have the money to pay thousands of dollars in upfront costs? Or maybe you simply prefer to spread the payments out over a period of months or years, giving you a manageable and predictable monthly amount to pay every month.

With flexible and affordable furnace and air conditioner financing you can upgrade or replace your heating and cooling system now and start enjoying the benefits of a new high-efficiency HVAC system right away, but pay for it later.

Start saving money on your gas or electricity bills immediately, which can even offset the cost of your new unit.

Or if your old furnace broke down, financing can help you avoid being stuck without heat in the middle of winter!

Plus, you may even have the option to not pay for up to 6 months, meaning you can get your new furnace or AC installed now and not have to make payments until months later.

Great for landlords & business owners too!

Furnace financing is also great for business owners and landlords who can build the predictable cost into their tenants’ lease or monthly business expenses.

Other products you can finance include:

  • central air conditioners
  • ductless heat pump/mini-split systems
  • combi-boilers
  • tankless hot water heaters
  • and even water softeners

Who to get financing from?

Furnace Financing is a full-service heating & cooling distributor based in Ontario and serving customers across the province and in many other major cities outside Ontario, including Edmonton, Calgary, and Winnipeg.

Unlike banks and traditional lenders, Furnace Financing is designed specifically to help with home and commercial heating & cooling needs. Their experience in the HVAC industry means they can help you every step of the way, from choosing the right furnace or AC model, selecting a payment plan that works for you, and handling the installation and servicing as well.

Get more information or a free estimate by visiting: FurnaceFinancing.ca

Or check out our current deals page for special offers from Furnace Financing and others!

Financing Features & Benefits

  • Financing allows you to take as little as 12 months or as many as 15 years to pay it off (with dozens of options in between)
  • Flexible monthly rates to suit your budget
  • Up to 100% financing for all your home heating & cooling needs
  • Open Loan – Pay off the entire loan at any time without penalties
  • Personal and Confidential
  • Easy deductions from your bank account
  • Very competitive rates
  • Bad credit/no credit options – 100% guaranteed approval! (See below for details)
  • High-efficiency Energy Star systems that qualify for government rebates (up to 98.5 % AFUE)
  • Top-quality brands like Goodman, Amana, and American Standard
  • Save up to 45% on your energy bills & enjoy a more comfortable and environmentally-friendly home


Bad credit? No credit? Get a new furnace with Bad Credit Furnace & Air Conditioner Financing:

Bad credit HVAC financing options are essentially a type of financing which lets home owners get a new furnace, AC or other heating system without any upfront costs and regardless of credit rating.

You pay a flat monthly fee for a set period of time (usually 10 years) and in most cases this includes a full coverage warranty for the duration of the plan. This means if the furnace ever breaks down, the company will fix it for free, and annual maintenance and cleaning is usually included as well.

At the end of the 10 year plan, you own the unit but you can also continue the full coverage warranty protection at an additional ongoing fee.

In most cases the financed unit is transferable to a new home owner in the event the house is sold, or the remainder of the term can be bought out without penalty.

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Paul Banks

we have to replace our oil furnace but we have bad credit due to consolidation of credit cards. payment are always made ahead of time. Canada Credit stipulated that our credit rating would be bad for 4 years will this interfere with being able to replace it

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