Bryant Furnace Review & Prices 2018


This Bryant furnace review will examine the brand’s models, efficiency ratings, features, prices, warranty, and more.

Average Price: $3000 – $6000

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Good: Bryant offers consumers an impressive lineup of propane and gas furnace models. With 87.5% of their natural gas furnace models being ENERGY STAR certified, Canadians can be confident that they will enjoy a high level of energy efficiency, resulting in more money in their pocket, in the form of monthly energy savings. Their limited lifetime heat exchanger warranty gives consumers.

Want: Price and efficiency make Bryant a strong competitor in their mid-range priced brand tier.  One area they fall short when stacked up against their direct competitors is warranty coverage.  Although they offer consumers a limited 10 year parts and limited lifetime heat exchanger, like their high-efficiency central air conditioner warranty plan, they offer consumers no distinction between model tiers. Whether you are purchasing an entry level efficiency natural gas furnace or an ENERGY STAR premium efficiency high-efficiency natural gas furnace you will receive the same warranty.  Other brands like Amana, don’t distinguish between model tiers either but they offer consumers a limited lifetime unit replacement. Difficult to say if Bryant would consider offering distinction between the models, since many consumers are satisfied with a limited lifetime heat exchanger protection.

The Bottom Line: Bryant is an affordable solution for consumers looking for a propane or gas furnace in the mid-range priced brand tier.  What they lack in warranty coverage compared to other mid-range priced brands, they make up for in fair and reasonable pricing, with a wide range of ENERGY STAR certified natural gas furnace models.

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Final Score: 7.8/10











Detailed Review

Efficiency/AFUE – 9/10

Bryant manufactures a broad range of efficiency levels when it comes to natural gas furnaces. From entry-level, moderate to premium efficiency, Bryant has you covered!  Bryant knows how important efficiency is when it comes to your home heating system and 87.5% of Bryant high efficiency natural gas furnaces are ENERGY STAR certified.  An impressive feature that sets them apart from their competition in the mid-range priced brand tier.

Efficiency Breakdown:

  • 7 of 8 models are ENERGY STAR certified
  • 2 of 8 Bryant models offer entry-level efficiency at 92.1% AFUE
  • 5 of 8 Bryant models offer high efficiency between 96-97% AFUE
  • 1 of 8 Bryant models offer premium level efficiency greater than 97% AFUE

Innovative Technology and Additional Features – 8/10

Bryant residential furnaces offer consumers three innovative technologies: Perfect Heat™ technology, Fan On Plus™ technology, and QuietTech™ technology.  Each of these technologies is dedicated to enhancing the overall performance of your Bryant home heating system, ensuring consumers receive consistent heating, greater temperature control and reduced operational noise.

Innovative Technologies:

  • Perfect Heat™ technology – consistent home heating with continuous adjustments. This technology is responsive to temperature changes.
  • Fan On Plus™ technology – this innovative technology allows consumers to select the fan speed for their natural gas furnace, providing greater control and efficiency
  • QuietTech™ technology – decreases operational noise of your Bryant gas-fired furnace
  • Igniter PerfectLight ™ – eliminates the need for a pilot light

Additional Features:

  • Insulated cabinet
  • Dual heat exchanger
  • ECM motor*

*varies depending on the Bryant residential furnace model you select.

Pricing –  7/10

*The pricing listed below is intended as a general guideline only. Pricing may vary according to installation factors, city or region, the company or distributor you deal with, etc.

Bryant falls within the mid-range priced brand tier with propane and gas furnaces starting from $3000-$6000. Bryant is equally matched with the following mid-range priced brands: Rheem, Amana and American Standard.

Price vs. Value:

Bryant propane and gas furnaces provide consumers with great value for their money. All but one model of Bryant’s high-efficiency natural gas furnace models are ENERGY STAR certified.  Many consumers see a positive return on their initial investment in the form of energy savings thanks to Bryant’s commitment to energy efficiency.

Types of Furnaces –  7/10

Options available:

  • Single Stage – the following Bryant natural gas furnace models: 922S, 925S, 912S, 915S are Single Stage operation providing an affordable and reliable home heating.
  • Two Stage – Bryant’s 925T, 926T, 986T high-efficiency, Two Stage natural gas furnace models offer greater energy efficiency with a more consistent heating throughout your home.
  • Modulating –  the 987M model is Bryant’s sole modulating, high-efficiency natural gas furnace.

Warranty –  8/10

Not one to play favourites, Bryant affords the same warranty protection to all of it’s high-efficiency natural gas furnaces, regardless of whether you purchase an economy-priced, mid-range priced or premium priced model. A furnace’s heat exchanger is an expensive repair for a natural gas furnace. Bryant understands the need to protect your investment and their limited lifetime heat exchanger warranty protection gives consumers added peace of mind.

Warranty Breakdown:

  • Limited lifetime heat exchanger
  • Limited 10 year parts

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Bryant Furnace Model Breakdown & Comparison

Established in 1904, Bryant natural gas furnaces are a fixture in many Canadian homes.  Known for their quality manufacturing, Bryant is a well regarded brand in the HVAC industry.  Bryant manufactures three lines of high-efficiency natural gas furnaces: Legacy Line, Preferred Series and Evolution Series.  Their selection of high-efficiency natural gas furnace models include Single Stage, Two Stage, Variable Speed and Modulating natural gas furnaces with efficiency ranging from 92.1%-98% AFUE.

Bryant furnaces

Bryant’s Economy Natural Gas Furnaces

Bryant’s Legacy Line includes their economy-priced natural gas furnace models that feature Single Stage operation and ENERGY STAR certified high-efficiency natural gas furnaces.  Providing Canadian consumers with great options for entry-level efficiency at affordable pricing.

Legacy Line

Model NumberAFUEBTU
912S92.1%40,000 – 120,000
915S95%26,000 – 135,000


Economy Tier Warranty Coverage: Bryant Legacy Line economy-priced model tier offers consumers a 10 year, limited parts and limited lifetime heat exchanger warranty protection plan.

Bryant’s Mid-Range Gas Furnaces

100% of the furnace models in the Bryant Preferred Series are ENERGY STAR certified, achieving a high level of efficiency.  Two Stage (925T and 926T) and Single Stage (925S and 922S) operation is available. Reliable and energy efficient home heating solutions.

Preferred Series

Model NumberAFUEBTU
925T96.2%40,000 – 120,000
925S96.2%26,000 – 120,000
926T96.5%40,000 – 120,000
922S92.1%40,000 – 120,000

Mid-Range Tier Warranty Coverage: Bryant Preferred series models also enjoy the same warranty coverage as the Bryant Legacy Line.

Bryant’s Premium Gas Furnaces

Both of Bryant’s Evolution Series models 986T and 987M, are ENERGY STAR certified. Models in the Evolution Series offer Two Stage and Modulating operation.  Boasting several innovative technologies, Bryant’s premium-priced high efficiency natural gas furnace models feature Perfect Heat™ technology, QuietTech™ Sound Reducing technology,  and Fan On Plus™ technology.

Evolution Series

Model NumberAFUEBTU
986T96.5%60,000 – 120,000
987M98.3%60,000 – 120,000

Premium Tier Warranty Coverage: Bryant’s Evolution Series natural gas furnace models have the same as warranty protection as the Bryant Preferred and Performance series, economy and mid-range priced model tiers.

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