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Payne Furnaces At a Glance


  • Primary heat exchangers are made with durable aluminized steel
  • All models have a secondary heat exchanger for condensing operation
  • Furnaces use reliable and efficient silicon nitride hot surface igniters
  • Some ENERGY STAR® models available
  • Ultra-low NOx model available
  • Furnaces have sound-reducing features
  • All models are dual fuel compatible
  • Cabinets are fully insulated to increase heat transfer and efficiency
  • Units are compatible with air purifiers and humidifiers
  • Affordable heating systems
  • Simple but high-quality furnaces

Room For Improvement

  • Very small selection of high-efficiency furnaces
  • Brand doesn’t have any special features or innovative technologies
  • Warranty is the most basic in the industry
  • Most models are single-stage and not great for larger spaces in cold climates
  • Only one high-efficiency furnace has a variable-speed blower
  • Don’t have a modulating model available
  • Highest AFUE is 97%

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