Amana Air Conditioner Review, Models, Prices & Warranty


This Amana air conditioner review will examine the brand’s models, efficiency ratings, features, prices, warranty, and more.

A mid-range brand, Amana’s biggest competitors in this price bracket includes: American Standard, Rheem, Trane, and Bryant

Average Price: $2800 – $4800 (Including installation)

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Good: Amana high-efficiency air conditioners include a wide range of SEER, entry level innovative technologies that elevate their premium brands.  The lifetime limited warranty on their scroll compressor, paired with the 24.5 SEER model in their premium tier makes them a mid-range brand to watch.

Want: it would be nice to see Amana offer more Two Stage high-efficiency air conditioner options. With only 37.5% of their models offering this feature, it’s definitely an area that could be improved so that consumers can achieve a more consistent and efficient home cooling.  

What Consumers Are Saying: consumers give high praise to Amana’s line up of high-efficiency air conditioners. Applauding their balanced temperature, achieving a comfortable and even cooling experience. Changes in fan speed, as desired temperature is reached in Amana’s Two Stage high-efficiency air conditioners, resulting in less energy use had consumers ecstatic to receive their reduced energy bills. Great price point for the value!

The Bottom Line: Amana’s impressive warranty coverage, overall value, coupled with affordable pricing makes them a serious contender for consumers interested in a high-efficiency air conditioner in the mid-range priced brand. Amana is a brand to watch!

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Final Score: 8/10













Detailed Review

Efficiency/SEER – 9/10

Amana high-efficiency air conditioners offer consumers a wide range of efficiency levels from entry level 14 SEER all the way up to their premium model, AVXC20 that tops out at 24.5 SEER. At 14 SEER, their entry level high-efficiency air conditioner models surpass Canada’s minimum 13 SEER requirement providing consumers with an economical efficiency entry point to reducing their energy bills.

Although the majority of Canadian consumers choose to purchase high-efficiency central air conditioners in the 14-20 SEER range due to our climate, it’s worth highlighting Amana’s crown jewel. Amana brings their best with the manufacturing of their AVXC20 model, at 24.5 SEER this is one of the highest SEER available on the market, and rivals some of the premium brands available. Although impressive, at approximately $5,000 and the excessive SEER at 24.5 for our Canadian summers and is a better option for hotter climates in the United States.  Amana’s mid-range SEER models offer consumers a great deal at $3,000-$4,000.   

Efficiency Breakdown:

  • 8 high-efficiency air conditioner models available through Amana
  • 2 out of 8 models are ENERGY STAR certified (AVXC20 & ASX16)

Innovative Technology and Additional Features – 7/10

Amana falls short in the Innovative Technology category. Innovative technologies are not present in the economy or the majority of the mid-range brand tiers. In fact, only one model in the mid-range tier: ASXC16,  has ComfortNet™ technology included.  In the premium tier, Amana begins to add innovative ComfortNet™ technology to both models present in this category.  

Innovative Technologies:

  • ComfortNet™ Systems compatible – control the temperature of your home remotely with the ComfortNet™ system. Programmable thermostats and technology such as this make it easier than ever for consumers to regulate their high-efficiency air conditioner usage and save money.  
  • Copeland® CoreSense Diagnostics – this innovative technology monitors feedback from the scroll compressor so that when malfunctions occur a certified HVAC technician will be able to quickly assess and correct the issue.  

Additional Features:

  • ECM motor – less energy is consumed as this variable speed motor adjusts to gradual temperature changes.
  • Made from galvanized steel – durable and reliable unit construction
  • Sound dampening – minimizing operational noise

Pricing –  7/10

Consumers interested in an Amana high-efficiency central air conditioner can expect to pay a price between $2800 – $4800, depending on tonnage required, SEER, installation factors, etc.  Falling in the mid-range pricing brand tier, Amana is a cost-effective choice when upgrading your high-efficiency central air conditioner.

Price vs. Value:

As a mid-range brand, Amana is focused on providing consumers with a reliable, quality, high-efficiency air conditioner, at an affordable price.  In order to maintain reasonable costs, some of the bells and whistles fall to the wayside. Naturally, as innovative technology is added, the price rises to offset associated costs.  

Overall, Amana offers reasonable and efficient cost-effective home cooling solutions in the high-efficiency air conditioner units seen in the economy and mid-range tiers.  Consumers will pay more for the premium models as they come with greater technical cooling capability.

Scroll compressor/Condenser fan motor –  8/10

Options available:

  • Single Stage – 70% of Amana’s high-efficiency air conditioner models are Single Stage operation.  Single Stage gives consumers less control over the temperature of their home.  
  • Two Stage – allows greater temperature control as it features a low/high setting.  30% of Amana’s high-efficiency air conditioner models ( in the mid-range tier and both premium tier models) offer consumers Two Stage cooling.  
  • Variable Speed and ECM motor – the ultimate in control and efficiency, these options are seen in Amana’s top model, AVXC20

Noise –  8/10

Noise is an important consideration and one that is often discounted when consumers are shopping around for high-efficiency air conditioners. The lower the decibels the quieter the operational noise will be.  

Amana’s operational noise runs between 59-77 decibels.

Warranty –  9/10

Amana understands how important it is for consumers to protect their high-efficiency air conditioner.  For that reason they offer one of the more generous warranty plans seen amongst mid-range brands.  

An air conditioner’s compressor is a critical component to running your air conditioner. Without the compressor your air conditioner will be unable to circulate.  Standing behind their craftsmanship, Amana boasts a limited lifetime compressor warranty, for their premium brands, a move which sets them apart from their direct competition.

Warranty Breakdown:

  • Compressor Warranty* for Lifetime Unit Replacement – limited
  • 10 year limited parts warranty

*premium tier only

With their good overall value and solid warranty coverage, Amana is a popular choice among Canadian consumers. Fill out our online form for a free quote!

Amana Central A/C Model Breakdown & Comparison

Established in 1934, Amana has been providing consumers with superior customer service for over 80 years. Their commitment to manufacturing quality products is evident by their comprehensive warranty plan. A mid-range brand you can count on to cool your home efficiently.


Amana’s Economy Central Air Conditioners

Single Stage air conditioner units flood Amana’s economy tier. Offering energy efficiency between 14 and 15 SEER, they make a perfect choice for consumers who are looking for an affordable option in the mid-range brand tier.   

Model NumberSEERBTU
ASX13Up to 1417,800 – 56,500
ANX13Up to 1417,800 – 56,500


Economy Tier Warranty Coverage: all of the Amana models in this tier are covered by the following limited warranty plan:

  • 10 year parts

Amana’s Mid-Range Central Air Conditioners

All of Amana’s mid-range air conditioner models exceed Canada’s minimum SEER rating of 13.  Models in this range provide consumers with a range of up to 15-16 SEER.

75% of the high-efficiency air conditioner models in this tier feature Single Stage operation.

Amana’s ASCX16 model is the only high-efficiency, ENERGY STAR certified model present in this tier. With Two Stage operation and ComfortNet™technology, it’s an excellent option for those consumers seeking an ENERGY STAR model in a mid-range tier.  

Model NumberSEERBTU
ASXC16Up to 16 24,000 – 57,000
ASX16Up to 16 18,000 – 57,000
ASX14Up to 15 18,000 – 60,000
ANX14Up to 1518,000 – 60,000


BTU: Amana’s mid-range high-efficiency air conditioners offer consumers a cooling capacity of 18,000-60,000.

Mid-Range Tier Warranty Coverage: the ASX14 and ANX14 models in the mid-range tier provide consumers with the same 10 years limited parts warranty coverage they enjoyed in Amana’s economy tier.

The ASXC16 and ASX16 models enjoy the additional benefit of a limited lifetime warranty coverage on the compressor.  

 Amana’s Premium High-Efficiency Air Conditioners

Amana’s premium tier includes two ENERGY STAR certified models with 19 and 24.5 SEER respectively.  Two Stage and Variable Speed cooling give these models an edge over the models in the mid-range and economy tiers, ensuring an extremely efficient cool for a mid-range brand premium model. ComfortNet™technology gives homeowners more control over the temperature of their home.

Model NumberSEERBTU
AVXC20Up to 24.522,800 – 53,000
ASXC18Up to 1934,000 – 56,000


BTU: Enjoy the cooling capacity of Amana’s premium high-efficiency air conditioners featuring a cooling capacity of 22,800-56,000.

Premium Tier Warranty Coverage

Enjoy greater peace of mind with Amana’s generous warranty plan available for premium models:

  • Compressor Limited Warranty for Lifetime Unit Replacement
  • Parts, 10 year limited warranty
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