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Goodman Air Conditioners At a Glance


  • Their air conditioners are energy-efficient and backed by one of the most comprehensive warranties you’ll ever find.
  • Even though they're an entry-level economy brand, they’re premium models still have a number of novel features and technologies.
  • ComfortBridge technology, variable-speed inverter compressors, self-diagnostics, and enhanced coil designs.
  • CoolCloud HVAC app, that makes it easier for contractors to maintain and repair the units.
  • More affordable single-stage models, high-efficiency two-stage air conditioners, and sophisticated variable-speed models.

Room For Improvement

  • Goodman is an entry-level economy brand, and that means they don’t have the same reputation for ultra-high quality that pricier brands like Carrier and Lennox have.
  • Goodman air conditioners are sold just about everywhere, and if you don’t choose the right HVAC contractor for installation and repairs, then you might have more problems with the system than you would otherwise.

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