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High Efficiency Furnaces in Guelph – Prices, Top Deals & Free Quotes

As a resident of Guelph, you’re definitely aware of how cold winters can get. So, a high quality and efficient furnace is what you need to keep your home warm. This page can help you get started on that search.

Average* furnace price in Guelph (including install):

$2500 – $4500

*note many factors can affect price, see further down for details

Guelph Furnace Prices

What to look for when choosing a heating & air conditioning contractor

People often fret over the brand of furnace to buy, but the contractor you choose is every bit as important. Not only is the quality of the workmanship and installation crucial to the furnace's lifespan, the company you choose will be relied on for future servicing and warranty coverage.

Always choose an established company that has:

  • Good, independently-verified feedback
  • A solid track record and no outstanding disputes
  • Verified insurance, licenses, and certifications
  • Experienced staff, with manufacturer training
  • Registered to offer rebates

Checking all of these things is difficult and time-consuming.

That's why we've already done it for you!

Learn more about our independent local HVAC contractor Certification program, designed to help you get a reliable heating system at a fair price, from reputable local dealers.

Who is Our Top Guelph Furnace Contractor?

Aire Serv Guelph

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City Info

Nicknamed ‘The Royal City’, Guelph is located in southwestern Ontario. It’s known for its warm and humid summers and cold winters; weather that gives rise to the numerous festivals and outdoor attractions. The city’s hybrid makeup of urban centres, rural neighbourhoods, and fields of green farmland make it an attraction for tourists looking for a quiet travel destination. The city is also home to the University of Guelph.

In a nutshell

Population: 151,984
Average Summer Temperature: 18.8 degrees
Average Winter Temperature: -5.6 degrees

Popular Brands

With so many brands to choose from in Canada, making a purchasing decision on a furnace can be a tough choice. You can use our website to easily compare all the top brands and help you in finalizing your purchase for your home in Guelph.

Some top furnace brands in Guelph include:

  • American Standard – With a long history and good reputation, A.S units are well known for quality and reliability. Their affordable pricing and warranty plans make them a popular option if you’re looking for a quality mid-range furnace.
  • Daikin – If you’re looking for a variety of energy-efficient options that suit your furnace and budget needs, then Daikin might be the brand for you. Their units combine affordable pricing and quality, and they offer a variety of furnaces that could be right for you.
  • Goodman – With plenty to offer homeowners looking to purchase a high-efficiency furnace, Goodman is a prime choice when it comes to all types of furnaces. They have a well-established reputation for being a leader in the manufacturing furnaces including solid heat exchangers, so they’re an option to consider.
  • KeepRite – KeepRite is a leading company in the economy-priced tier of furnaces. If you want to upgrade your furnace with the bonus of great warranty coverage at a competitive cost, consider keeping KeepRite in mind.
  • Luxaire – They’ve got energy efficiency in mind when manufacturing furnaces. With a line that boasts a range of efficient furnaces at affordable prices, you get to choose from a wide selection of propane and natural gas units.
  • York – York will provide you with affordable home-heating solutions with a selection of propane and natural gas furnaces. They also offer products that allow you greater control over your furnace’s heating efficiency. It’s a good brand to check out while on the hunt for a new furnace.

The 2017/2018 overall brand winners were (utilizing our index scores):

  • For Value: Goodman
  • For Mid-Range: American Standard
  • For Premium: Lennox

While it may be tempting to go out and grab an overall winner, it’s important that you account for the various factors that affect a furnace’s performance. What works well in one home may not perform to the same standard in another. Your type of dwelling, available fuel sources , and ductwork will all have an influence on your chosen furnace.

You can check out our website for details on the various furnace brands available.

Furnace Facts

Making a well-informed decision about a furnace can be intimidating. But to ensure your home stays toasty during those cold winters in Guelph, you’re going to want to do some research. Not to worry though, our website offers a simple and easy guide to the ins and outs of high-efficiency furnaces. Here are some basics.

  • HVAC
    • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Your future furnace falls under this term.
  • AFUE (pronounced A-F-U-E or A-few)
    • Stands for Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. The output for the input, AFUE of a furnace is a measure of efficiency. A measure of 90% AFUE means that your furnace is outputting 90 BTUs for every 100 BTUs of its energy source. Simply, the higher the better.
  • BTU
    • British Thermal Unit. It’s the measurement of power your furnace drinks and subsequently chucks out as heating.
  • Types of Furnaces
    • Single stage- It’s either on or off
    • Dual-stage- Has high and low settings
    • Variable/Multispeed- The blower monitors and adjusts the temperature accordingly
    • Modulating- The burner adjusts the temperature to respond to heat demands of home
  • Fuel type
    • Natural gas- Most urban cities have natural gas pipelines which your furnace can use for fuel.
    • Propane- If you live away from an urban centre without a nearby natural gas pipeline, then propane fuel will be the way to go.
    • Oil- Essentially an extinct and inefficient way of fueling your furnace. It’s significantly costlier than natural gas and propane, so you should only use it as a fuel source if you have no other option.

You should always consult your local HVAC specialist for questions regarding a purchase of a furnace.

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You may have seen the ENERGY STAR label on some appliances. This symbol is used to mark products that are identified as the best energy savers on the market. Facing those cold winter months in Guelph means you’re going to be cranking up your furnace a lot. An ENERGY STAR certified furnace can help you save on the annual heating costs of your home.

Here in Ontario, there are rebates available for you for installing ENERGY STAR furnaces with an ECM. Something to take a note of when making your purchasing decision.


Making the right decision in purchasing a furnace within your budget is important. You can visit the rest of our website to get pricing information on top furnace brands in Guelph.

The average price of a furnace (installation included) in Guelph ranges between $2500-$4500. Though, this can change depending on factors such as efficiency rating, unit size and BTU output, and the type of furnace.

Deals Available

You can save some money by checking in with your local Guelph HVAC specialists to inquire about any potential deals on certain brands. If you can find a top brand at a lower price that suits your budget and adheres to the factors influencing your home’s furnace, then it’s a bonus.
Also, be sure to check our website for deals in your area.


In addition to the ENERGY STAR rebates, many others are available. There is a comprehensive list on our website, but here are some that are relevant to you as a homeowner in Guelph:

  • Union Gas Rebates (through their Home Reno Rebate program)
    • Receive up to $1000 for a new natural gas furnace
  • Enbridge Rebates (These apply even if you are not a customer)
    • Replacing a less than 95% AFUE furnace with a higher % AFUE and receive $1000. You can also get an additional $650 back in electrical incentives for upgrading your furnace
    • Get up to $2100 through Enbridge’s Home Energy Conservation program
    • For a limited time, get $250 in electric incentives for upgrading your heating system
  • Smart/NEST thermostat rebate (through Union Gas or Enbridge)
    • Enbridge: $100 credit on your account if you install a smart thermostat like NEST
    • Union Gas: Receive a $100 credit towards a new smart thermostat

Taking advantage of these rebates is a great way to save you money. Be sure to check out the rebates section of our website for more details.


Your local Guelph HVAC specialists and contractors can offer you a range of financing options for the purchase and installation of your unit. You can choose a flexible offer that suits your budget. Some options include:

  • Standard Financing – Requires a credit check
  • Zero-interest Financing – Requires a credit check and an initial administration fee
  • Bad Credit Financing – Does not require a credit check, and nothing is paid upfront along with zero installation fees.

You can alternatively choose to rent a furnace if it better suits your budget and needs. Renting a furnace means you pay a flat monthly rate with no upfront costs. While certainly an option to consider, you will be generally paying more overall than if you purchased the unit.


It’s important that you have a licensed specialist install your unit efficiently and safely. While this adds to the total cost, it will ensure that you are getting the most out of your furnace and helping to ensure its reliable operation for years to come. Costs of installation can vary depending on factors within your home. Some of these factors include the type of home, the energy source, and if the installation place is hard to reach.


It may add extra cost but choosing a system with better warranty coverage can save you more in the long run. In addition, you may choose to invest in an extended warranty or protection plan from your HVAC contractor. You don’t want to be spending unnecessarily if issues arise with your unit, so be sure to ask your local Guelph HVAC specialist about warranty terms and conditions.

Quote Request

Need a quote? Get a free no obligation one in minutes from our Certified Local Partners. They’ll tailor it to your budget and needs, whether large or small. Guelph’s cold winters mean you want to make the right choice for your home. So, to ensure you are selecting the optimal furnace, be sure to choose a reliable and established company.

Want to know more?

You can download our free step-by-step guide to purchasing a furnace from our website.

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