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High Efficiency Furnaces in Calgary – Prices, Top Deals & Free Quotes

We’ve put together a brief overview of key items Calgary homeowners should consider when deciding to replace your inefficient home heating system and upgrade to a high-efficiency natural gas or propane furnace.

Average* furnace price in Calgary (including install):

$3000 – $6000

*note many factors can affect price, see further down for details

Calgary Furnace Prices

What to look for when choosing a heating & air conditioning contractor

People often fret over the brand of furnace to buy, but the contractor you choose is every bit as important. Not only is the quality of the workmanship and installation crucial to the furnace's lifespan, the company you choose will be relied on for future servicing and warranty coverage.

Always choose an established company that has:

  • Good, independently-verified feedback
  • A solid track record and no outstanding disputes
  • Verified insurance, licenses, and certifications
  • Experienced staff, with manufacturer training
  • Registered to offer rebates

Checking all of these things is difficult and time-consuming.

That's why we've already done it for you!

Learn more about our independent local HVAC contractor Certification program, designed to help you get a reliable heating system at a fair price, from reputable local dealers.

Who is Our Top Calgary Furnace Contractor?

Aire Serv

Aire Serv Calgary is one of our trusted Certified Local Partners,

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Purchasing a High-Efficiency Furnace

Monthly power bills creeping up? Chances are your furnace isn’t working at optimal efficiency. Inefficient home heating systems can cause your monthly energy bills to rise higher than normal during the winter. Upgrading to a high-efficiency furnace, allows you to save money and enjoy a comfortable home heating experience. It’s important to consider what energy-efficiency level is right for your home and budget. For Calgary homeowners seeking a moderate-premium level of energy efficiency, you’ll want to look at furnace models that are ENERGY STAR certified by the government. ENERGY STAR home heating systems use less energy to operate, without compromising on the quality of their performance.

Deals Available

Consumers in the Calgary area can benefit from a number of deals offered by our verified local suppliers. One current and popular deal allows you to purchase select heating and cooling systems and equipment and not pay until spring 2018 (as well as get up to $1600 in rebates). On our Current Deals Page, you can learn about new and exciting promotions as they become available to Calgary consumers.

Government Rebates Available

New and attractive government rebates become available every year, and Calgary furnace vendors typically remain current with available rebates, grants, and tax credits so that they can offer homeowners the best possible cost of ownership for a new or upgraded system. At present Energy Efficiency Alberta has an online rebate available for Calgary consumers who purchase a smart thermostat to help control heating and cooling output, but your preferred furnace manufacturer or installer can advise you of any recent Calgary furnace rebates.

Popular Furnace Brands

Goodman, Lennox, Trane, KeepRite and Carrier are all popular furnace brands among Calgary consumers, thanks to their state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, innovative approach to system design, and superior warranties. Goodman home heating and cooling systems are fully compatible with ComfortNet Communication™ devices, allowing homeowners to monitor and control energy use. The SilentComfort™ and PowerSaver™ technologies offered by Lennox models keep indoor temperatures comfortable without added noise or excess power use. Trane, which has been serving Calgary consumers for over 100 years, sells furnaces that can be integrated with the WiFi-powered ComfortLink™ II remote temperature control system for more efficient use of heating and cooling resources. 83% of the trusted KeepRite line of  high-efficiency furnaces is ENERGY STAR certified while Carrier systems include several ENERGY STAR certified models with leading-edge technological assets.

Each brand offers Single Stage and Two Stage operation, and most have Variable Speed, Modulating, or Multi-Speed options available. All of them also feature  industry-leading warranty coverage, superior AFUE ratings, and a reputation that Calgary residents can trust.

Looking to Replace Your Furnace?

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To improve furnace operation and lifetime cost of ownership, certain installation requirements must be met. For example, the unit must be the right size to deliver your home’s heating and cooling requirements and any unusual site factor (such as a difficult to reach install site) needs to be take into account. A licensed and certified HVAC technician can recommend the right unit for your home and budget and complete the install in accordance with location and wiring schematics as well as applicable safety codes.

High-Efficiency Furnace Pricing

The average cost for a new high-efficiency furnace in Calgary is between $3,000 and $6,000 on average, including installation.

Note that in Alberta, it is mandatory to do a heat-loss calculation before installing a new furnace, which is also factored into this cost.

Things that affect furnace prices in Calgary include:

  • Its brand name (better known brand names tend to cost more)
  • Its size and BTU output
  • Whether it’s a single stage, stage two, or variable furnace
  • How difficult it is for the technician to install
  • Whether the homeowner is converting from oil to electric, or gas to propane
  • Whether any special upgrades need to be added to the home to accommodate the new furnace
  • Whether the furnace is energy efficient

The higher the cost, the more energy efficient the furnace usually is. If the furnace will be working for most of the winter, as it usually will be, it’s important to get a high-efficiency one, since this will significantly cut down on power bills.

Financing Options

For Calgary consumers who prefer to pay for a new or upgraded home comfort system in installments, there are different financing options available, each one an open term loan with flexible repayment conditions. You can take anywhere from 12 months to 15 years to pay for your new furnace while saving up to 45% on your energy bills.

Options include:

  • Standard Financing: credit check required.
  • Zero Interest Financing: credit check and initial administration fee required.
  • Bad Credit Financing: no credit check, no money upfront and free installation.

Learn more about furnace financing options, and which one best suits your needs.

General City Information

Calgary is a cold, cold place during the winter months. Temperatures can dip down to -30 degrees celsius in the deepest part of the winters. This makes the need for a good, high quality, working furnace in every Calgary, Alberta home imperative. With a population of well over a million (and closer to 1.1 million) people, the fifth largest metropolitan area in Canada, and over 180 distinct neighborhoods (including inner city and suburban neighborhoods), this means a lot of furnaces need to be in operation in the winter in the city.

Calgary & Surrounding Areas

  • Airdrie
  • Okotoks
  • High River
  • Strathmore
  • Cochrane
  • Canmore 

Popular Neighbourhoods

  • Thorncliffe
  • Beltline
  • Altadore
  • Killarney
  • Glamorgan
  • Signal Hill
  • Arbour Lake
  • Saddle Ridge
  • Taradale
  • Martindale
  • Falconridge
  • Evergreen
  • Tuscany
  • Saddle Ridge
  • McKenzie Lake
  • Monterey Park
  • Pineridge
  • Marlborough
  • Acadia
  • Lake Bonavista
  • Shawnessy
  • Whitehorn
  • McKenzie Towne
  • Bridlewood
  • Edgemont
  • Panorama Hills
  • Coventry Hills
  • Huntington Hills
  • Sundance
  • Cranston
  • Altadore
  • Bowness
  • Varsity
  • Glenbrook

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