This York furnace review will examine the brand’s models, efficiency ratings, features, prices, warranty, and more.

Average Price: $2000 – $4000

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Good: York provides consumers with affordable home heating solutions with their propane  and natural gas furnaces. Boasting a range of efficiencies, from 95.5-98% AFUE, Canadian homeowners looking for moderate to premium-efficiency natural gas furnaces will enjoy York’s broad selection. Consumers looking for greater control over their home heating will rejoice with York’s ClimaTrak™technology.

Want: Excellent efficiency, good pricing and comprehensive warranty coverage makes York an attractive brand for many Canadians looking to upgrade to a high-efficiency natural gas furnace. Evenly matched with Goodman and KeepRite, for an economy-priced brand they’ve got it all, no real areas lacking here!

The Bottom Line: York provides consumers with a selection of high-efficiency natural gas furnaces at an affordable price. With their limited lifetime heat exchanger and limited 10 year warranty, backed by their Complete Assurance™Warranty Pledge*, York makes sure that your home heating system is protected.

*Complete Assurance™ Warranty Pledge is available only for LX and Affinity Series furnace models.

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Final Score: 8.4/10











Detailed Review

Efficiency/AFUE – 8/10

York propane and gas furnaces range from moderate to premium efficiency with 95.5-98% AFUE available in Canada. Providing you with excellent value and return in the form of monthly energy savings.

Efficiency Breakdown:

  • 100% of York furnace models exceed the minimum 92% AFUE in Canada
  • 57% of York’s furnace models are ENERGY STAR certified: TM9E, TM9V,TM9Y and YP9C.

Innovative Technology and Additional Features – 8/10

Like Goodman and KeepRite, York chooses to offer fewer innovative technologies in order to keep their price point down, making them an affordable and competitive option in the economy priced brand tier.

Consumers choosing York’s Affinity Series Modulating YP9C high-efficiency natural gas furnace will enjoy two innovative technologies that allow them to have greater control over their home heating.

Innovative Technologies:

  • ClimaTrak™technology
  • Affinity™ Wi-Fi Residential Communicating Control – provides consumers with superior temperature control. Set your thermostat remotely to ensure your home achieves your desired temperature when you want it to.

Additional Features:

  • Dual heat exchanger
  • Reinforced cabinet design
  • Electronic hot surface ignition

Pricing  –  9/10

*The pricing listed below is intended as a general guideline only. Pricing may vary according to installation factors, city or region, the company or distributor you deal with, etc.

Pricing starts around $2000-$4000 for a high-efficiency natural gas furnace. York is evenly matched with Goodman when it comes to price in the economy-priced brand tier. Edging out KeepRite in affordability with York’s entry level efficiency natural gas furnaces starting at about $2400 depending on the region, compared to KeepRite’s $2800 estimated entry price.

Price vs. Value:

Affordability, paired with York’s ClimaTrak™ and Affinity™ Wi-Fi Residential Communicating Control* to enhance energy savings provides good value for a York energy-efficient gas furnace. York’s Complete Assurance™ Warranty Pledge provides consumers with peace of mind that their home heating system is covered.

*ClimaTrak™technology and Affinity™ Wi-Fi Residential Communicating Control is included with York’s YP9C furnace model, found in York’s Affinity Series.

Types of Furnaces –  8/10

York offers consumers a balanced selection of Single Stage, Two Stage, Variable Speed and Modulating natural gas furnace models to choose from. Let’s take a look at what each furnace type has to offer.

Options available:

  • Single Stage – York’s TM9E, TG9S models feature Single Stage heating.
  • Two Stage – TM9Y and TM9T models from York feature Two Stage heating. Both of these furnaces are good options for consumers who desire home heating that allows for greater consistency and even temperature.
  • Variable Speed/Modulating – York’s YP9C and TM9V Variable Speed furnaces provide consumers with excellent control over their home heating with an ECM fan motor that works at 5 different speeds to ensure responsiveness to temperature.
  • Modulating – York’s TM9M Modulating high-efficiency natural gas furnace packs premium efficiency with an operating system that is responsive and allows for slight adjustments to temperature fluctuations in your home.

Warranty –  9/10

York’s warranty protection includes limited lifetime heat exchanger warranty protection. This coverage is comparable with Goodman and KeepRite their direct competitors that fall within the economy-priced brand tier. In addition to this standard limited 10 year parts and limited lifetime heat exchanger warranty coverage, both Goodman and KeepRite offer consumers a limited unit replacement policy. An attractive feature for many buyers researching energy-efficient furnaces.

In addition to the above coverage, York provides consumers with their Complete Assurance™Warranty Pledge that gives consumers the option of choosing a unit replacement instead of new heat exchanger should their heat exchanger stop working within 5, or 10 years* that the gas furnace was installed.

*5 years for York LX Series and 10 years for York Affinity Series.

Warranty Breakdown:

  • Complete Assurance™ Warranty Pledge – LX and Affinity Series
  • 10 year limited parts
  • Limited lifetime heat exchanger

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York Furnace Model Breakdown & Comparison

Established in 1874, York is a brand name that has stood the test of time. Their goal is to provide consumers with quality home heating systems that are both energy efficient and affordable.

York’s Latitude, LX and Affinity Series give Canadians the choice of Single Stage, Two Stage, Variable Speed and Modulating natural gas furnaces between 95.5-98% AFUE.

York furnaces

York’s Economy Natural Gas Furnaces

York’s Latitude Series offers consumers reliable and economical heating with their TG9S Single Stage natural gas furnace model with an efficiency of 95.5% AFUE consumers will enjoy a moderate level of energy savings.

Latitude Series

Model NumberAFUEBTU
TG9S95.5%40,000 – 130,000

Economy Tier Warranty Coverage: York’s economy-priced model tier benefits from a 10 year Parts and Lifetime Heat Exchanger warranty protection.

York’s Mid-Range Gas Furnaces

York’s LX Series includes Single Stage, Variable Speed, and Two Stage furnaces, complete with ECM and PSC motors. 60% of the models (TM9V, TM9Y, and TM9E) in this mid-range priced model tier are ENERGY STAR certified. The LX Series features gas-fired furnaces between 40,000-120,000 BTU.

LX Series

Model NumberAFUEBTU
TM9V96%40,000 – 120,000
TM9Y96%40,000 – 120,000
TM9T96%60,000 – 120,000
TM9E95.5%40,000 – 120,000
TM9M97%60,000 – 120,000

Mid-Range Tier Warranty Coverage: York’s LX Series has the same warranty coverage offered to their Latitude Series in their economy-priced model tier. With York’s Complete Assurance™Warranty Pledge consumers have the choice of opting for a unit replacement if their heat exchanger within the first 5 years.

York’s Premium Gas Furnaces

York outdoes themselves with their Affinity Series YP9C home heating system. Boasting ENERGY STAR certification with 98% AFUE, and ClimaTrak™technology. Consumers will enjoy greater energy savings and quiet operation, with this Modulating, Variable Speed natural gas furnace with PSC motor.

Affinity Series

Model NumberAFUEBTU
YP9C98%60,000 – 120,000

Premium Tier Warranty Coverage: Your investment in York’s YP9C unit is backed by the same warranty protection afforded the models in their Latitude and LX Series. In addition, York’s Complete Assurance™Warranty Pledge includes the option of unit replacement should the heat exchanger stop working within the first 10 years of when it was installed.

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