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Luxaire Furnace Repair Guide

Troubleshooting, Error Codes & More

(Updated for 2019)

A complete Luxaire furnace repair guide, from how to replace your air filter, to troubleshooting and error codes, model numbers and more!

Please note, the following is for informational purposes only. Any servicing you attempt is at your own risk.

Luxaire got their start in Ohio back in the 1950s, and they’ve been manufacturing quality gas furnaces for North American homes ever since. Their dedication to home comfort includes manufacturing furnaces that are dependable, energy efficient and ENERGY STAR® certified, and among the quietest on the market.

But, to make sure you get the longest life possible from your furnace, it’s important to know about some basic maintenance tasks and be able to identify certain problems you might encounter during your furnace’s lifespan.

Today you’ll learn what you need to know about the maintenance and repairs that will keep your furnace functioning optimally for as many years as possible.

How to Replace Your Air Filter

Other common problems that you might encounter with your furnace include that it stops producing enough heat or stops working as efficiently as it should, and this usually means the air filter needs to be replaced.

In fact, you should replace your furnace filter every one to three months during the heating season, so here’s a step-by-step guide to help you with this task:

  1. Open the access panel or remove it, depending on your model
  2. Check near the cold air intake to locate the old filter
  3. Slide out the old filter
  4. Line up the new filter using the arrows on the frame
  5. Slide the new filter into place
  6. Replace or close the access panel

What’s Wrong With Your Luxaire Furnace?

Like any mechanical device or appliance, furnaces sometimes malfunction or breakdown, and there are common issues that tend to surface over the years, including:

Luxaire Furnace Error Codes

Most furnaces in Canada use LED light patterns to tell you when the furnace is functioning properly, when problems arise, and what those problems might be.

Being able to read these codes is an important part of keeping your furnace healthy, because the Luxaire furnace light codes will give you an idea of what maintenance is required and whether you need to call a technician.

Luxaire furnaces are equipped with an LED that will flash green, red, or amber depending on the problem, and here’s what those flash codes mean:

When Should You Call A Professional?

Now that you know what the various flash codes on your Luxaire furnace mean and the most common furnace issues that crop up, it’s time to go over which of these issues will require a diagnosis and repair by a certified technician.

Here’s a list of common furnace problems that will need a professional inspection: your furnace isn’t producing heat, isn’t blowing hot air, is blowing cold air or too much air in general, is making strange noises, is leaking, is cracked, won’t stay on, or smells like gas.

Who Should You Call?

Some furnace problems can be addressed with DIY maintenance, such as changing the filter and maybe even cleaning the flame sensor, depending on your comfort, skill, and knowledge level. But for the problems that require a trained technician, you can use our partner program to find a certified HVAC company that’s been independently verified to be dependable, knowledgeable, and trustworthy.

Luxaire’s Warranty Coverage

Even if you do need to call in a technician to help with your furnace issues, there’s a good chance the repair, or at least the components, will be covered under your Luxaire warranty. Every furnace in their Acclimate, LX, and Comforteer series is covered by the following warranties:

  • One-year labor limited warranty
  • Five-year parts limited warranty (which extends to a 10-year warranty if you register a new furnace within 90 days of installation)
  • Lifetime heat exchanger warranty

Luxaire Model Numbers

Current Luxaire Models

  • LP9C060B12MP12C
  • LP9C080B12MP12C
  • LP9C080C16MP12C
  • LP9C100C16MP12C
  • LP9C100C20MP12C
  • LP9C120D20MP12C
  • LPLC060A12MP12C
  • LPLC080B12MP12C
  • LPLC080C16MP12C
  • LPLC100C16MP12C
  • LPLC100C20MP12C
  • LPLC120C20MP12C
  • TM9E040A10MP11
  • TM9E060B12MP11
  • TM9E080B12MP11
  • TM9E080C16MP11
  • TM9E100C16MP11
  • TM9E100C20MP11
  • TM9E120D20MP11
  • TM9Y040A10MP11
  • TM9Y060B12MP11
  • TM9Y080B12MP11
  • TM9Y080C16MP11
  • TM9Y100C16MP11
  • TM9Y100C20MP11
  • TM9Y120D20MP11
  • TM9V040A10MP11C
  • TM9V060B12MP11C
  • TM9V080B12MP11C
  • TM9V080C16MP11C
  • TM9V100C16MP11C
  • TM9V100C20MP11C
  • TM9V120D20MP11C
  • TM9T060B12MP11
  • TM9T080B12MP11
  • TM9T080C16MP11
  • TM9T100C16MP11
  • TM9T100C20MP11
  • TM9T120D20MP11
  • TG9S040A08MP11
  • TG9S060A10MP11
  • TG9S060B12MP11
  • TG9S080B12MP11
  • TG9S080C16MP11
  • TG9S080C22MP11
  • TG9S100C16MP11
  • TG9S100C20MP11
  • TG9S120D16MP11
  • TG9S120D20MP11
  • TG9S130D20MP11

Discontinued Luxaire Models

  • DCUC-*072N100*
  • DCUC-*072N125*
  • DCUC-T090N165
  • DCUC-T090N205
  • DCUC-T102N165
  • DCUC-T102N205
  • DCUC-T120N205
  • DCUC-T120N245
  • DCUC-T150N205
  • DCUC-T150N245
  • DCUC-W090N165
  • DCUC-W090N205
  • DCUC-W102N165
  • DCUC-W102N205
  • DCUC-W120N205
  • DCUC-W120N245
  • DCUC-W150N205
  • DCUC-W150N245
  • G9D06012UPB11
  • G9D08012UPB11
  • G9D08016UPC11
  • G9D10014UPC11
  • G9D10020UPC11
  • G9D12020UPD11
  • G9T04010UPA13
  • G9T06010UPB13
  • G9T06012DHB13
  • G9T08012DHB13
  • G9T08012UPB13
  • G9T08016DHC13
  • G9T08016UPC13
  • G9T10014UPC13
  • G9T10020DHC13
  • G9T10020UPC13
  • G9T12020DHD13
  • G9T12020UPD13
  • G9T14020UPD13
  • TM9M060B12MP12
  • TM9M080B12MP12
  • TM9M080C16MP12
  • TM9M100C16MP12
  • TM9M100C20MP12
  • TM9M120D20MP12
  • TM9X060B12MP11
  • TM9X080B12MP11
  • TM9X080C16MP11
  • TM9X100C16MP11
  • TM9X100C20MP11
  • TM9X120D20MP11

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