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Bryant Air Conditioner Repair Guide 2019

(Updated for 2019)

Need a comprehensive Bryant air conditioner repair guide? Read our’s to find out how to replace your air filters, troubleshoot tips for common issues, and more!

Please note, the following is for informational purposes only. Any servicing you attempt is at your own risk.

Bryant, At a Glance

Bryant has been taking care of homeowners’ indoor comfort needs for over 100 years. The company has been able to steadily earn the trust of customers thanks to their dedication to producing high-efficiency heating and cooling systems that are unmatched when it comes to quality, durability, and reliability.

This page is designed to troubleshoot any issues you might have should your own Bryant air conditioning system begin to defect. One way to delay this occurrence is to perform an array of basic maintenance tasks regularly. The most important of which is replacing your air conditioner’s air filters at a reasonable rate.

How to Replace Your Bryant Air Filter

Depending on your climate as well as the cleanliness of your home, you may have to replace your air filters frequently.

  • Shut off your Bryant unit’s power
  • Open the panel to gain access
  • Locate your unit’s filter. Typically, these are found near or in the return air duct
  • Remove the dirty air filter from its slot
  • Clean the filter if it’s reusable, otherwise grab a new disposable air filter
  • Replace the filter
  • Close the access panel and turn the system’s power back on

What’s Wrong With Your Bryant Air Conditioner?

Remember to turn your A/C completely off before opening it up to look around or attempt any fix.

You will want to examine your blower motor. If it isn’t operating properly, but the outside fan is still functional, the blower motor is defective. However, if this isn’t the case then check your control board or run capacitor for irregularities.

Alternatively, if the compressor appears functional but the outside fan is defective, your condenser fan might be flawed. Contrastingly, if the condenser fan is working properly, but the compressor is struggling, the unit may need more refrigerant or have a broken compressor.

Check to see if the outside fan is operating correctly. If it isn’t working as it should be, then it’s likely that your breaker is busted. However, if the breaker isn’t at fault, you will want to examine your thermostat or control board for issues.
You will want to examine your system’s compressor and condenser fan. If both of these components appear to be operating as they should, but your home is still uncomfortable, then you’ll want to measure the temperature drop in your home.

Remember, your air conditioner should be operating for at least 10 to 15 minutes before you take any measurements. If the reading appears to be significantly higher than normal, certain internal components might be dirty or defection. Check the evaporator coil, air filter, or blower wheel for debris. However, if the reading is low, then your refrigerant charge might be defective.

When to Get a Technician for Bryant A/C Repairs

When your own high-efficiency Bryant air conditioner isn’t performing at its best, it isn’t a bad idea to contact a trained heating and cooling technician to take a look. Certain simple issues can be dealt with on your own. However, more complex problems will require a professional opinion. Not only will this guarantee that your air conditioning system is performing efficiently, but it can also save you lots of money in the long-term.

Who to Call For Bryant Air Conditioner Repairs

It can be challenging to know which heating and cooling company to contact when your air conditioner appears to be defective. Consulting online reviews is a smart way to begin your search. However, it’s important to remember that these can’t be trusted wholeheartedly.

Although they can give you a good idea of how much certain services might cost, they don’t provide a comprehensive enough overview of the businesses nor the quality of their services. When you’re not sure who to call, let us help!

Our independent certification program can make finding a trustworthy HVAC company quick and easy. We aim to connect Canadian homeowners with reliable local companies to build long-term relationships. Our certified technicians offer consumers a proven track record of success as well as additional insurance coverage.

Bryant’s Warranty Coverage

Unlike a number of their competitor’s, Bryant doesn’t offer a sliding scale of warranty coverage to match the level of your investment. Instead, the brand opts to offer Canadian homeowners the same base level of coverage for all of their products. This includes a limited 10-year parts protection warranty.

➤ Protect your Bryant air conditioner:  Register and access your Bryant A/C warranty here

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