Combi Boiler Prices

combi-boilerIf you’re living on Toronto, then you should consider doing a little home improvement to reduce your energy consumption. A Combi boiler or also known as a combination boiler is an efficient upgrade to the standard boilers that can be found in your home.

These are condensing boilers that are not only efficient, but they take up very little space inside of home. The biggest difference between these boilers is that they don’t need to store hot water.

This removes the need of a hot water cylinder. A combi boiler is great in that it protects you from the sudden changes in water temperature that may occur when you are in the shower. In addition to this, if you don’t have the roof space for installation of a different boiler or you want to use another room.

With a combination boiler, you can save a lot of money on the cost of your hot water, and the fact of the matter is that you can get the water of the tap or the shower and keep it at the same pressure. No tanks are installed and there is a ton of pipe work that is removed from the process. Installation is both easier and faster, which means that the overall benefits of these boilers are great.

The only downside to these combination boilers is that if many faucets are being used then the warm water and pressure may decrease a bit.

There are several advantages to getting a combination boiler, which includes getting hot water on demand and keeping things low on cost, which includes saving you money on gas bills, which can become a lot more expensive.

Remember that boilers account for over fifty percent of what you pay for in your energy bills every year. When it comes down to it, there is a huge difference in the efficiency of these combination boilers and they can really reduce the overall costs of everything.

The cost of a combination boiler can be around $2,000 an up, not including installation, and the price varies from efficiency and brand. You can get rebates and grants to reduce the overall cost of the boiler and if it is higher in efficiency then you can get more money back.

With the benefits and financial help that you can get with a combination boiler, there are several ways to pay for it and you can find more affordable ones in different stores.

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