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Armstrong Air Conditioner Repair Guide 2019

(Updated for 2019)

Our complete Armstrong air conditioner repair guide, from how to replace your air filter, common issues, to troubleshooting tips, and more!

Please note, the following is for informational purposes only. Any servicing you attempt is at your own risk.

Armstrong, At a Glance

Armstrong got its start in 1928 and earned a fast name as a trusted and reliable brand. They are committed to learning and innovating their HVAC solutions, and it’s an important part of their ethos that they produce durable units that provide comfort for homeowners. Each product goes through testing and tweaking to create a solution that their technicians would install in their home.

Hard work and passion goes into the creation of your Armstrong air conditioner, but that doesn’t mean it’s not susceptible to regular mechanical issues like any other unit. There are tasks that you can do as a homeowner to maintain your unit and keep it running at top efficiency for years to come. Check out some of the ideas below to see how you can make maintenance part of your seasonal routine.

How to Replace Your Armstrong Air Filter

Replacing your filter is a quick and straightforward task that is a great job to do since it’s a small action that can have a big impact on the way your air conditioner works in the future. A clean filter is one that can consistently, and efficiency circulates and cool air throughout your home; if it’s dirty, that adds stress that can cause damage and early failure of your unit.

  • Locate your air filter. Typically, it will be in the furnace, air conditioner or the return duct. Switch off the power to your air conditioner before you take out the filter.
  • Pull out the filter. Clean it if it’s a reusable filter or replace it with a new one. When you replace the filter, ensure that the airflow arrows are in the same direction as the airflow of your air conditioner.
  • Close the housing for your air filter and turn the power back on to your unit.

Other General A/C Maintenance Tips

Maintaining your unit is one of the best things that you can do to ensure the longevity of your air conditioner. There are a lot of easy tasks that you can carry out as a homeowner that won’t take too much time or effort. With a little patience and your owner’s manual, you can keep your air conditioner running efficiently for years. Make sure to turn off power to your unit before opening it.

1. Clean around your unit

Take care to ensure that the two feet around your unit are free of debris like leaves and plant growth. Trim back excess flora and remove anything near or on your air conditioner so that air can flow freely.

2. Clean and straighten the fins

The fins can be cleaned by using a garden hose on a gentle spray setting and spraying from the inside out to remove debris and dust that is trapped. Avoid using too much pressure because you may damage the delicate fins. To straighten the fins, you can try a fin comb from a hardware store or use a butter knife carefully to put the fins back in place.

3. Level your unit

If the pad that your unit is resting on has tipped due to soil flattening underneath, the uneven tilt can cause the compressor to fail or become damaged. Fix the pad your unit is on until it rests evenly on the ground.

What’s Wrong With Your Armstrong Air Conditioner?

Remember to turn your A/C completely off before opening it up to look around or attempt any fix.

Is your air conditioner...The problem might be your...What's wrong?How you can fix it
ThermostatThe batteries in your thermostat may be dead, or the thermostat may not be on the correct setting.Put new batteries in your thermostat and ensure that it is on the cool setting.
Circuit breakerThe breaker switch may have flipped.Move the breaker switch back to the “on” position.
Not blowing cold air?Air filterIf the filter is clogged with debris or dust, it won’t be able to do its job.Replace or clean your air filter so that air can flow freely.
Outside unitThe air conditioner may not be able to have air flowing freely if there are dirt and debris around the unit.Make a two-foot space around your unit that is clear and free of leaves, greenery and any other blockage so that it can vent air properly.
RefrigerantIf the refrigerant is leaking, your unit will not be efficient at cooling since there is less cooling fluid to run through your unit.Get a technician who can solve this problem.
InsulationInsulation is important to keep air from leaking out. Cracks, old windows and doors are all spots where cold air can escape.Windows are the main places where cool air escapes. Consider upgrading to insulated windows or use blackout curtains.
Dripping water?Condensate lineThe pipe that exits your air conditioner could be clogged.Blow compressed air through the pipe to dislodge the clog.
Drain lineWater can overflow in the drain pan if the drain pipe is blocked.Check the drain line for any clogs and remove them.
Making odd sounds?Blower motor or beltSquealing sounds can come from the belt or the blower motor.Use lubricant on the parts to help them run better without squeaking.
Fan bladesIf the sound is repetitive like a card stuck in a bicycle spoke, there is a chance something is caught between the blades.Switch your unit off and check the fan blades to see if anything is trapped and remove it carefully.

When to Get a Technician for Armstrong Air Conditioner Repairs

Though there is a lot of maintenance that you can do on your air conditioner unit by yourself, there are a few things that are better addressed by a technician. Regular check-ups on your unit can help avoid significant repairs or a possible replacement in the future. If you’re experiencing any of the issues listed below, it’s best to get a professional in to fix your air conditioner.

Frozen coils

Frozen coils typically happen when something has gone wrong in your unit. Determining the issue can be a challenge, as the source of the problem can be with the ducts, drain or internal parts that are dangerous or tricky to see and change.

Clicking sounds

Clicking sounds when your A/C turns off or on can be symptomatic of a relay issue or suggest that an internal part has come loose.

Damaged compressor

A damaged compressor can cause a lot of problems, the main one being that air won’t be flowing properly. This will take a technician to diagnose and repair, as it’s a very involved job.

Leaking refrigerant

Leaking refrigerant is a serious problem that can impact how well your air conditioner can cool your home. You’ll need a certified technician who can address this issue to bring your unit back to efficient standards.

Who to Call For Armstrong Air Conditioner Repairs

Knowing who to contact when your air conditioner is on the fritz can be a difficult decision. How do you know who is reliable and trustworthy, as well as able to carry out the job with skill and competence? You could always check reviews online about independent technicians and companies, but it’s hard to tell how biased these reviews may be. You may end up reading more about the reviewer’s personality than the actual service received.

To help you with this, we’ve created an independent HVAC contractor certification program that you can use to find a certified partner who has been vetted and found to be dependable and trustworthy. This includes that they have a good reputation, all the right licenses and certifications, insurance, manufacturer training, and experience, plus they provide quotes that are accurate and transparent.

If you’re looking for a recommendation, don’t hesitate to reach out. We want you to be fully informed before inviting someone in to work on your air conditioner.

Armstrong’s Warranty Coverage

Armstrong’s warranty is the same across all models of their air conditioning line, offering good coverage for their units.

When you register within 60 days, you’ll get a 10-year limited warranty on parts. If you don’t register online before the time, you’ll get the default 5-year warranty.

➤ Protect your Armstrong air conditioner:  Register and access your Armstrong A/C warranty here

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