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FurnacePrices.ca – About Us

How Furnace Prices started, what we do, our vision & goals, and how we can help you make an informed choice when buying your new heating & cooling system

Founded in 2013, FurnacePrices.ca was established with the goal of providing Canadians with the information they need to make informed decisions when buying a new heating & cooling system. It has now grown to become one of the largest and most trusted sources of heating & air conditioning information for Canadians, with over 50,000 people visiting the site every month for help with buying their new furnace, A/C or other HVAC system.

We’ve helped tens of thousands of homeowners, landlords, and small business owners get quotes from trustworthy local partner contractors.

FurnacePrices.ca is also a member of the ENERGY STAR® program (run by Natural Resources Canada), as an advocate for energy-efficient, environmentally-conscious heating and cooling solutions.

And our articles have also been cited by many publications and institutions, including the University of Alberta.

From adding new in-depth guides and product evaluations, to expanding our network of certified partners, our talented and dedicated team is hard at work every day, creating new ways to help you keep your home comfortable and energy-efficient!

You’re in good company. Since it was founded, Millions of Canadians have visited FurnacePrices.ca for information about heating & cooling systems for their homes and businesses. And nearly 1 Million Canadians have visited us for help in the last year alone.

Energy Star

Vision, Goals & What Sets Us Apart

  • We aim to bring the HVAC industry into the 21st century, and provide some of the same information, resources, and tools that have been available in more “popular” industries like consumer electronics for years.
  • Shed light on things no one else in the industry does and provide a fresh, straightforward, unbiased take, while dispelling common myths.
  • Constantly innovate and devise new ways to solve common consumer problems.

FurnacePrices.ca Contractor Certification

To help achieve our goal of helping consumers make informed purchasing decisions, we created the FurnacePrices.ca Certification Program, a multi-step process which allows companies to verify their licensing, insurance, and other key background info.

This helps all parties by increasing the level of transparency and trust for consumers, and helping solid, dependable companies connect with potential customers in their area.

Own an HVAC company? Find out more about our Contractor Certification here.

How FurnacePrices.ca Started

While working as a marketing consultant for a heating & air conditioning contractor, I came to realize that there were few good sources of online information that consumers could rely on when researching the purchase of a new furnace or A/C. The average person has never bought one of these appliances before and may only buy them once or twice in their entire lifetime, so most homeowners tend to have a lot of questions… about prices, different brands, which size and model they should get, efficiency ratings, and so on.

And most of the information available would usually come directly from HVAC salespeople, or contractor and manufacturer websites. Not that these are necessarily unreliable sources, but it seemed helpful to have a more unified, extensive and independent source of consumer-focused information that the average person with no HVAC background could easily understand.

This industry isn’t one people often think about, especially for average consumers, so it tends to get neglected a bit. Think of the wealth of information available to you when you to decide to buy a new phone or laptop. This level of helpful consumer information was virtually nowhere to be found when it came to furnaces – appliances that have been around for far longer than modern gadgets, essential appliances virtually every Canadian relies on to survive in the cold winter months, and which typically cost thousands of dollars to replace, no less.

I get it, furnaces aren’t particularly interesting to most people and we don’t spend hours every day interacting with them… (well I would hope anyway!). And because of how infrequently people tend to buy furnaces, most consumers are inexperienced.

So I created this website, and used my knowledge of the industry and connections to HVAC professionals to start addressing the demand for straightforward and honest answers to these questions. Initially my goals were pretty modest, I figured if nothing else we could refer our customers to the site while they were deciding what to buy. But before long I was overwhelmed by the response and feedback from people all over Canada.

I eventually decided to turn my focus entirely to FurnacePrices.ca, and started building a team of motivated and talented people to help build a truly comprehensive source of heating & cooling information that Canadians could depend on.

I don’t think we’re quite there yet, but that goal is what drives us every day.

-Simon Bernath, Founder


About Simon

Simon has worked in the HVAC industry for the last several years, and has forged relationships with many industry professionals that have helped and guided him along the way.

With over a decade of experience in digital marketing, combined with his years of working directly with HVAC contractors, Simon has developed a unique combination of talents which has helped along his journey through the Canadian heating & cooling industry.

“Admittedly, my background isn’t in working as an HVAC technician myself, which is why FurnacePrices.ca relies on the expertise of many seasoned industry professionals. My talent lies in the ability to research, create, organize, and disseminate the information consumers are looking for in a way that’s accessible and easy to grasp. My ‘outsider’ perspective has helped me see things from the eyes of the homeowner, and see what type of information is needed, and how it can be communicated effectively.”

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