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Rheem A/C Error Codes

Rheem Error CodeWhat this meansHow to fix it
Error Code 0Unit is on standby and operating normally.Normal operation.
Error Code CUnit is operating normally and in a cooling stage.Normal operation.
Error Code Flashing CCooling was commanded during an active anti-short cycle.Wait until unit timer has expired or press the TEST button to defeat short cycle delay.
Error Code D1No shared data.Replace memory card with correct system information.
Error Code D3Airflow mismatch.Replace with properly sized air handler.
Error Code D4Memory card in control board is invalid.Check if memory card is present and ensure it matches device.
Error Code D8Old shared data system data is obsolete.If system will not operate, order new memory card to update system information.
Error Code TUnit is in test mode.
Error Code PThere's no current going to the compressor.Check to see if the motor protector is open or line voltage is disconnected.
Error Code 1The compressor is running continuously.Check to see if there is low refrigerant, air duct leakage, a dirty outdoor coil, or a dirty air filter.
Error Codes 02, 29, and flashing L29High-pressure problem.Check if there is a dirty outdoor coil, outdoor fan is not running, liquid line restriction, or excessive refrigerant charge.
Error Code 03Unit is short-cycling.Check thermostat wire connections (R. C. 1. & 2) and thermostat location in zone (too close to discharge grill).
Error Codes 05, 06, 07, L6, and L7Problem with the compressor because of an open circuit.Check for damaged, miswired. or wrong run capacitor, broken wires, loose connectors, or miswired compressor, compressor windings for continuity, and open compressor internal protector.
Error Codes L4The rotor is locked.Check if there is a bad run capacitor, low line voltage, excessive refrigerant in compressor, or seized bearings in compressor.
Error Code 09Secondary voltage is low.Check if the control transformer is overloaded or for low line voltage.
Error Codes 21 and flashing L21Low-pressure control is open.Check if unit has low refrigerant charge, indoor coil is frozen, dirty indoor coil or filter, indoor blower is not running, or expansion valve is not operating correctly.
Error Code 27Low or no line voltage.Check incoming line voltage to the disconnect and unit and wiring connections.
Error Code 28High line voltage fault.Check line voltage.
Error Code 30On-board fuse is open.Check if low voltage wiring at R and C is damaged or miswired.
Error Code 80Unit isn't meeting minimum airflow requirements.Replace with properly sized unit.
Error Code 83Problem with the condenser coil temperature.Check sensor is installed correctly on control and replace the sensor.
Error Code 84Problem with the outdoor ambient temperature fault.Check unit placement. If the outdoor unit is in a high temperature area, wait until the ambient temperature drops and check sensor reading. Check sensor is installed correctly on control. Replace the sensor.
Error Code 93There's a problem with the internal control.Check control for proper system operation. Replace control.