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Goodman Furnace Error Codes

Error Code What this means How to fix it
Single LED flash, steadily on This means your Goodman furnace has no signal coming from the thermostat and won't operate. You should check your thermostat for an improper setting or connection.
Single LED flash, blinks on and off This means that your furnace has locked out due to too many ignition attempts. After one hour of lockout, your furnace will automatically reset itself.
Two LED flashes This means that the draft blower isn't functioning properly, or your furnace has a short in the pressure switch circuit. You should either repair the short or replace the pressure switch.
Three LED flashes This means your furnace has an open pressure switch circuit or the induced draft blower is operating when it shouldn't be. You should check the pressure switch hose for blocks or an improper connection. Otherwise, see if any loose wiring needs tightening.
Four LED flashes This means your furnace has a primary open limit circuit. You should check and clean all the filters, tighten the wiring, and see if there are any blockages in the flue.
Five LED flashes This means that your furnace senses a flame without a call for heat. You should check for a leaky or open gas valve or a lingering burner flame.
Seven LED flashes This warns of a low flame sense microamp signal. This is the result of a coated flame sensor or a lazy flame due to poor gas pressure. Adjust the gas pressure according to the information available to you.
Eight LED flashes This means your furnace has an igniter circuit problem due to a defective igniter or an improperly connected igniter. Replace the igniter or check the ground wiring for defects.
Nine LED flashes This means that your furnace has a high-stage pressure switch that won't close during a high-stage-induced draft blower operation. Check your Goodman furnace for a pinched or blocked pressure switch hose.
Continuous LED flashes This means that your furnace has a reversed polarity of 115 volts. You will have to correct the wiring polarity after reviewing the wiring diagram.
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