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ComfortMaker Furnace Error Codes

Error CodesWhat this meansWhat to check for
Steady LED flashingNormal operationn/a
Two LED flashesPressure switch stuck closedObstruction in pressure tubing
Three LED flashesPressure switch stuck open or manual ON/OFF switch in off positionProper vent size; defective inducer motor; excessive wind; faulty pressure switch; disconnected or obstructed pressure tubing; inadequate combustion air supply; or restricted vent
Four LED flashesThe limit switch is openLoose blower wheel; restricted vent; dirty air filter; defective blower; or excessive wind
Five LED flashesFlame has been sensed out of sequenceThe gas valve is either leaking or stuck open
Six +1 LED flashesSoft lockout: maximum trials for ignition has been reachedn/a
Six +2 LED flashesSoft lockout: flame sense was lost while running, a cycling pressure switch, or blocked condensaten/a
Six +3 LED flashesSoft lockout: the pressure switch was opened during runn/a
Six +4 LED flashesSoft lockout: the limit switch was opened during runn/a
Seven LED flashesSoft lockout: the main limit was open for too long (1-hour delay)n/a