Tankless Water Heater Rental Prices

Tankless-Water-Heater-PricesModern tankless hot water heaters offer a number of features and benefits lacking in traditional tank models. They also are more energy and cost-efficient, meaning they can save you money too!

However because a brand new gas tankless model can cost up to $2500, many people opt for a low-cost rental, similar to central air conditioner and furnace rentals that have become popular. Tankless water heater rental prices generally range between $35 and $40 per month, which includes installation.

Most programs also come with full coverage, meaning the homeowner doesn’t have to pay for repairs if the unit breaks down.

What Factors Affect Tankless Hot Water Heater Rental Prices?

Where You Live – If you live further from a major city, companies may charge more to drive to your house to complete the installation. In addition, because rentals include repairs and maintenance, the company must also consider the potential cost of servicing a more distant location.

Complicated Installation – Tankless water heaters are generally more complicated to install, which is reflected in the price. However if your new tankless unit is being installed in a particularly hard to reach location, or there are significant plumbing or electrical upgrades required, the price may increase accordingly.

Rental Company – Finally, prices may vary somewhat from one provider to the next, so shop around and get quotes to find the best rate.

Tankless Water Heater Benefits

  • It’s energy saving as it heats water only when needed thereby reducing hot water heating costs by up to 35%. Roughly 20% of your total energy consumption is attributed to water heating, which equates to significant energy savings.
  • It heats water as needed, meaning you’ll never “run out” of hot water like you with a traditional tank hot water heater.
  • Tankless water heaters are relatively small and can be placed closer to where the water is actually used, meaning less waiting for hot water to run through the pipes.
  • It’s designed for safety utilizing a digital temperature control that at the touch of the button it can be set to the exact user-specified thus avoiding the risk of overheating;
  • It provides flexibility because it can be placed in virtually any room with a limited space.

Tankless water heater rentals provide an easy and affordable way for homeowners to upgrade their hot water heater to a more convenient and energy-efficient model. This means not only lower energy bills, but a more comfortable and convenient home.

Rental prices may vary somewhat from one company to the next, but costs are usually quite affordable making it accessible for the average family or homeowner.

Rentals certainly aren’t for everyone. They generally cost more over the long run than purchasing the unit in full, so if you can afford to buy the unit outright, that may be preferable.

That being said, some people like the fact that the initial cost is lower with a rental and there are no unexpected costly repairs. The predictable monthly cost is a desired advantage for some people.

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