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You may have heard of these little wonders we call garage heaters but if you are unsure if one would be right for your garage space we hope that this article will shed a little light and make the choice easier for you. Let’s examine some key benefits, major model types, top manufacturers, and of course garage heater prices.

The Advantages of Heating Your Garage or Workshop With a Self-Contained Garage Heater

  • Warmth – The first and most obvious advantage of heating your garage is of course, warmth. If you are the kind of person who spends a lot of time in your garage or workspace, then a garage heater is especially advantageous for you. Whether it’s for your business or you are at home working on your car, tinkering with tools or simply hanging out in the garage, a garage heater is a generally non-invasive and inexpensive way to keep warm.
  • Home Value – Believe it or not, a quality garage heater can actually add to the value of your home. You don’t have to use your garage heater but future potential buyers may find the presence of one to be a great bonus.
  • Low Maintenance – Having a garage heater does not require a lot of technical savvy. Because they’re self-contained units that often heat the space directly, garage heaters are generally lower maintenance and easier to repair and service.
  • Easy to Install – Because garage heaters are moderate in size, their installations are usually quite straightforward. This is especially true if you are thinking about buying an electric garage heater where there are no gas lines to worry about.
  • Space-Effective – Garage heaters are small so they do not take up a lot of space. Garages are often used as multi-purpose storage so space may be at a premium. Thankfully, most garage heaters are so compact that they do not take up much space and some units can be mounted on the wall or from the ceiling.
  • Keep Your Car Warm Winters can be harsh in many parts of the country, so Canadian drivers may love the fact that a garage heater will keep the car ready to go at all times. No need to plug it in, or wait several minutes for it to heat up. Furthermore, if you store expensive tools, electronics or other equipment in your garage, a heater will keep them from being damaged by the cold and condensation.

Canadians endure some of the harshest winters on the planet every year, something we’re darn proud of! That doesn’t mean we can’t use a little help from technology to make living and working in the cold that much easier. Let’s look at some of the major types of garage heaters, their different features and pricing.

Garage Heater Models & Types

If you are still reading then you may be ready to start considering which type of garage heater would be right for you. There are different types all with their own advantages but take advantage of the following breakdown:

  • Electric Garage Heaters – Electric garage heaters tend to be the easiest to install. As the name suggests, electric garage heaters convert electricity to heat which means that they run off of your electrical supply. This could be a strong selling-point for anyone wary of extending gas lines or dealing with propane tanks. On average, your electric heater will add $20 to $100 dollars to your electrical bill and can cost anywhere from $100-$500.
  • Natural Gas Garage Heaters – Natural gas heaters use gas from your existing gas line. This can be a great choice of your gas line is easily accessible from your garage as the installation will be much easier. While natural gas heaters are more expensive initially than electric heaters, natural gas is much cheaper than electricity. You may stand to save more in the long-run with these types of heaters. Natural gas garage heaters also tend to be more powerful and are thus ideal for larger spaces, small or mid-size commercial workshops and warehouses and multi-vehicle residential garages. BTU output ranges from 45,000 to 400,000 BTUs, and these units cost anywhere from $400 to over $2100. In addition, you should consider the installation cost in the final price (anywhere from a couple hundred to $1000), and varies greatly depending on the placement of your gas line and the unit itself
  • Propane Garage Heaters – Propane gas heaters work just like natural gas heaters-they create a flame inside a heat exchanger and disburse the warm air with a fan. Propane heaters are very effective and are known for providing reliable comfort. A propane garage heater will run you about $150 to $450 on the low end or up to $1000+ for a larger unit.
  • Infrared Garage Heaters – Instead of heating an entire garage area, infrared garage heaters only heat what is directly under or near them. They tend to be economical compared to gas and electric heaters and run much quieter. Smaller units cost about $150-$300 while the heavy duty units can cost $500.

Electric, propane, and infrared garage heaters can usually be purchased at local hardware stores, while natural gas units are often bought from HVAC contractors and distributors since they generally must be installed professionally.

Top Garage Heater Brands & Manufacturers

  • Fahrenheat – The FUH54 garage heater by Fahrenheat delivers more than sufficient heat for any garage space and is known to be very durable. While this model is on the pricier side for garage heaters, the overall benefits outweigh the price tag if you spend a lot of time in your garage.
  • NewAir – Newair is popular among customers who are looking to avoid complicated installations.
  • Dr. Heater – This brand, particularly the DR966 model is a steal at its low price. If you are looking for the most economical upfront savings, this is a great brand to start with.
  • Dimplex – Dimplex creates garage heaters that heat up a space very quickly. They are also very efficient and designed very well overall.
  • Optimus – If you are looking for a lot of punch in a small package than the H-9010 may be the best choice for you. It is very compact but can still give off enough heat to effectively warm an average sized 2-car garage.
  • Lennox – This well-known HVAC system manufacturer makes several models of garage heater, especially of the natural gas variety.

In Summary

At the end of the day, no matter what you use your garage for, garage heaters are a great idea especially in the colder provinces and cities in Canada, like Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan. However these types of heaters are popular from Edmonton to Ottawa, St Johns, and Northern Ontario and everywhere in between.

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