This Trane furnace review will examine the brand’s models, efficiency ratings, features, prices, warranty, and more.

Average Price: $2800 – $4500

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Good: When it comes to price, Trane beats out Rheem and American Standard. Trane’s entry level models are $200 and $250 less than Rheem and American Standard, as well their premium efficiency natural gas furnace models are $500 and $1000 less than American Standard and Rheem’s comparable natural gas furnace models. Great warranty coverage, and a wide range of energy efficient furnace options with Two Stage and Modulating home heating options are available.

Want: Trane does an excellent job of ensuring that they’ve taken care of the major considerations Canadian consumers have when purchasing a high-efficiency natural gas furnace. From price, to warranty and noise operation, there really isn’t anything notable Trane can improve on.

If you’re in the process of narrowing down your top contenders in the mid-range priced brand, it’s worth noting that Trane is in line with many other mid-range brands. Their closest comparables being American Standard and Rheem, whom they are closely aligned with on price, and warranty coverage.

The Bottom Line: Great pricing and warranty protection for a mid-range brand, Trane manufactures high-efficiency natural gas furnaces that are comparable to American Standard and Rheem.

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Final Score: 8.2/10











Detailed Review

Efficiency/AFUE – 8/10

Entry-level, moderate and high-efficiency heating options, between 92.1-97.3% AFUE, make up Trane’s natural gas furnace model lineup. Home heating solutions between entry level and premium level efficiency for additional energy savings each month.

Efficiency Breakdown:

  • 7 out of 7 Trane high-efficiency natural gas furnace models exceed Canada’s minimum energy efficiency standard of 92% AFUE for natural gas furnaces.
  • 4 out of 7 Trane high-efficiency natural gas furnace models are ENERGY STAR certified for premium energy efficiency.
  • 1 out of 7 Trane natural gas furnace models offer consumers an entry level efficiency between 92-94% AFUE.
  • 4 out of 7 Trane natural gas furnace models provide moderate energy efficiency between 95-96% AFUE
  • 2 out of 7 Trane high-efficiency natural gas furnace models exceed 96% AFUE

Innovative Technology and Additional Features – 8/10

Trane’s high-efficiency natural gas furnace models include several additional features to enhance the performance of your high-efficiency natural gas furnace. Quiet furnace operation is another top priority for many Canadians which Trane addresses with their insulated furnace cabinet.

Additional Features:

  • Comfort-R™- additional assistance with de-humidifying the air in your home
  • Insulated furnace cabinet
  • Dual heat exchanger
  • ComfortLink™ II communicating capability – remote access allows you to control your home’s temperature via WiFi connectivity of this digital thermostat.
  • Silicon nitride hot surface igniter

Pricing (including installation) –  7/10

*The pricing listed below is intended as a general guideline only. Pricing may vary according to installation factors, city or region, the company or distributor you deal with, etc.

At about $2800 – $4500 for a Trane high-efficiency natural gas furnace, they are one of the most affordable options in the mid-range furnace brand tier.  With Rheem and American Standard close behind, with high-efficiency propane or gas furnaces from Rheem coming in around $3000 – $5500 and American Standard between $3500 – $5000.

Price vs. Value:

Trane gives consumers a lot of value for their (on average) $2800 – $4500 investment for a new gas furnace.  Trane’s comprehensive warranty coverage increases as you move through the brand tiers, with the least (although still generous) coverage being offered to their economy-priced high-efficiency natural gas furnace models. The mid-range and premium-priced model tiers are where you will get the most value for your money when it comes to warranty coverage. Something to keep in mind when you are considering which natural gas furnace model is a match to your home heating needs.

Types of Furnaces –  9/10

Trane knows Canadian consumers have different preferences when it comes to furnace operation, so they’ve provided you with several options to choose from. Their natural gas furnace model lineup contains Single Stage, Two Stage or Modulating furnace operation.

Options available:

  • Single Stage – XB90, XR95, XT95
  • Two Stage/Four Speed Blower – XL95
  • Two Stage/Variable Speed – XV95 and S9V2
  • Modulating/Variable Speed – XC95m

Warranty* –  9/10

Trane’s warranty coverage is sure to leave consumers feeling assured that their high-efficiency natural gas furnace is protected.  Their warranty plan is competitive with fellow, mid-range priced brands American Standard and Rheem.

Warranty Breakdown:

  • Limited lifetime warranty on heat exchanger
  • Limited 10-year warranty on internal functional parts.
  • Ability to purchase the option to transfer your limited warranty that’s registered on file – added value for when you sell your home and can transfer the warranty to the new owner.
  • Trane includes the option to purchase limited extended warranties for services beyond their warranty plan (example: labour)**

*Trane high-efficiency natural gas furnaces must be registered 60 days after install.  Failure to register within the allotted timeframe will result in a warranty reduction to their limited base warranty agreement.

**always speak with your distributor to learn more about the services covered under the optional limited extended warranty plans to see if it suits your needs.

Enjoy the peace of mind a Trane high-efficiency natural gas furnace can bring. Fill out our online form, for your free quote. We look forward to assisting you.

Trane Furnace Model Breakdown & Comparison

Trane has been warming Canadian homes for over 100 years. A strong track record for customer service and quality manufacturing, Trane has been a winning choice for generations of Canadian homeowners. Economy, Mid Range and Premium priced model tiers offer a selection of Single Stage, Two Stage and Modulating high-efficiency furnaces between 92.1-97.3% AFUE. Consumers seeking greater energy efficiency will be pleased to know that 57% of Trane’s high-efficiency natural gas furnace models are ENERGY STAR certified.

Trane furnaces

Trane’s Economy Natural Gas Furnaces

Trane’s economy-priced model tier is unique in that it offers consumers natural gas furnace models at entry-level and moderate level energy efficiency with 92.1% and 95% AFUE available.  None of the models in this tier are ENERGY STAR certified.

Model NumberAFUEBTU
XB9092.1%38,000 – 113,000
XR9595%38,000 – 104,500


Economy Tier Warranty Coverage: Natural gas furnace models in Trane’s economy-priced model tier are eligible for a limited lifetime heat exchanger warranty and a limited 10 year parts (internal) warranty.

The following additional coverages are available at an additional cost to the consumer***:

  • The option to transfer your limited registered warranty – great for resale value
  • Trane includes the option to purchase limited extended warranties for services beyond their warranty plan (example: labour)**

***all of the above additional coverages are optional and you have no obligation to purchase them should you determine they are not a match to your situation.

Trane’s Mid-Range Gas Furnaces

Moderate and high-efficiency natural gas furnace models dominate Trane’s mid-range priced model tier, with AFUE ranging from 95%-97.3%. Energy savings with efficient home heating.

Model NumberAFUEBTU
XT9595%Not listed
XL9596%37,000 – 115,200
XV9596.7%37,000 – 114,700
XC9597.3%36,000 – 60,000

Mid-Range Tier Warranty Coverage: Trane’s mid-range priced natural gas furnace models will receive the same warranty coverage, as their economy-priced high-efficiency natural gas furnace models.

Trane’s Premium Gas Furnaces

Trane’s premium-priced model tier features an ENERGY STAR certified, Two Stage/Variable Speed natural gas furnace that offers consumers high-efficiency with 96% AFUE.

Model NumberAFUEBTU
S9V296%Not listed

Premium Tier Warranty Coverage: This model’s warranty includes lifetime heat exchanger coverage, and 10-year coverage on internal functional components. Extended warranty options are available for purchase, and it is possible to purchase transferability of the warranty. Note that the warranty must be registered within 60 days or only Trane’s base coverage will apply.

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Hi, based on your research the average price for a Trane is at max 4500. I have a Quote for 5995 including a Trane digital programmable thermostat and take out and haul away of oil furnace and tank.
The new furnace is the S9V with 2-stage 60,000BTU and variable speed. I have a 2900 sqft 3-storey home (incl partial below ground basement.) built in 2003 on Vancouver Island BC.

Does the price seem OK and is the size of furnace adequate for the space?

Ian Hargrave

Trane may make a great product but if you do not have a compitant installer you can end up with many, many headaches. My furnace was installed by Aspen in a new build in 2004. We purchased the house a year later and since then have had an endless series of problems, costly service charges and many parts replacements, all at our expense. Many of the problems started with a winter install and not having the opportunity to check the incorporated a/c system. A faulty installation of the condensate drain line blocked the flow and it spilled over inside the… Read more »


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