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2019 Trane Furnace Review

Model Comparison, Prices & Warranty

(Updated for 2019)

A complete Trane furnace buying guide, including top models, AFUE ratings, features, warranty info, and more. Get a free quote quickly & easily!

At the forefront of HVAC technology, Trane has a powerful lineup of furnaces for every budget. This hub page will help you cut through the information with ease and help you make the best Trane furnace purchase for your home.

Trane, at a glance

Strong Points

For over 100 years, Trane has continuously introduced innovations in heating and cooling that improve comfort while delivering lower utility costs. Trane’s products are considered legendary for their reliability.

Room For Improvement

Canadian homeowners can benefit from affordable pricing and comprehensive warranty coverage with all Trane models, making them a firm competitor to Lennox and Rheem furnaces. However, Trane is less generous compared to Rheem when it comes to warranty coverage for entry-level models as a means of remaining competitive when it comes to pricing.

The Bottom Line

Trane’s commitment to delivering high-efficiency products is consistent throughout their entire range of furnaces. With a limited lifetime warranty on heat exchanger and a limited 10-year warranty on internal functional parts, Trane offers products that are worth serious consideration.

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Trane Average Price Range

$2,800 – $4,500 (including installation)

Trane keeps its price points tight, so expect a lot of choice for very similar prices. Wire us for a quote and we’ll help you get the best local prices for your home heating needs.

Trane Furnace Series

Basic – Economy Efficiency Furnaces

This range of Trane furnaces are the most affordable high-efficiency options available from Trane. These single-stage furnaces provide dependable performance while offering efficiency that budget-conscious buyers can appreciate. The XB90 and XR95 offer entry-level to moderate level energy efficiency at 92.1% and 95% AFUE, respectively.

Better – Moderate Efficiency Furnaces

Trane’s mid-range gas furnace options include the XT95, XL95, XV95, and XC95 models. Furnaces in this tier include options for single-stage or two-stage heat, a variable-speed draft inducer, and a high-efficiency motor.

Best – Premium Furnaces

The premium-priced tier model of Trane furnaces are ENERGY STAR® certified and offer a high-efficiency rating of 96%. They exclusively feature the Comfortlink™ Communicating Capability, a variable speed blower motor with Comfort-R™ for increased dehumidification.

Trane Top Models Comparison


The Trane S9V2 offers one of the highest energy efficient ratings among all Trane furnace models at 97% AFUE. With ENERGY STAR certification, this two-stage furnace provides precise climate and humidity control.

Furnace Stats

AFUE: 96%
Furnace type: Two-Stage
ENERGY STAR rated? Yes
Tier – Best


The Trane XC95 features a variable-speed draft inducer, fully modulating gas valve and variable-speed blower motor with Comfort-R™.

Furnace Stats

AFUE: 97.3%
Furnace type: Single-Stage
Tier – Better


Built for affordability, the Trane XR95 offers an efficiency rating of 95% AFUE. While it won’t offer advanced features provided by mid-level and premium models, it still offers excellent value for those on a budget.

Furnace Stats

AFUE: 95%
Furnace type: Single-Stage
Tier – Basic

Other Trane Furnaces

XV95 Furnace Stats

AFUE: 96.7%
Furnace type: Two-Stage
Tier – Better

XL95 Furnace Stats

AFUE: 96%
Furnace type: Two-Stage
Tier – Better

XT95 Furnace Stats

AFUE: 95%
Furnace type: Single-Stage
Tier – Better

XB90 Furnace Stats

AFUE: 92.1%
Furnace type: Single-Stage
Tier – Basic

Trane Exclusive Features

Feature 1 – ComfortLink™ II Communicating Capability

To be used in conjunction with a Trane thermostat, this feature allows the system to communicate its status and current settings.

Feature 2 – Variable-Speed Blower Motor with Comfort-R™

Comfort-R allows for quieter operation of the Trane furnace at startup and shutdown, improved heat circulation, and greater efficiency. This feature also assists in controlling humidity levels during the summer months.


Trane Economy and mid-tier Efficiency Furnaces – include a 10-year limited internal parts warranty and are eligible for a limited lifetime heat exchanger warranty. Additional coverages are available that allow customers to transfer the limited registered warranty and purchase extended warranties for services, such as labour.

Trane Premium Furnaces – include a 20-year warranty on the heat exchanger and a 5-year limited warranty on parts. Registered owners can obtain an extended limited 10-year warranty on parts and a lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger.

Note Regarding Heat Exchangers: If the heat exchanger fails as a result of a manufacturing defect after the first five years of the applicable warranty period up until the twentieth year, Trane will offer a replacement heat exchanger at no additional cost or issue a credit in the amount of the factory selling price for an equivalent heat exchanger.

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For more than 100 years, Trane furnaces have delivered warmth and comfort to Canadian homes. The company finds its roots in 1885 in La Crosse, Wisconsin as a plumbing business. By 1913, the company incorporated as The Trane Company thanks to its development of an innovative low-pressure steam heating system.

Trane has established its position as a leader in climate control products. Their range of furnaces offers many industry-leading features to ensure that they can meet the demands of nearly any Canadian homeowner, which means that there is a Trane furnace available for any budget. One notable story involves a Trane air conditioner that managed to continue running despite being nearly entirely submerged in the floodwaters of Hurricane Floyd, which hit the U.S. in 1999.

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1 year ago

I did alot of comparison shopping and went with trane turnace and a/c….my concern is we bought the extended warrenty and are now being told we have to service every year to be covered by warrenty …that would be 200 x 9 = 1800. Plus the 400 for the extended warrenty…is this true
Also i verified with our salesman at purchase that we would not have this issue as we did with our former furnace

3 years ago

Hi, based on your research the average price for a Trane is at max 4500. I have a Quote for 5995 including a Trane digital programmable thermostat and take out and haul away of oil furnace and tank.
The new furnace is the S9V with 2-stage 60,000BTU and variable speed. I have a 2900 sqft 3-storey home (incl partial below ground basement.) built in 2003 on Vancouver Island BC.

Does the price seem OK and is the size of furnace adequate for the space?

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