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Coleman Furnace Review and Buying Guide 2019

(Updated for 2019)

Your complete Coleman furnace buying guide. Compare top models, prices, AFUE ratings, features, warranty info, and more.

Coleman has been designing, manufacturing, and testing heating and cooling systems in North America since the late 1950s, and they have a good selection of dependable furnaces to choose from. There are lots of things to research and compare when you’re in the market for a new furnace, so we’ve put together this handy Coleman furnace guide that will tell you everything you need to know about Coleman heating systems.

If you’ve got your eye on a Coleman, then here’s what you need to know about the benefits and drawbacks of the brand, warranty information, the different models, and more.

Coleman Furnaces, At a Glance

Strong Points

Coleman furnaces are some of the best high-efficiency furnaces so no matter what your budget is, you can probably find room for a high-efficiency or ENERGY STAR certified upgrade. Coleman has a decent selection of heating systems that includes basic single-stage models, two-stage furnaces, and more advanced systems with modulating burners. All Coleman furnaces are backed by excellent warranties that cover parts, heat exchangers, and even labour.

Room For Improvement

As an HVAC manufacturer, Coleman’s main focus is on quality and affordability, so this probably isn’t the brand if you’re looking for a furnace with new features, innovative technologies, and interesting perks. However, they do emphasize important basics like quiet operation, durable products, and heating systems that last.

The Bottom Line

Coleman delivers when it comes to economy, quality, efficiency, and dependability. They have some of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry, and all their furnace models, from standard to premium, are more affordable than many other brands. Although their heating products don’t have a lot of additional features, Coleman furnaces do promise reliable and efficient performance through many winters.

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General Price Range for Coleman Furnaces

$2,800 and $4,500+ (with installation)

The final cost of your furnace will depend on lots of things, such as the model you choose, the efficiency rating, the size and heating output, ease of installation, where you live, and even if you’re eligible for any rebates or tax credits when you upgrade your heating system. Installation prices can also range from $500 to $1,000, so get quotes from different HVAC technicians to see who offers the best value at the best price.

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Introduction to the Coleman Furnace Series

Good – Comforteer Series

The most basic and affordable furnaces that Coleman makes belong to the Comforteer series. Both models in this series have single-stage burners and single-speed fans, meaning they are among the most entry-level furnaces on the market. The major benefits of heating systems in Comforteer series is they are incredibly affordable and are backed by a better warranty than most other standard furnaces on the market.

Better – LX Series

The next step up in the Coleman line is the LX Series, and these include basic single-stage furnaces and more advanced two-stage models that offer quieter operation, higher efficiency ratings, and better temperature consistency. There’s a great deal of variety among LX series models when it comes to blowers.

Some models have single-speed fans, some have a standard or high-efficiency ECM motors, and others have variable-speed blowers. There are eight models in this series to choose from, including high-AFUE units, ENERGY STAR certified furnaces, and more affordable models that aren’t high-efficiency.

Best – Echelon Series

Coleman’s premium furnaces are in their Echelon series, which includes two models with modulating burners that can make incremental adjustments to the heating level so your home is always at the perfect temperature. These models also have the WhisperDrive system for quiet operation, a quieter and more efficient variable-speed ECM fan motor, and one of the best warranties of any HVAC product on the market.

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Comparison of Coleman’s Top Models


The TG9S is the only high-efficiency entry-level model in Coleman’s line, and it has an AFUE rating that competes with their other mid-range and premium models. This particular model only has a single-stage burner and single-stage fan, but it has an efficient condensing design that enables it to convert more fuel to heat when compared to other furnaces with similar specifications.


AFUE – 95.5%
Furnace type – Single-Stage
Tier – Entry


A model from Coleman’s mid-range LX series, the TM9T is a high-efficiency, two-stage furnace with a single-speed fan. Even though the TM9T doesn’t have ENERGY STAR certification, it still has a high AFUE rating of 96 percent, meaning it will save you plenty on your monthly heating bills. Like all Coleman furnaces, the TM9T has a compact design that saves both space and money, and an excellent warranty backs it.


AFUE – 96%
Furnace type – Two-Stage
Tier – Mid

TM9V and TM9Y

The TM9V and TM9Y have more advanced two-stage burners for better temperature control and maintenance, and they also have ECM motors for better efficiency, lower maintenance requirements, and increased energy savings. These models have a compact design for smaller spaces, and they don’t require chimney venting because of the induced combustion design.

For the ultimate convenience, you can control these units remotely using the Residential Communicating Control. They each have an AFUE rating of 96 percent, and both have ENERGY STAR certification.

TM9V and TM9Y

AFUE – 96%
Furnace type – Two-Stage
ENERGY STAR rated? Yes
Tier – Mid


Coleman’s TM9E is a mid-range model that offers high efficiency, dependable heating performance, and a compact profile for small spaces. Even though the TM9E only has a single-stage burner, it still boasts efficient fuel use thanks to the special condensing design.


AFUE – 95%
Furnace type – Single-Stage
ENERGY STAR rated? Yes
Tier – Mid


The CP9C is Coleman’s most advanced furnace. It’s equipped with a modulating burner for the ultimate in temperature control and efficiency and has an AFUE rating of 98 percent for excellent energy savings. It’s also backed by an excellent warranty, comes with the WhisperDrive system for quiet operation, and has a variable-speed blower for air circulation that’s both quiet and efficient.


AFUE – 98%
Furnace type – Modulating
ENERGY STAR rated? Yes
Tier – Premium

Exclusive Coleman Features

WhisperDrive Comfort System: WhisperDrive is a proprietary sound reduction system that Coleman uses to guarantee quiet operation from their top-of-the-line furnaces. The system involves a special swept-wing fan design, a sound-reducing cloak, and a composite base pan. When all of these features are combined, the WhisperDrive system can achieve operational noise levels that are no louder than a dishwasher.

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Important Warranty Information

All Coleman furnaces are backed by an incredible warranty, no matter what tier model you buy. The only caveat is that you have to register your furnace within 90 days of installation to be eligible for the best warranty terms. Here’s a breakdown of the warranties that cover every Coleman furnace:

  • 90-day labour limited warranty
  • 10-year parts limited warranty
  • Lifetime heat exchanger warranty

Beyond that, higher-end LX and Echelon models also come with a five- and 10-year Complete Assurance Warranty Pledge, meaning Coleman will provide a complete furnace replacement if the heat exchanger fails during the warranty period.


Coleman began back in 1900 with lantern sales, and the company eventually branched out into residential heating and cooling products in 1958 when they started manufacturing furnaces and furnaces for mobile homes. Since that time, Coleman has established themselves as a manufacturer of dependable, economical, and high-quality residential and commercial furnaces that deliver on energy-efficiency, cost-savings, and reliable comfort.

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