This Coleman furnace review will examine the brand’s models, efficiency ratings, features, prices, warranty, and more.

Average Price: $2600 – $6000

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Good: Their warranty coverage distinction between model tiers reflects their commitment to their quality manufacturing. The Complete Assurance™ Warranty Pledge, available to furnace models in their mid-range and premium priced model tiers is comparable with unit replacement coverage offered by Luxaire and KeepRite.

Want: Fairly minimalist when it comes to the inclusion of additional features and innovative technologies. Overall, Coleman® does a good job of manufacturing furnaces for your home or small business that address the needs of Canadian consumers.

The Bottom Line: Coleman® meets customer expectations when it comes to price, energy efficiency and warranty coverage in their propane and natural gas furnace line up.


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Final Score: 7.8/10











Detailed Review

Efficiency/AFUE – 8/10

Coleman®  natural gas furnace models sold in Canada offer Canadian consumers with a selection of moderate, high and premium efficiency options for greater energy savings.

Efficiency Breakdown:

  • 4 out of 7 Coleman® natural gas furnace models are ENERGY STAR certified
  • 7 out of 7 Coleman® natural gas furnace models exceed the minimum 92% AFUE standard in Canada
  • 6 out of 7 models are greater than 95% AFUE
  • 95% AFUE is the lowest efficiency offered by Coleman® that is sold in Canada* is their natural gas furnace model

*Please note that Coleman® does manufacture 80% AFUE natural gas furnaces but they are generally not permitted for sale in Canada due to the minimum 92% AFUE.


Innovative Technology and Additional Features – 6/10

Innovative Technologies:

  • WhisperDrive™ Comfort System

Additional Features:

  • ECM motor


Pricing –  8/10

*The pricing listed below is intended as a general guideline only. Pricing may vary according to installation factors, city or region, the company or distributor you deal with, etc.

Pricing for Coleman® propane and natural gas furnaces $2600-6000.  Actual pricing may vary subject to installation costs.

Price vs. Value:

With their selection of entry level, moderate and high-efficiency options to their comprehensive warranty plan (that includes their Complete Assurance™ Warranty Pledge for the LX and Echelon™ Gas Furnace Series), Coleman® provides Canadian consumers with good value for their investment.


Types of Furnaces –  8/10

Coleman® manufactures Single Stage, Two Stage, Variable Speed and Modulating furnaces.

Options available:

  • Single Stage – TM9E and TGNS
  • Two Stage/Variable Speed – TM9V
  • Two Stage – TM9Y and TM9T
  • Modulating – TM9M, CP9C


Warranty –  9/10

Coleman® stands behind their quality manufacturing with extensive warranty coverage.

Warranty Breakdown:

  • Limited lifetime heat exchanger warranty: TM9E, TM9Y, TM9M, TM9V and CP9C
  • Limited 20 year heat exchanger warranty: TM9T
  • Limited 10 year parts warranty – all models
  • Limited 5 year Complete Assurance™ Warranty Pledge – all models in the Coleman® LX Series
  • Limited 10 year Complete Assurance™ Warranty Pledge – CP9C furnace from their Echelon™ Series


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Coleman Furnace Model Breakdown & Comparison


Coleman® has been manufacturing quality home heating systems for over 50 years. They are well known in the HVAC industry for their reliability.

Coleman furnaces

Coleman’s Economy Natural Gas Furnaces

Coleman® TG9S Single Stage gas-fired furnace model comes with a four speed PSC motor for quieter furnace operation noise. 

Comforteer™ Series Gas Furnaces

Model NumberAFUEBTU
TG9SUp to 95.5%40,000 – 130,000

Economy Tier Warranty Coverage: The TG9S model in the Comforteer™Series is covered by limited lifetime heat exchanger warranty and limited 10 year parts protection.

Coleman’s Mid-Range Gas Furnaces

The Coleman® LX Series natural gas furnace lineup includes Single Stage, Two Stage, Modulating and Variable speed models. ECM motor, and Advanced ball-bearing PSC motor (TM9M) result in better energy efficiency.

LX Series Gas Furnaces

Model NumberAFUEBTU
TM9EUp to 95%40,000 – 120,000
TM9YUp to 96%40,000 – 120,000
TM9MUp to 97%60,000 – 120,000
TM9VUp to 96%40,000 – 120,000
TM9TUp to 96%60,000 – 120,000

Mid-Range Tier Warranty Coverage: Furnace models in the Coleman® LX Series benefit from the following limited warranty:

  • lifetime heat exchanger warranty: TM9E, TM9Y, TM9M, TM9V
  • 20 year heat exchanger warranty: TM9T
  • 10 year parts warranty – all models
  • 5 year Complete Assurance™ Warranty Pledge – all models
  • ENERGY STAR certified – TM9E, TM9Y, and TM9V

Coleman’s Premium Gas Furnaces

ENERGY STAR certified, the CP9C Modulating/Variable Speed furnace comes with an ECM motor and WhisperDrive™ Comfort System.l of efficiency.

Echelon™ Series Gas Furnaces

Model NumberAFUEBTU
CP9CUp to 97.5-98%60,000 – 120,000

Premium Tier Warranty Coverage: The CP9C home heating system in the Coleman® Echelon™ Series is protected by a limited lifetime heat exchanger, limited 10 year parts, and limited 10 year Complete Assurance Warranty™ Pledge.

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