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2019 Armstrong Furnace Review, Model Comparison, Prices & Warranty

(Updated for 2019)

A complete Armstrong furnace buying guide, including top models, AFUE ratings, features, warranty info, and more. Get a free quote quickly & easily!

If you’re in the market for an Armstrong furnace, you’re in the perfect place. This page is your headquarters for brand information, including a comprehensive view of their furnace options, price points, and main features, our guide will help you decide if an Armstrong furnace is the right choice for your home.

Armstrong, at a glance

Strong Points

If the Armstrong brand is anything, it’s consistent. Over half of their products promise a high-level of efficiency with AFUE ratings over 90%, and a large selection of these being ENERGY STAR® certified. Their products feature innovative technologies such as EHXTM heat exchangers as well as QuietCombustionTM to ensure durability and quiet comfort.

Room For Improvement

Despite a healthy range of products to meet the needs of most any Canadian homeowner, Armstrong doesn’t offer any distinction between their warranty coverage. Entry-level models receive the same coverage as their premium Pro Series products, while other mid-range priced competitors will provide consumers with warranty coverage on a sliding scale. Although one way of looking at it is that even the lowest models have decent coverage, on the other hand, it also means that the premium models offer no additional benefit in coverage quality.

The Bottom Line

Armstrong’s selection of furnaces promises efficiency and reliability, in a wide range of model variants. Their products are priced competitively and feature many innovative technologies that appear to place functionality at the forefront of their concerns, with many of their products receiving ENERGY STAR® certification as a result of this specialized attention to detail and energy-efficiency. Armstrong furnaces are somewhat less common in Canada compared to some of the more major brands, but they’re still a worthwhile option to consider for budget-conscious homeowners.

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Armstrong Average Price Range

$2,900 – $5,500 (with installation)

Including installation, you can generally expect to pay within these margins for an Armstrong unit. The final price will depend on many factors, relating to the installation and the model you choose.

You might also be eligible for extra savings and government rebates, so make sure to ask, or get a local quote from a certified pro with us!

Armstrong Furnace Series

Basic – Single-Stage

Armstrong’s most economic tier showcases many high-efficiency single-stage furnaces that boast AFUE ratings from 93%-95%. They are an affordable option for those buyers looking for a reliable and quiet machine to provide consistent comfort for their home. Some of these units even offer Armstrong’s innovative EHXTM and QuietCombustionTM technologies.

Better – Constant Torque Blower & Two-Stage Performance

With Armstrong’s mid-range offerings, you’ll find an option that strikes the perfect balance between performance and efficiency. With up to 96% AFUE, these furnaces come outfitted with many of Armstrong’s innovative technologies. With options available with either a constant torque blower motor or a two-stage gas valve, Canadian consumers can find a furnace to match whatever their needs may be.

Best – Pro Series

Featuring the most energy efficient furnaces that Armstrong has to offer, the Pro Series is available to those who only settle for excellence. ENERGY STAR-certified and Comfort SyncTM enabled, these furnaces are an ideal choice for precise comfort and money-saving efficiency.

Top Models Comparison

Armstrong Pro Series A97MV

As an ENERGY STAR-certified product, the A97MV represents the best of Armstrong’s Pro Series selection of premium furnaces with an efficiency rating of 97% AFUE. Its modulating burner promises superior quality of comfort compared to traditional single-stage and two-stage options, while the variable speed fan motor enhances efficiency further to create more even temperatures through your home.

Furnace Stats

AFUE: 97%
Furnace type: Modulating
ENERGY STAR rated? Yes
Tier – Best

Armstrong Pro Series A962V

The A962V is a two-stage furnace that comes packed with many of Armstrong’s Pro Series perks, such as their Quiet CombustionTM technology and a Comfort SyncTM thermostat. Additionally, this option features an advanced stainless steel EHXTM heat exchanger that guarantees long-lasting durability while eliminating hot spots that could shorten a lesser furnace’s life.

Furnace Stats

AFUE: 96%
Furnace type: Two-Stage
ENERGY STAR rated? Yes
Tier – Best

Armstrong A962E

Armstrong’s A962E furnace is one of their many ENERGY STAR-certified mid-tier options, featuring an efficiency rating of 96% AFUE. More affordable than its Pro Series counterparts, this model pairs two-stage heating with a constant torque PSC motor. Compared to standard PSC motors, the continuous torque option will provide more consistent airflow all the while promising quieter operation.

Furnace Stats

AFUE: 96%
Furnace type: Two-Stage
ENERGY STAR rated? Yes
Tier – Better

Armstrong A951E

With an AFUE rating of 95%, Armstrong’s A951E furnace is a solid, energy-efficient option. This model features many of the same quality components as the A962E, including the constant torque PSC motor, but utilizes a single-stage heater to deliver consistent warmth throughout your home.

Furnace Stats

AFUE: 95%
Furnace type: Single-Stage
ENERGY STAR rated? Yes
Tier – Better

Armstrong A951S

As one of Armstrong’s most affordable options, the A951S is an excellent product for those who are seeking an efficient, long-lasting budget furnace. This single-stage model promises savings with an efficiency rating of 95% AFUE. However, it differs from Armstrong’s other bottom-tier products in that it features an advanced stainless steel EHXTM heat exchanger similar to those furnaces in the higher price range.

Furnace Stats

AFUE: 95%
Furnace type: Single-Stage
Tier – Basic

Armstrong A931A

The A931A furnace by Armstrong is a reliable, moderately efficient, economical option. With an AFUE rating of 93%, this single-stage model employs a standard PSC motor to provide even distribution of heat in any home. Although the heat exchanger is made of aluminized steel, you’re still guaranteed Armstrong’s proprietary EHXTM technology.

Furnace Stats

AFUE: 93%
Furnace type: Single-Stage
Tier – Basic

Other Armstrong Furnaces

A951A Furnace Stats

AFUE: 95%
Furnace type: Single-Stage
Tier – Basic

Armstrong Exclusive Features

Feature 1 – EHXTM Technology

Designed to make your furnace more durable and effective, EHXTM Technology is Armstrong’s proprietary heat exchanger. Its advanced airflow works to eliminate hot spots and provide a much more evenly distributed heat.

Feature 2 – Quiet CombustionTM Technology

Armstrong furnaces use a smaller BTU input per burner which results in a quieter start-up and operation while promising more evenly distributed heating.

Feature 3 – Comfort SyncTM Thermostat

Specific premium models of Armstrong furnaces pair with the Comfort SyncTM thermostat to continuously monitor your unit’s internal components to ensure optimum performance. It allows you to have total control of your home, even offering remote temperature adjustment from anywhere in the world. In a practical sense, this lets you set your furnace to warm your home ahead of time if you leave work early for example.


All Armstrong furnaces, from their economy tier to their Pro Series, feature the same coverage which includes a limited lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger and a limited 10-year warranty on parts.

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Founded in 1928 in Columbus, Ohio, Armstrong is a subsidiary of the Lennox Furnace Company. For nearly a century, their products are in the United States with this tradition currently being upheld at Armstrong’s state-of-the-art facility in Orangeburg, South Carolina.

With a commitment to quality and high-efficiency, Armstrong’s products are designed and assembled with you in mind. Their furnaces represent the same consistent nature of dependability associated with the company since its creation.

Eager to learn more about Armstrong’s high-efficiency natural gas furnace line up? Fill out our online form, and one of our representatives will be happy to provide you with a free, no obligation quote.

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