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Separated from our American neighbours by the Detroit River, Windsor is a vibrant city that has a lot of green space. If you love the outdoors, you have 2500 kilometers to explore including themed parks: nautical, castle and spaceship just to name a few. For their four legged friends, there are four off leash dog parks. The city has also been working hard to install accessible play places so that everyone has a chance to be a kid. As nice as they have made their outside, the homes in Windsor are also cozy with the over 210,000 residents having access to at least 75 heating and cooling professionals to keep them comfortable no matter the season. A free quote is just a click away.

Average furnace or A/C price in Windsor (including install): $2500 – $4500

How Do I Know What To Buy?

When it comes to home heating systems it’s best to do your research. After all, this is a purchase to last you at least the next decade or longer, so you want to be happy. When purchasing a new furnace it is important to look for a few major points.

Brand – You want to go with a trusted brand that will be in business for years to come. Check out our comparison of some of the top trusted brands here.

Installation – Make sure you have your furnace installed by a licensed HVAC professional. It is not worth your family’s health and safety to cut this corner.

Warranty – Make sure you can get a warranty. We recommend at least a one year parts and labour warranty along with the manufacturer’s warranty to protect your purchase.

Rebates – Check to see if you qualify for any government rebates. Often they can be applied for on your behalf. Make sure to research this before you have your equipment installed.

Energy-efficiency – One of the best reasons to look into a new system is the energy savings. The higher the AFUE the bigger the savings.

What Are My Payment Options?

Luckily there are many options to help you to afford a new heating or cooling system as well.

Financing: A great choice if you do not have the cash to pay for the upgrade outright and good credit. You will pay more over the length of your term than if you were to pay in cash but it is spread out into more manageable payments

Rent to own: Many companies offer no money down and even guaranteed credit acceptance. You will pay more over the life of your term (7, 10 or 14 years) but you will also be covered for any maintenance or repairs. Check out our comparison chart of furnace rental companies here.

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