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Living in Canada’s largest city can have its advantages when it comes to heating and cooling your home. Located along Lake Ontario, the fourth largest city in North America can experience extreme highs and very low temperatures. Luckily, the 2.8 million people that call Toronto home includes at least 293 heating and air conditioning companies. Which means for every 10,000 people, there is at least one company competing for your business and keeping prices lower for everyone.

Furnace and central air conditioner prices in Toronto, Ontario are typically in the $2200 – $5000 range including installation, depending on a variety of factors. Due to the large size of the GTA market, furnace and AC costs in the region tend to be among the lowest in Canada.

Average furnace or A/C price in Toronto (including install): $2200 – $5000

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What factors will affect the price of a new furnace or air conditioner?

Brand of furnace or AC: Look at the reputation of the brand you are choosing. How are they with maintenance? How hard will it be to find replacement parts? What type of warranty is available and will they be around to honour it? All these things are important to consider when making this investment.

Company that you choose: With a large number of companies competing for your business, it can be easier to get a deal in Toronto, but at what cost? Research the company you choose and make sure that they will be able to service you for years down the road. Otherwise, you may end up paying more in the end.

Size/BTU/Energy Efficiency: The larger the space you are trying to heat, the larger the unit you require. BTU stands for British Thermal Unit and is a measurement of the heat output of your furnace. Too small and it will fail to adequately heat a space, too large and it will cycle on and off wasting energy. The higher the AFUE rating, the more efficient the system, and often the larger the price tag.

Installation: The cost of installation can vary depending on the existing unit in your home. Older units tend to be larger and require the retrofit of ducts and electrical which can add additional costs. Units that are located in hard to reach spots can also influence price. When the installation includes a conversion from a different energy source (such as baseboard heaters or oil) this will also cost more. It is important to have a licensed HVAC professional install your unit. They are professionally trained and able to make sure your unit is installed properly and safely.

How often should I replace my furnace or AC?

When it comes to buying a new furnace or central AC, it is advisable to replace your unit every 15 to 20 years on average or sooner if your current unit is breaking down frequently and requires costly repairs. Here are some good signs that your unit needs to be replaced soon:

  • Check the age of your unit. You may need to look in the owner’s manual or call the manufacturer with the model number
  • Are your energy costs going up but your usage remains the same?
  • Has your unit become rusty? Noisy? Finnicky?
  • Are you noticing your home is heating or cooling unevenly or having humidity issues?
  • Is your furnace or AC cycling on and off more frequently?

Financing options

Need a new unit but don’t have the cash? Financing is available with low rates and affordable payments, so you can keep your home nice and warm or get a new air conditioning unit and beat the heat all summer.

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