St. Catharines Heating & Cooling – Furnace/AC Prices and Companies


A look at heating and cooling options in St. Catharines, Ontario including furnace and AC prices.

When most people think of the Niagara region a beautiful beach doesn’t always come to mind. But when it comes to St. Catharines, the largest city in the Niagara region, that is exactly what they have plenty of. Offering everything from your basic sand and water, to a carousel, residents have lots of options to beat the heat all summer. It’s not only the heat that natives must acclimate themselves too, winters can be harsh too. Luckily the just under 132,000 people that call this fair city home have over 100 options of companies to call for all their heating and cooling needs. Get a quote today.

Average furnace or A/C price in St. Catharines (including install): $2500 – $4500

What To Know Before You Buy

Research your manufacturer: When it comes to a major home investment, such as a new high efficiency heating or cooling system, you want to make sure you are investing your money wisely. Click here for a ranking of some popular brands.

Know your costs: Although there are sometimes deals to be had, if a bargain seems to good to be true…In St. Catharines you can expect to pay between $3000 and $5000. There are factors that will influence the price dramatically upward, such as having to convert from another source of power, such as electrical or oil. Although you will likely see a big savings on your energy bill, your installation will be more complicated and costs will be higher.

Get a warranty: Always a good thing to have, especially if your system konks out unexpectedly. We recommend looking for a company that will offer a one-year warranty on parts and labour in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty.

How should I pay? There are two options when it comes to buying your new system: pay in cash, use financing, or rent to own. All options have their advantages and disadvantages.

When paying in cash you are going to pay less as you are not incurring any additional charges. Although to do this you need to have the cash available to you.

Financing allows you to spread the payments over time. You will end up paying interest charges but it is a good option, especially when it is an unexpected expense and your cash flow is short.

Rent-to-own: This option allows the buyer to spread the cost out over a period usually ten to 15 years. Make sure there is an option to transfer to a new buyer or pay out at any time. Although you will pay more with this option it does often cover any maintenance or repair/replacement over the life of the contract. Landlords and business owners can build this cost into their monthly expenses or rent.

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