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Do you need a new furnace In Ottawa? Find out how to know if it’s time for an energy-efficient upgrade.

As our nation’s capital, Ottawa is known for its legislative buildings, Rideau Canal, beaver tails, and of course its chilly temperatures and healthy snowfalls. It averages over 50 days of snowfall accumulating over 69 inches of the white stuff. With all this snow and ice, January’s usual temperature is a frigid -10.7 degrees Celsius. It’s enough to make anyone retreat inside for a warm cup of hot chocolate, and to check their furnace for any signs it is ready to kick the bucket. Luckily for those Ottawa, Renfrew and Arnprior residents, there are over 155 heating and air conditioning companies ready to step in and save the day in case it does. Finding one is just a click away.

Average furnace or A/C price in Ottawa (including install): $2800 – $4800

How Can I Tell If My Furnace Needs To Be Replaced?

To avoid the nightmare of your unit kicking out in the middle of winter, make sure that you perform regular visual inspections and maintenance.

  • Look for any excessive rust, any water pooling or leaking
  • Does your air feel dry or dusty?
  • Is there any excessive moisture on your windows?
  • Are your bills going up without any change in your usage?
  • Are you noticing your furnace cycling on and off more frequently?
  • Is your home being heated unevenly resulting in cold and hot spots?

Are you answering yes to more than one of these questions? It’s probably time to start looking for quotes.

I Have Electrical Baseboards. How Much Can I Save By Switching To A Natural Gas Furnace?

With rising electricity costs, many are looking at the potential savings of converting their heating systems. The cost and possibility of conversion varies, but it is easy to request a free quote.

When choosing a high efficiency heating system there is a lot of potential for savings because so much of your energy dollars and going straight into heating your home. This measurement is called AFUE and it is literally the amount of money, out of a dollar, that will go directly into heating your home or business. In Canada, the minimum AFUE is 92, but you can purchase ENERGY STAR models that are rated 95 or above.

By purchasing ENERGY STAR models, you may also qualify for rebates on your purchase to save even more money.

Ontario Power Authority rebate of $250

Enbridge gas distribution rebate of $2000 towards the cost of an energy audit and retrofit

Hydro One offers $250 off a new high efficiency furnace

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