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Located on the shores of Lake Ontario and 30 minutes away from downtown Toronto, Mississauga is a great place to call home. Canada’s sixth largest city boasts a multicultural population of over 700,000 residents. With its southern Ontario climate ranging from frigid winters to sweltering summers, Mississaugans or “Saugens” are lucky to have 156 heating and air conditioning companies competing for their business and keeping prices low for everyone. The average cost for a new high efficiency heating system in Mississauga is between $2000 and $8000. Get a free quote by clicking here.

Average furnace or A/C price in Mississauga (including install): $2200 – $4200

Many Things Add Up to the Price of an Energy Efficient Unit

The bigger the size…

The size of your residential or commercial space will be a big indicator of the size of investment you will be making. Larger spaces require bigger units. The larger the space, the larger the unit, the larger the price tag. It is important to size correctly as too small of a unit and it will fail to adequately heat a space and an oversized unit will shut off constantly leading to a hot-cold effect, rather than maintaining a consistent temperature.

Brand of furnace/air conditioner: Using a trusted brand is important for finding replacement parts. You want to choose a brand that you know will be around down the line to fulfill your warranty.

Company that you choose: If a deal seems too good to be true… Make sure it isn’t. With a larger number of local heating contractors, it can be a buyers market in Mississauga, but do your due diligence on the company you choose and don’t always go for the lowest price. You often get what you pay for. Having a reputable company provide your services can be worth the extra money.

Installation: Installation costs can vary. The most important step is to make sure the person installing your unit is a licensed HVAC profession. Their training will ensure your unit is installed safely and properly.

If your old forced air furnace is in a crawlspace or other hard to access location, the installation cost may be higher. Existing older furnaces are generally larger and require the retrofit of ducts and electrical to meet new safety codes. Another additional installation expense is when a conversion from a different energy source (such as baseboard radiators or oil) is required.

Features to consider:

  • Amp up your energy savings by replacing your inefficient heating system. This is a great way to battle rising energy costs. You can save up to 45 per cent on your energy bill by replacing a 20-year-old furnace with an energy efficient model
  • Buy more to save more. Many companies offer price reductions when you buy a complete HVAC system (furnace, air conditioner and air filtration system).
  • Get some money from the government! ENERGY STAR unit upgrades can qualify you for the following:

Ontario Power Authority rebate of $250
Enbridge gas distribution rebate of $2000 towards the cost of an energy audit and retrofit
Hydro One offers $250 off a new high efficiency furnace

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