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With its proximity to Toronto and suburban feel, Markham is a great place to call home. Nestled in the York region with a population just over 300,000, it is Canada’s 16th largest city. Its population is educated, motivated and diverse. With its southern Ontario climate, Markham experiences lots of snow in the winter and sweat in the summer.

Luckily, it boasts over 80 different heating and cooling companies to keep its citizens comfortable year round. That means for every 3750 people, there is at least one company battling for your business and keeping pricing competitive. Getting a great deal is easy. Just click for a low price in your area.

Average furnace or A/C price in Markham (including install): $2500 – $4500

Can My System Last Another Season?

No one wants to have their furnace break down in the middle of January or have their air conditioner kick out in the middle of a heat wave. The good news is there are warning signs to look for that may indicate your unit is on its way out.

  • Check the appearance of your unit for rust and damage.
  • Is your unit becoming noticeably louder?
  • How old is your unit? A furnace will generally last between 20 and 30 years if serviced and maintained properly. An air conditioning system is 12 to 15. If you are unsure of the age you can check the owner’s manual or call the manufacturer quoting the model number.
  • If your energy costs are rising but your consumption remains the same it may be a sign of performance issues. Another sign is uneven heating patterns of signs of humidity.
  • Frequent furnace cycling can also signal an issue.

What is ENERGY STAR and Why Should I Choose It?

ENERGY STAR is used to identify the most energy efficient products in Canada. ENERGY STAR products are tested and certified to meet the highest standards in energy savings.

Energy efficiency is measured by AFUE which translates to the amount you are spending out of a dollar on energy costs versus the amount that is simply going up in smoke. The minimum AFUE in Canada is 92, but to be considered an ENERGY STAR model a unit would have to have an AFUE of 95. That means that for every dollar you spend to run the heating system 95 cents is going directly to heat your home. This is a great way to see huge energy savings.

When it comes to replacing your furnace or central air conditioner, a major bonus is savings on your energy bills. By choosing ENERGY STAR products, you can be sure that you are saving as much money as possible each month while protecting the environment.

You can be rewarded for your choice to purchase an ENERGY EFFICIENT heating or cooling system with government rebates.

Go green and save $250

An energy audit and chance to save up to $2000

250 reasons to get a new furnace

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