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Learn the pros and cons of different heating systems for your home

When most people think of Guelph, Ontario many things come to mind. Perhaps the University of Guelph, or one of its many theatres. Even the antique carousal in SOMETHING PARK. What may not immediately come to mind is adventure. But that is exactly what Guelph offers. Winner of the 2013 Tourism Impact Award, One Axe Pursuits in Guelph offers zip lining, outdoor rock climbing and caving. Visitors can even do ice climbing over frozen waterfalls. They don’t have to worry about exposure to the elements, the almost 115,000 residents have about 44 heating and cooling companies to keep their homes cozy all year. A quote is free and easy.

Average furnace or A/C price in Guelph (including install): $2500 – $3500

What Heating System Is Right For Me?

Are you house hunting or considering an upgrade? One of the most important systems to have an impact on your monthly bills is your heating and cooling system. They are an important consideration when purchasing a new home or renovating your current home.

A natural gas furnace can save money on your energy bills if it is a newer energy efficient model. By upgrading to an ENERGY STAR rated model you may qualify for a government rebate. If you do not currently have this type of heating a conversion can be costly. Is ductwork currently in place? Are natural gas lines available in your location?

A propane furnace – a good alternative if natural gas lines are not available in your location. This fuel type will require a tank that can be put adjacent to the home or buried underground.

Electric heat – Although better for the environment, this option can be hard on the wallet. Unfortunately, conversions to alternative heat sources can be costly. There are other options available if you do not have duct such as a Ductless mini split system. The prices of these units vary greatly depending on the size and installation as well as your location. Some systems do heating as well as cooling. These systems can be used as the main source of heating for the home or can be added to heat an addition to a home.

Boiler – Standard boilers can easily be upgraded to combination boilers for an energy savings. These systems are both efficient and space saving.

Geothermal heat – Environmentally friendly and great for the wallet, this system requires a steep initial investment but will grant a huge savings over time. Since the system is buried underground, it is both a space saver and a great option for those who are building their own home.


A Step by Step Guide to Buying a New Furnace

Step by Step Guide to Buying a New Furnace

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