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Buying the right heating system in Brantford

Often called the ‘telephone city’ Brantford, Ontario is the former residence of Alexander Graham Bell. In fact, the first long distance phone call was made from Brantford to Paris, Ontario. Bell is not the only celebrity resident from this city in southwest Ontario. Comedian Phil Hartman,  Wayne Gretzky and Group of Seven member Lawren Harris all hailed from Brantford. With an average low temperature a frigid -10 degrees Celsius, residents know the importance of regular maintenance for their heating systems. In the market for an upgrade? A quote is free and easy.

Average furnace or A/C price in Brantford (including install): $2500 – $5000

Do You Need A New System?

The last thing you want is a failing system in the middle of winter. For the estimated 90,000 residents there are about 42 heating and cooling companies. Luckily you can be connected to an HVAC professional with a click of a button.

The best time to buy a new system is before you actually need one. If you can anticipate your need you can save money by buying on the off season (early spring, mid-winter and early fall) for the best savings.

To determine whether you will need a new heating system, perform regular inspections looking specifically for the following:

  • Age of your unit-if your furnace was in the home when you purchased it, you can check the owner’s manual or call the manufacturer with the model number. Furnaces have an average life span of 15-20 years.
  • Look for excessive outputs of dust or rust particles. Also look for signs of corrosion.
  • Check out your heating bills. Are they going up despite your energy needs staying the same?
  • How noisy is your furnace? Do you hear excessive rattling and bangs? Is your furnace cycling on and off more frequently?
  • Is your furnace heating your home unevenly? Are you noticing drafts and hot spots?
  • Have you noticed your skin or lips are dry?

What Brand Should I Go With?

The good news is that by proactively planning your purchase you can have the time to research and ensure you get the brand, professional and financing you want. Check out our brand comparison below to pick out your new unit.

Another factor to consider with your purchase is its energy rating and whether or not it would qualify for a government rebate. It is important to do this research before you buy.

Take the time to research the warranty available through the manufacturer as well as the HVAC professional who performs your installation. By going with a well-established brand and company with a comprehensive warranty you can protect yourself from problems in the future.

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