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Best practice tips on furnace replacement and fuel conversion

Barrie and Orillia can feel like a summer spot for many who reside and visit there. Located along lake Simcoe these are popular tourist and cottage destinations as well as an ideal retirement area. Although a wonderful spot to visit during the busy summer season, Barrie also hosts one of the top 100 festivals in the country each February. Winterfest celebrates everything snow with a polar bear dip, mini tube run and horse drawn carriage rides. As much as Barrie residents enjoy their outdoor winter activities, they also know the importance of keeping their homes comfortable and warm. For the just over 136,000 residents there are 95 heating and cooling companies competing for their business. An online quote  is just a click away.

Average furnace or A/C price in Barrie (including install): $3200 – $4500

Is A Fuel Conversion The Right Choice For Me?

Taking an estimate from Enbridge Gas, a three-bedroom detached home with a 50-gallon hot water tank living in Barrie could expect substantial savings with an energy conversion.

It is estimated that the annual cost to heat the home would be:

  • Electricity $2723
  • Propane $1729
  • Oil $1529
  • Wood $1112
  • Natural gas $854

A homeowner willing to switch from electric to natural gas would pay 69% as electricity is currently 219% more expensive than gas.

Annual savings are only part of the picture. A conversion is a big job that has many things that can affect the price.

Forced air system

If you currently have an older oil furnace or an electric forced air furnace your conversion should be relatively straight forward. In total, a cost of $2500 to $6000 is typical.

Baseboard heaters or a boiler system

This can be a costly conversion because you likely need ductwork installed. An engineer will need to come in and determine where the ductwork needs to go. This type of conversion can run as much as $10,000. Alternatively, you can consider mini split heat pump units.

There are a lot of pros to conversion. It will increase the value of your home as well as it’s energy efficiency. Furthermore, with natural gas there is no worry about running out of heating fuel. Unlike oil, where you often pay to have your tank filled up front, natural gas allows you to spread out the cost of heating your home monthly.

It is also important to consider the type of fuel you can convert to. You can check with your local gas company to see if a hook up is available in your area. In some cases, the gas company will ever cover the cost of the hook-up. In rural areas, propane is the only available option. It does require a tank to hold the fuel which can be installed adjacent to your home or underground.


A Step by Step Guide to Buying a New Furnace

Step by Step Guide to Buying a New Furnace

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