This Trane air conditioner review will examine the brand’s models, efficiency ratings, features, prices, warranty, and more.

Trane’s direct competitors in this price bracket includes: Amana, American Standard, Bryant, Rheem, and Napoleon.

Average Price: $2800 – $4500

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Good: Trane provides consumers with great value with their standard and generous 10 year limited parts, compressor and outdoor coil warranty. They also give consumers the option of purchasing additional warranty coverage, an added bonus not seen amongst many brands in their mid-range priced brand tier. With 13-21 SEER high-efficiency central air conditioners that available in Single Stage, Two Stage and Variable Speed operation – they truly meet customers’ needs at all efficiency levels. At 55 decibels the operational noise level of their XV18 model, in their premium-priced model tier, rivals models in the premium-priced brand tiers.

Want: Although Trane offers consumers a generous warranty package, it is standard across all three model-priced tiers. Whether you purchase a $2800, 13 SEER, entry-level efficiency unit or a $4500+ top of the line, 21 SEER unit you are receiving the same limited warranty coverage on your parts, compressor and outdoor coil. I don’t know about you, but if I’m paying for the top of the line model I want to see some distinction between the brand tiers when it comes to warranty protection. Many brands offer greater warranty coverage as you move up in the model pricing. So although each model has coverage, the economy priced model typically has less coverage than the premium priced model. Hard to say if Trane will follow suit, and change up their warranty plans amongst their economy, mid-range and premium priced tiers, but if they did it would certainly make consumers stop and take notice.

The Bottom Line: Comfortable, quiet, efficient cool.  With a Trane high-efficiency central air conditioner, you truly can have it all.

Trane air conditioners have an excellent overall value. Request your FREE quote today.

Final Score: 8.2/10













Detailed Review

Efficiency/SEER – 9/10

Trane has a wide range of efficiency levels to offer consumers in their 13-21 SEER central air conditioners.

Efficiency Breakdown:

  • 100% of Trane central air conditioners have an energy efficiency of 13 SEER or greater
  • All models, except XB300 ENERGY STAR certified
  • 3 out of 13 models are 13-14.5 SEER
  • 4 out of 13 models are 16-17 SEER
  • 6 out of 13 models are 18-21 SEER

Innovative Technology and Additional Features – 8/10

Trane Innovative technologies are focused on overall operation of their central air conditioners to ensure that your system is working at peak performance, and optimal efficiency.

Innovative Technologies included:

  • Climatuff® Compressor – used in Trane’s Single Stage central air conditioner models
  • Climatuff® Variable Compressor – used in Trane’s Variable Speed central air conditioner models
  • ComfortLink™ II Communicating capability
  • Dual Climatuff® compressors – used in Trane’s Two Stage central air conditioner models
  • Spine Fin™ coil
  • All aluminum Climatuff™ coil
  • Manual Charge Assist™
  • Comfort-R™- improved humidity removal

Additional Features:

  • WeatherGuard™

Pricing –  7/10

A Trane high-efficiency central air conditioner will cost consumers between $2800 – $4500 on average. This price range places them squarely in the mid-range priced brand tier, with their premium models closer to the upper band of this mid-ranged pricing tier. Their direct competitors in this price bracket are: Amana, American Standard, Bryant, Rheem, and Napoleon who top out at about $4000 at their upper price bracket.

Price vs. Value:

Trane gives consumers excellent value for their money in the form of warranty, options, and efficiency. Good warranty coverage that’s standard across their economy, mid-range and premium priced central air conditioner models, means consumers can enjoy the same great protection whether they purchase a 13 SEER or 21 SEER central air conditioner from Trane.

A wide variety of Two Stage and Variable Speed operation, Trane provides some of the most efficient units available within their mid-range priced brand tier.

Scroll compressor/Condenser fan motor –  8/10

Trane offers consumers a wide selection of Single Stage, Two Stage and Variable Speed high-efficiency central air conditioner models to choose from.

Options available:

  • 8 Single Stage, high-efficiency central air conditioner models – XB300, XB13, XB14, XB16, XR13, XR14, XR16,  XL16i
  • 3 Two Stage, high-efficiency central air conditioner models- XR17, XL18i, XL20i
  • 2 Variable Speed, high-efficiency central air conditioner models- XV18, XV20i

Noise –  8/10

Consumers looking for the quietest high-efficiency central air conditioner that Trane manufactures will want to check out the central air conditioner models in Trane’s premium-priced model tier. With a decibel range of 55-73 decibels, homeowners will benefit from their quiet operation. If Trane’s premium-priced models are priced outside of, or at the very top of your budget their mid-range priced models also offer low operational noise between 71-75 decibels. The Single Stage central air conditioners in Trane’s economy-priced model tier are slightly noisier than their mid-range models with a operational noise level of 78-82 decibels. This elevation of noise is understandable given that a Single Stage air conditioner must run consistently in order to cool the home and there is no downgrade in fan speed like we see in Two Stage and Variable Speed models. Overall, the premium and mid-ranged price high-efficiency central air conditioners give consumers a quiet central air conditioner to cool their home. A Trane high-efficiency central air conditioner let’s you enjoy outdoor gatherings without the disruption of a noisy central air conditioner.

Warranty –  9/10

Standing behind the quality of their craftsmanship, Trane’s comprehensive warranty covers all of the bases when it comes to providing consumers with a warranty plan they can trust. Protection that includes: Parts, Compressor and Outdoor coverage ensures that consumers feel at ease when they purchase a Trane high-efficiency central air conditioner.

Warranty Breakdown:

  • Parts – 10 year limited
  • Compressor – 10 year limited
  • Outdoor coil – 10 year limited
  • Additional warranty available for purchase – warranty transfer and additional costs not covered (ex: labour)

Enjoy a comfortable home with Trane. For more details fill out this online form and get a free quote!

Trane Central A/C Model Breakdown & Comparison

Trane has a long history in the HVAC industry. Their commitment to developing cooling technology dates back to 1931. Known for quality manufacturing and innovative technologies. Canadians can rely on Trane high-efficiency central air conditioners to keep their home cool during the July and August heat of Canadian summer.

Trane’s Economy Central Air Conditioners

The XB13, XB16, and XB14 are ENERGY STAR certified high-efficiency central air conditioners that are available in Trane’s economy-priced model tier. All high-efficiency central air conditioners in this tier are Single Stage operation, between 13-16.5 SEER for an entry-level to moderate efficiency cooling.

Model NumberSEER
XB300Up to 13
XB13Up to 14.5
XB14Up to 16.5
XB16Up to 16.5


Economy Tier Warranty Coverage:

When you purchase a Trane central air conditioner unit from their economy priced tier you will receive the limited 10-year warranty coverage on the following components:

  • compressor
  • outdoor coil
  • functional parts (internal to your central air conditioning unit)

Optional Warranties that are available to purchase for an additional cost:

  • The ability to transfer your limited warranty when it’s registered
  • Extended warranties to cover additional costs outside of the scope of your Trane manufacturer warranty for things such as labour costs*

*speak to your local distributor for more information about the Trane manufacturer warranty and additional warranties that are available to you.

Trane’s Mid-Range Central Air Conditioners

Trane’s mid-range priced model tier includes Two Stage and Single Stage high-efficiency central air conditioners between 14.5-18 SEER. All models in this pricing tier are ENERGY STAR certified.

Model NumberSEER
XR17Up to 18
XR16Up to 17
XR13Up to 14.5


Mid-Range Tier Warranty Coverage: Trane’s mid-range priced central air conditioner models receive the same comprehensive warranty available to their economy-priced tier.

Trane’s Premium High-Efficiency Air Conditioners

Trane’s premium tier is comprised of Single Stage, Two Stage and Variable Speed high-efficiency central air conditioner models between 16-21 SEER. All models in this tier are ENERGY STAR certified. Consumers will enjoy a wide selection of innovative technologies from the models in this tier including: Communicating capability, Dual Climatuff® compressors, Two-stage Climatuff® compressor, and Spine Fin™ coil.**

Model NumberSEER
XV20i Variable SpeedUp to 21
XL20iUp to 20
XV18Up to 18
XL18iUp to 18
XL16iUp to 16


Premium Tier Warranty Coverage:

Enjoy the same warranty coverage as Trane’s economy and mid-range priced high-efficiency central air conditioner models.

**Innovative technologies included may vary based on central air conditioner model selected.

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