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Trane Air Conditioner Review and Buying Guide 2019

(Updated for 2019)

Your complete Trane air conditioner buying guide, including top models, prices, SEER ratings, features, warranty info, and more. Get your free quote quickly & easily!

Getting a new air conditioner can make your family more comfortable through the summer months and reduce your energy costs, but it’s important to get the right cooling system for your needs. There are a lot of considerations to make when buying an air conditioner, and one of the most important is which brand to buy. If you’re considering a Trane cooling system, here’s what you need to know about the models they have, the exclusive features and technologies they offer, and more.

Trane Air Conditioners, At a Glance

Strong Points

Trane makes dependable and high-quality air conditioners that are built to last. Every model in their product line except one is ENERGY STAR certified, so it’s easy to find a high-efficiency cooling system that will reduce your utility bills. Trane also has a number of cutting-edge features and patented technologies that are designed to improve performance and increase durability.

Room For Improvement

Trane air conditioners come with a number of great features and bonuses, plus they’re a premium brand, so this means their cooling systems are more expensive than competitor brands. If you’re looking for a more affordable option, then you likely won’t find anything in Trane’s lineup that fits your budget.

The Bottom Line

A Trane air conditioner will typically come with a higher price tag than most other brands, but it will also come with a high efficiency rating, a long lifespan, and some great features that are designed to ensure your cooling system operates at peak performance and always keeps your home at the ideal temperature.

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General Price Range for Trane Air Conditioners

$4,000 and $10,000 (with installation)

One of the factors that will impact the final cost of your air conditioner is the installation itself, which could cost as much as $1,000 or more. If you want to get the best price for installation, get quotes from multiple HVAC contractors. Other factors that will impact the cost of your unit include:

  • Unit size and BTU cooling output
  • Where you live (rural versus urban, HVAC competition in the area, licensing requirements in your city or town, etc.)
  • Efficiency rating
  • Installation complications
  • Current deals or promotions
  • Energy efficiency or other rebates

Introduction to the Trane Air Conditioner Series

Good – XR Series

The low-tier series in the Trane line is the XR series, which includes air conditioners with single- and two-stage compressors. The models in this line have SEER ratings between 14.5 and 18, and most have ENERGY STAR certification.

Like other Trane products, these cooling units are designed for durability and efficiency. They have corrosion-resistant components to withstand the elements, and they’re equipped with Climatuff compressors. They’re also built with high-quality materials so you get the longest life possible from your air conditioner.

Better – XL Series

Trane’s mid-range units are the XL series, which are single- or two-stage air conditioners with SEER ratings between 16.5 and 18. Every unit in this series has ENERGY STAR certification, so you can rest assured that you’ll spend less cooling your house every month.

These models are all equipped with Trane’s lasting-performance materials and components, including corrosion-resistant fasteners and Climatuff compressors. The air conditioners in the XL series can also be combined with Trane’s advanced CleanEffects filtration system.

Best – XV Series

The top-of-the-line air conditioners in the Trane line are the XV series, which are ENERGY STAR air conditioners with variable-speed compressors and SEER ratings between 18 and 22. These units can be paired with all of Trane’s features and technologies, including the CleanEffects air filtration system and the ComfortLink II communicating technology that constantly monitors and adjusts the system for peak performance.

These models are also equipped with TruComfort technology, which will automatically make temperature adjustments to keep your home at the perfect temperature.

Comparison of Trane’s Top Models

XV20i TruComfort and XV18 TruComfort

The premium models in Trane’s offering are the XV20i TruComfort and XV18 TruComfort, which are high-efficiency variable-speed air conditioners that will always keep your home at the temperature you want. They’re specifically designed for quiet operation and durability, and they’re compatible with the TruComfort technology, ComfortLink II communication system, and the CleanEffects air filtration system.

XV20i TruComfort

SEER – 22
Air conditioner type – Variable-speed
ENERGY STAR rated? Yes
Tier – Premium

XV18 TruComfort

SEER – 18
Air conditioner type – Variable-speed
ENERGY STAR rated? Yes
Tier – Premium


The top model in their mid-tier series is Trane’s XL18i, a two-stage air conditioner that’s highly efficient, designed to resist the elements and corrosion, and built to see your home through many cooling seasons. This model is compatible with the CleanEffects system, but not the TruComfort technology or ComfortLink II system.


SEER – 18
Air conditioner type – Two-stage
ENERGY STAR rated? Yes
Tier – Mid


The XL16i is a single-stage ENERGY STAR air conditioner with a variable-speed fan that works to keep your home comfortable at all times. The special design also means your home will be cool and quiet throughout the summer, and you can pair this cooling system with Trane’s CleanEffects for improved air quality.


SEER – 16.5
Air conditioner type – Single-stage
ENERGY STAR rated? Yes
Tier – Mid


The first model in Trane’s low-tier series is the XR17, which is still a high-quality and high-efficiency two-stage air conditioner that will lower your energy bills and keep your home’s temperature perfect. It has a SEER rating of 18 and ENERGY STAR certification, and has been engineered for quiet and lasting performance.


SEER – 18
Air conditioner type – Two-stage
ENERGY STAR rated? Yes
Tier – Low


The XR16 is similar to the XR17, but it has a slightly lower SEER rating and it’s equipped with a single-stage compressor instead of a two-stage one. Like other Trane air conditioners, the XR16 is outfitted with the patented Climatuff compressor, Spine Fin outdoor coil, an upgraded fan, and some models even have a sound insulator for quieter operation.


SEER – 17
Air conditioner type – Single-stage
ENERGY STAR rated? Yes
Tier – Low

Exclusive Trane Features

1. Trane CleanEffects

CleanEffects is an advanced home filtration system that can remove up to 99.98 percent of pollutants, contaminants, allergens, and other particles from the air. It’s more effective than standard filters and even than HEPA filters, making it ideal for people who are concerned about indoor air quality and healthy homes.

2. ComfortLink II Communicating Control Board

ComfortLink II is an advanced communications system that connects components in your heating and cooling system and monitors temperature and humidity levels. The system can even make automatic adjustments to the compressor and fan speeds to guarantee the perfect indoor air temperature at all times, and it has a touchscreen control you can use to adjust the system and even check the weather.

3. Spine Fin Coil

The Spine Fin Woven Coil is a special aluminum coil that Trane has designed to resist corrosion, prevent leaks, increase airflow, and to be more reliable than traditional coils.

4. Climatuff Compressor

The Climatuff is a proprietary compressor that Trane uses in all of its air conditioners and heat pumps. It has been specifically designed for quiet operation, high-efficiency, and superior durability.

Important Warranty Information

Every Trane air conditioner comes with a base limited warranty that covers parts that need to be replaced because of a manufacturer’s defect. Depending on the model, the warranty terms range from one to 20 years. If you register your new cooling system within 60 days of installation, the warranty terms get longer and can range from 5 years to a lifetime warranty.

Their air conditioners also come with a 10-year limited warranty that covers the outdoor coil and internal functional parts (as long as you register the product). There’s also a limited warranty for the compressor, which lasts 10 years for registered XR series models and 12 years for registered XL and XV models.

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Trane’s history goes back to 1885, when the company got its start designing a low-pressure heating system. By the mid 1930s they had expanded into the air conditioning business as well, and today they are a household name in the HVAC industry.

In 2008, Trane was acquired by Ingersoll Rand, but they still have the same focus on manufacturing quality products, on energy efficiency, and on designing reliable and long-lasting heating and cooling systems for North American homes.

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