This Lennox air conditioner review will examine the brand’s models, efficiency ratings, features, prices, warranty, and more.

A premium-range brand, Lennox’s competitor in this price bracket is Carrier.

Average Price: $3200 – $6000+

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Good: Lennox is all about consistency and efficiency. Lots of innovative technologies, to ensure cool comfort, and maximum control over your high-efficiency central air conditioner. With several Two Stage and Variable Speed options, up to 26 SEER, Lennox produces some of the most efficient high-efficiency central air conditioners to date. With 5 ENERGY STAR certified models to choose from consumers, can be assured that their energy dollars will be used wisely. 4 of their ENERGY STAR certified models (SL18XC1, XC21, XC20 and XC16) fall in the 17.2-21 SEER range, they are the perfect choice for those looking for high to premium-efficiency central air conditioners that perform well in our Canadian climate.

Want: More affordable options. At approximately $3200 (including install) for their base model price for a 13 SEER high-efficiency central air conditioner is out of reach for many consumers. Many consumers feel that the energy savings of a 13 SEER isn’t high enough to warrant such a high initial investment, particularly when they can get lower pricing in the Economy and Mid Range priced tiers. Regardless of whether consumers want more affordable pricing for Lennox’s base models it’s unlikely that we will see a move toward lower pricing. Lennox is a well established premium brand with brand loyal customers. Lowering their price points is not on their radar.

The Bottom Line: Lennox is one of the top brands in the premium-priced brand tier. Their innovative technologies are second to none and every inch of their design has one purpose, to provide consumers with the very best in home cooling. With a price tag of $3200-$6000, Lennox is one of the most expensive brands on the market, however they more than deliver on value through their warranty, innovative technology and efficiency.

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Final Score: 8.2/10













Detailed Review

Efficiency/SEER – 9/10

Lennox high-efficiency models run the gamut, from 13-26 SEER, they offer economy, mid-range, high, and premium-efficiency levels.

Efficiency Breakdown:

  • 5 out of 9 Lennox central air conditioner models are ENERGY STAR certified: XC25, XC21, SL18XC1, XC20, XC16 and XC14
  • 9 out of 9 models meet the minimum 13 SEER rating
  • 8 out of 9 Lennox central air conditioners exceed 13 SEER

Innovative Technology and Additional Features – 9/10

Innovative Technologies included:

  • Precise Comfort ® Technology – incremental temperature adjustments can be combined with Sun Source® solar panels
  • iComfort Wi-Fi ® thermostat – remote access control of your home cooling system
  • SilentComfort™ technology – quieter operation

Pricing –  6/10

At $3200-$6000+, a Lennox high-efficiency central air conditioner is expensive compared to other brands but the innovative technologies and energy savings make it a worthwhile consideration. A premium-priced brand their pricing is equivalent to Carrier, one of their direct competitors.

Price vs. Value:

If you’re looking for an entry-level efficiency model, the Lennox Merit ® Series does offer models in the 13-14 SEER range. However, $3200 is a steep price to pay as an initial investment in a system that will not yield as much energy savings when compared to their Elite ® Series and Dave Lennox Signature Collection. For a Lennox 13 and 14 SEER home cooling system, consumers will be paying approx. $1000-$1700 more than for a comparable SEER model in the Mid-Range priced tier.

Lennox provides consumers with immense value for their investment in one of their high-efficiency central air conditioners. The greatest value is seen in the Lennox Elite Series ® and Dave Lennox Signature Collection. Both of these collections have several models which boast multiple innovative technologies, as well as Two Stage and Variable Speed operation, which has a huge impact on consumer energy savings. At $4500-$6000, the initial investment is steep for a high-efficiency air conditioner; however there is greater return on investment for the consumer in energy savings over time.

Scroll compressor/Condenser fan motor –  9/10

Lennox offers consumers a great selection of ENERGY STAR certified Variable Speed, Multi-Stage and Two Stage high-efficiency central air conditioner models.

Options available:

  • Single Stage – SL18XC1 ENERGY STAR certified, XC14 ENERGY STAR certified, XC13, 14ACX, and 13ACX
  • Two Stage – XC21 ENERGY STAR certified
  • Variable Speed – XC25 ENERGY STAR certified, XC20 ENERGY STAR certified
  • Multi-Stage – XC16 ENERGY STAR certified

Noise –  9/10

At 59-66 decibels, the models in the Dave Lennox Signature Collection are far and away some of the quietest high-efficiency air conditioners for sale in Canada. When you purchase a premium model from Lennox you can rest easy that you will be able to enjoy a comfortable cool without the frustration of loud operational noise.

Warranty –  7/10

Lennox offers good warranty coverage in all three of their model tiers. For many an initial investment of $3200 for a 13 SEER central air conditioner may seem steep but when coupled with Lennox’s 5 year limited compressor warranty it’s added value that makes it more worthwhile.

In their upper model tiers Lennox’s 10 year limited compressor and parts warranty is good, but isn’t as extensive as some of the warranties found in the mid-range priced brand tier for comparable SEER models. Overall, a good warranty program for quality manufactured and innovative high-efficiency central air conditioners.

Warranty Breakdown:

  • 100% of models in the Lennox Elite ® Series and Dave Lennox Signature Collection have limited 10 year coverage for compressor and covered parts. Ensuring your home cooling system is protected for the majority of its lifespan.
  • 5 years of compressor coverage in the Lennox Merit ® Series brand is much more generous than other comparable models receive in lower priced brand tiers. Not the best warranty available for that SEER range, however that is not their target audience.

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Lennox Central A/C Model Breakdown & Comparison

Lennox is known for producing some of the best air conditioners on the market. They stay true to their vision of producing some of the most innovative high-efficiency air conditioners available.

Lennox’s Economy Central Air Conditioners

None of the entry-level efficiency models in the Lennox Merit ® Series are ENERGY STAR certified. With an efficiency range between 13-14 SEER, they are ideal for consumers wanting a premium brand entry level central air conditioner. All models in this series are Single Stage central air conditioners.

Merit® Series

Model NumberSEER
14ACXUp to 14
13ACXUp to 13


Economy Tier Warranty Coverage

Entry-level efficiency is no reason for low warranty coverage.

Consumers can enjoy the following warranty protection when they purchase one of the models in the Merit ® Series:

  • 5 year limited parts and compressor warranty
  • Extended limited warranty may be available for certain models in the Merit ® Series*

Lennox’s Mid-Range Central Air Conditioners

All models are ENERGY STAR certified with the exception of model XC13. 15.5-20 SEER. The Lennox Elite ® Series features Two Stage, Variable Speed and Single Stage high-efficiency central air conditioner models.

Elite® Series

Model NumberSEER
XC20Up to 20
XC16Up to 17.2
XC14Up to 16
XC13Up to 15.5


Mid-Range Tier Warranty Coverage: Standing behind their product, Lennox provides consumers with coverage they can count on.

  • Limited 10 year compressor warranty
  • Limited 5 year parts warranty
  • Lennox also offers a limited extended 10 year warranted for certain models*

*speak with your distributor to find out what warranty packages your Lennox high-efficiency air conditioner model qualifies for.

Lennox’s Premium High-Efficiency Air Conditioners

The Dave Lennox Signature Collection boasts Two Stage, Single Stage and Variable Speed models between 18.5-26 SEER, for consumers looking for a high to ultra premium-efficiency central air conditioner.

Dave Lennox Signature Collection

Model NumberSEER
XC25Up to 26
XC21Up to 21
SL18XC1Up to 18.5


Premium Tier Warranty Coverage: Enjoy the best warranty coverage Lennox offers when you purchase a high-efficiency central air conditioner model from their Dave Lennox Signature Collection.

Consumers will 10 year limited warranty coverage:

  • parts (covered)
  • scroll compressor

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