This KeepRite air conditioner review will examine the brand’s models, efficiency ratings, features, prices, warranty, and more.

KeepRite’s direct competitors in this price bracket includes: Goodman and York.

Average Price: $2400 – $3500

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Good: Hands down, KeepRite has one of the best, comprehensive warranty packages available in their economy-priced brand tier, exceeding many of the brands in the mid-range priced and premium priced tiers. If you’re looking for a brand that stands behind their product and protects your investment you will want to take a closer look at a KeepRite high-efficiency air conditioner.

Want: The highest SEER that KeepRite currently offers is 19 SEER.  Although 19 SEER is a very respectable high-efficiency air conditioner, it would be nice to see KeepRite add some 20 SEER and 21 SEER models to their high-efficiency air conditioner product lineup. But at 19 SEER Canadians will still see a good return on their investment with savings on their energy bills.

The Bottom Line: As an Economy-priced brand, they are in good company with Goodman and York.  KeepRite offers consumers excellent value for their investment of $2400-3500.  Their limited 1, 5 and 10 year No Hassle Replacement™ warranty plans underscore their commitment to consumers in ensuring that they will enjoy their KeepRite high-efficiency central air conditioner for many years.

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Final Score: 8.2/10













Detailed Review

Efficiency/SEER – 8/10

KeepRite CCA9 and CCA7 models are both ENERGY STAR certified, and the perfect option for consumers looking to achieve a higher level of efficient cooling in their home. With models available between 13-19 SEER, they have many low, moderate and high-efficiency central air conditioner options.  KeepRite 13 SEER models will provide the greatest energy savings for those consumers who are upgrading from older inefficient 10 SEER models.  For those looking for a more moderate efficiency level with greater energy savings 16-17 is an optimal SEER to keep you cool while cutting energy cooling costs during our Canadian summers.

At 19 SEER, the KeepRite CCA9 and CVA9 high-efficiency central air conditioner models are the highest SEER available in the Economy-priced tier, edging out Goodman and York, which both top out at 18 SEER.

Efficiency Breakdown:

  • All of the high-efficiency central air conditioner models KeepRite manufactures meet the 13 SEER minimum
  • 100% of models in the KeepRite ProComfort™ Deluxe Series are ENERGY STAR certified for greater energy efficiency
  • 75% of KeepRite high-efficiency central air conditioner models exceed 13 SEER
  • 6 out of 8 models are ENERGY STAR certified: N4A6, CXA6, CSA6, CCA7, CCA9 and  CVA9.

Innovative Technology and Additional Features – 7/10

These innovative technologies work to improve overall energy efficiency.  The greater the energy efficiency of your central air conditioner, the more savings you will see.  Many brands are developing their own remote access innovative technology to give consumers the ability to control the temperature of their home from remote locations.

Wake up in the middle of the night because the temperature upstairs is too hot? Dreading getting out of bed to go downstairs to adjust the thermostat?  No problem, adjust it from your phone with the KeepRite Observer ® Communicating control.

Gone are the days where you have to walk over to your thermostat to adjust your central air conditioner temperature. Cool comfort made easy!

Innovative Technologies included:

  • SmartSense™ technology – provide a consistent cooling with intuitive response to small changes in temperature
  • Observer ® Communicating control – wifi ® enabled remote access to allow you to control your KeepRite high-efficiency central air conditioner from any device you choose.

Additional Features:

  • durable cabinet design

Pricing –  9/10

$2400-$3500 is the average pricing you can expect to pay for a KeepRite high-efficiency central air conditioner. KeepRite pricing squares up with their direct competitors, Goodman and York in the Economy-priced brand tier.

Price vs. Value:

When making an investment in a high-efficiency central air conditioner it’s important to consider the value you’re getting.  For many brands, the best value occurs only when you purchase their premium models. KeepRite believes in giving consumers excellent value at every level of their central air conditioner pricing tiers.

Scroll compressor/Condenser fan motor –  8/10

KeepRite is the only brand in the Economy-priced tier to offer consumers two high-efficiency central air conditioner models that have Two Stage operation (CCA7 and CCA9). Goodman (DSXC16) and York (CZH), their direct competitors in this pricing tier offer just one model each for Two Stage operation. KeepRite (CVA9) and Goodman (DSXC18) are tied in Variable Speed options, with both brands offering 1 model each for this operation, and York is left out with no Variable Speed options available.

Options available:

  • Single Stage – 5 out of 8 KeepRite models are Single Stage central air conditioners.
  • Two Stage – only two KeepRite models, the CCA7 and CCA9 offer higher-efficiency Two Stage central air operation.
  • Variable Speed – CVA9 is the only KeepRite high-efficiency central air conditioner that has Variable Speed operation.

Noise –  8/10

KeepRite high-efficiency central air conditioners offer consumers a relatively quiet home cooling experience with a range between 56-74 decibels of operation noise.

Warranty –  9/10

KeepRite provides fantastic warranty coverage with their Limited No Hassle Replacement™ options included with the purchase of models in their ProComfort™Series and ProComfort™Deluxe Series.  KeepRite is one of the only brands to offer excellent warranty coverage to their lowest 13 SEER C4A3 model in the ProComfort™Series.

Warranty Breakdown:

  • Limited 1 year No Hassle Replacement™ and limited 10 year parts available for KeepRite C4A3 model
  • 5 year limited No Hassle Replacement™warranty on CXA6 and CSA6 models
  • 10 year limited No Hassle Replacement™warranty for models CVA9, CCA9 and CCA7
  • 10 year limited parts warranty for N4A6 and N4A3 models

With their good overall value and solid warranty coverage, KeepRite is a popular choice among Canadian consumers. Fill out our online form for a free quote!

KeepRite Central A/C Model Breakdown & Comparison

KeepRite has been providing Canadian consumers with heating and cooling products for over seven decades. When you purchase a KeepRite high-efficiency central air conditioner you know that you are getting a quality cooling system, backed by their limited No Hassle Replacement™ guarantee* at a reasonable price.

*for select models, number of years covered varies by model.

KeepRite’s Economy Central Air Conditioners

Models in the KeepRite Performance Series are Single Stage central air conditioners ranging from 13-16 SEER. KeepRite Performance Series pricing is approximately $2400-$2800**. The N4A6 model is ENERGY STAR certified.

Model NumberSEER
N4A6Up to 16


Economy Tier Warranty Coverage: models in the KeepRite economy tier include a limited 10 year parts warranty

KeepRite’s Mid-Range Central Air Conditioners

Single Stage air conditioners abound in the KeepRite ProComfort™ Series with 13-16 SEER for low to moderate efficiency central air conditioner units. The central air conditioner models in the KeepRite ProComfort™ Series run between $2700-$3200**, approximately. The CXA6 and CSA6 models in this tier are both ENERGY STAR certified.

Model NumberSEER
CXA6Up to 16
CSA6Up to 16


Mid-Range Tier Warranty Coverage: KeepRite high-efficiency warranty plans vary depending on model in their ProComfort™ Series:

  • CXA6 and CSA6 – provide consumers with peace of mind with a limited 5 year No Hassle Replacement™ warranty
  • C4A3 –  1 year limited No Hassle Replacement™ and 10 year limited parts warranty – this level of coverage is unheard of with comparable brands!  Very generous for an entry level minimum 13 SEER model.

 KeepRite’s Premium High-Efficiency Air Conditioners

Two Stage high-efficiency air conditioners round out KeepRite ProComfort™Deluxe Series. With high-efficiency air conditioner models ranging between 17-19 SEER, all of the models in this premium tier are ENERGY STAR certified. Approximate cost of KeepRite ProComfort™ Deluxe models is between $3200-$4500**.

Model NumberSEER
CVA9Up to 19
CCA9Up to 19
CCA7Up to 17

Premium Tier Warranty Coverage: KeepRite premium high-efficiency models include a generous limited 10 year No Hassle Replacement™warranty, one of the best warranty plans available in their economy-priced brand tier.  In fact, this warranty even exceeds the warranty of mid-ranged priced and premium priced brand tiers.

Enjoy the energy savings of a high-efficiency KeepRite central air conditioner. Complete our online form, for a free quote.

**All pricing is approximate costs and may vary based on additional factors like installation, local area, etc.



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